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If you plan to spend a great vacation oncoast of Turkey and are looking for a not very expensive but comfortable hotel, then as a suitable option we suggest to consider the Grand Yazici Marmaris Palace 5 *.grand yazici marmaris palace

Photo, description, location

This five-star hotel is located in a couplehundreds of meters from the beach, just 1 kilometer from the resort town of Icmeler and 6 kilometers from Marmaris. The nearest air harbor is in Dalaman. The distance to it is 100 kilometers.

Grand Yazici Marmaris Palace was built in 1992year. It covers an area of ​​70 thousand square meters. meters. The residential complex of the hotel complex includes 459 standard and family rooms, located in the main building and several bungalows.

The hotel has its own beach. On the territory of the hotel there are swimming pools, sun terraces with sunbeds and umbrellas, bars, sports grounds and much more. There are two restaurants: the main one, working in the buffet style, and "a la carte".

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Grand Yazici Club Marmaris Palace 5 *: reviews of travelers from Russia

Today, tourists, as you know, very carefullyapproach the issue of choosing a hotel in a particular country. In addition to studying the official description and advice of managers of tour operators, they try to get acquainted with as many people as possible who have recently visited the hotel in question. This allows you to make a more complete and close to reality view of a particular hotel. Today we decided to save your time and invite you to study the general comments of our compatriots who lived during the holidays in the Republic of Turkey in the Grand Yazici Marmaris Palace HV-1. At once we will notice that the overwhelming majority of comments has positive character as tourists at all did not regret about the choice.

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The hotel itself, its territory and location

Accommodation in this hotelmost of them were very satisfied. According to them, the hotel is not new, but the rooms in it are cozy, clean, with fresh renovation. They do not have a large area, but there are plenty of places for all the guests. Furniture and equipment are also not new, but all in good working order. Some guests noted comfortable beds and pillows. As for cleaning, our compatriots did not express any special claims to the work of maids. So, only some tourists noted that before they cleaners came after dinner, when some holidaymakers liked to take a nap in their rooms. However, this did not become a serious problem.

As for the territory of the hotel, it is enoughbig, green, beautiful and well-groomed. Positively travelers also speak about the location of the hotel. So, many people walked along the embankment to Icmeler and even Marmaris with pleasure, where there are a lot of shops, shopping centers, restaurants, bars, etc.

grand yazici club marmaris palace 5

Food Reviews

As a rule, when it comes to this issue,lodgers rarely agree. However, the Grand Yazici Club Marmaris Palace 5 * (Marmaris, Turkey) became a kind of exception. So, most of our compatriots say that the food here is organized very well. Of course, a number of dishes in the menu are regularly repeated, but the choice is always very large. Family tourists were satisfied with the fact that the restaurant has a children's table. So with food even for the youngest guests there will be no problems.

Many travelers also visited the local restaurant "a la carte". According to them, they cook very tasty there.

To the quality of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, there were no complaints.grand yazici marmaris palace hv

Beach holidays

By this point, the majority of tourists who spentyour vacation in the Grand Yazici Marmaris Palace 5 *, also were satisfied. However, seasoned travelers warn that it is not worthwhile counting on the beach as such. So, sunbeds and sun umbrellas are placed on concrete slabs. In the sea, you can go down the ladder, like a pool. However, thanks to this, the water even on the shore itself is always very clean. Bathing here is no problem, and adults and children. Near the shore there is a pontoon on which you can sunbathe and dive. As for the sun loungers, there are a lot of them on the beach. Therefore, there is no need to get up early in the morning and take a lounger. On the beach you can also rent equipment for water sports.

Entertainment in the hotel

On the territory of the hotel, according to tourists,you can have a great time by the pool. There are terraces for sunbathing with lots of sun beds, a bar with a large selection of drinks. In addition, from morning to evening the hotel employs a team of animators. So, you will be offered to do aqua aerobics, gymnastics, yoga, dance, play team games, etc. In the evenings, entertainment shows and a disco are held on the territory of the hotel.

In addition, guests can play tennis,mini-football, volleyball, basketball, billiards, darts. You can also visit the local massage parlor. Experienced travelers recommend that all holidaymakers in Turkey do not spend all the time in the hotel, but must make excursions, because this country is rich in interesting sights. And our compatriots are advised to buy tours not from the guide in the hotel, but in one of the bureaus in the city. According to them, the quality of the trip will be the same, but the price will be much lower.

As for the youngest guests, the Grand Yazici Marmaris Palace also took care of their leisure. So, during the day, children can visit the mini-club. In the evening for them a mini disco is held.

Impressions of hotel staff

As for the staff of thehotel complex, on the whole the travelers were satisfied with them. According to tourists, most hotel employees are professional, friendly and always happy to help. So, for example, the maids perfectly cope with their duties, and this is not affected by the fact whether you leave a tip or not. According to our compatriots, they every day are not lazy to spend wet cleaning in the room, unlike many other hotels.

The tourists remained satisfied with the work of the waiters. Of course, sometimes they do not have time to clean up dirty tables immediately, but this is due to a large influx of visitors.

Great advantage of our compatriots and the fact that many employees speak or at least understand the Russian language. So you will not have any problems with communication here.

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