Rubber covering for sports grounds

Rubber coating for playgrounds for children: photos, types of coatings. When equipping your own site in the country it is extremely important to calculate all the details in advance. If you are interested in rubber coverage for sports fields, go to the website, it is important if we are talking about playgrounds for children. It is very easy to build a sandbox, slide or swing with your own hands, but, plus to this, you should also worry about the safety of the child during games. Coverage for playgrounds for children at their summer cottage plays an important role in reducing the risk of injuries on the playground for children.

Types and specifics of rubber coatings on the basis of platforms for sites

All coatings for playgrounds for children on the street can be divided into 2 types - natural and not real. The first option is sand or grass. They allow you to save your budget, but have a number of disadvantages. For example, during rain, such a coating is converted into a continuous swamp, and the grass will dry for a rather long time.Moreover, it is very difficult to remove garbage from a sandy or grassy surface; it is necessary to constantly take care of the lawn.

Due to this, the majority of the owners of summer cottages stop their own choice on artificial turf. This option is more expensive, but it has several major advantages:

artificial playgrounds for children are completely safe, and can also boast a high level of elasticity and flexibility;
resistant to temperature changes, the action of direct sunlight or large cold weather;
does not burn and does not melt;
does not require special care, it differs by the usual in work and installation;
the artificial surface does not slip after the rain has passed, which reduces the risk of a child being injured as a result of a fall;
differs in high moisture-absorbing and drainage qualities;
serves longer than natural coverage. Differs in big wear resistance.
The following types of common artificial surfaces for a children's playground are distinguished:

decorative lawn;
modular rubber coating;
modular plastic coating.
Good advice! The laying of any modular covering demands presence of very plain surface, thanks to it the platform for children needs to be prepared in advance. This can be accomplished by pouring asphalt, laying screeds from concrete, wood flooring, or rubble flooring.

What is good decorative grass for the playground for children

One of the main differences of a lawn on a synthetic basis from the present is a high level of resistance to trampling. This grass is quickly crushed, there are paths and bald spots on it. The artificial variant of the coating excellently transfers serious loads and always looks as if it had just been put up. Also, unlike natural grass, artificial does not stain clothes. The disadvantage of this coverage is that it weakly smooths the fall, and a very big grass can complicate the movement of a small child in the territory.

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