Retrograde planets in 2018

For astrology, retrograde planets in 2018 are very important, because these periods are marked by the slow motion of the celestial bodies of the solar system in relation to the Earth, which has a special imprint on various spheres of human life.

The concept of "retrograde" carries the meaning of "backward movement". But since the planets do not have the properties to move in the opposite direction, it is worth explaining why each planet has a retrograde period. All celestial bodies, moving in their orbit, periodically slow down around the sun. It seems to the observer from the Earth that the planet is moving forward and now backwards, but in fact, it first overtakes the globe and then lags behind. This feature of the celestial bodies "move" back and got the name - retrograde.

Due to the different speeds of planets, they affect human behavior and life in different ways. Astrologers advise to be attentive to what the slowing of every celestial body brings to our lives. Most often, the retrograde influence of any planet determines the movement back and in everything on earth.This is a return to unfinished business, the resumption of long-standing problems, rollback to obsolete relations. Planets inhibit the affairs of those spheres of life in which they dominate.

In 2018, all the planets in the solar system will have a retrograde period. And Mercury can be noted in this state even 3 times. The closest and largest planets affect man most of all. How their behavior will affect our lives, consider next.

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Mercury Retrograde Period 2018

The first planet of the solar system is responsible for human communication. His conduct - contacts, business, communication, business, deals, travel, any movement, including on the career ladder. Retrograde Mercury strongly influences the behavior of fraudsters, thieves, and liars. During this period, they become more active than ever.

Mercury, because of its close proximity to the Sun, more often than others is retrograde. In 2018, he, as already noted, will "back up" back in the following periods:

  • spring: March 23 - April 15;
  • in the summer: July 26 to August 19;
  • late autumn: November 17 - December 7.

What are the best things to do?

Do not start new businesses, postpone the launch of projects (possibly lead to conflicts and failures), postpone the opening of business (there is a danger of ruin or deception).

Do not agree to offers of promotion.Most likely, the new post will be "not on the shoulder", or will not bring satisfaction.

Do not make small purchases related to the acquisition of media, as well as communication tools (they will be “buggy”).

It is better not to buy any vehicles (car, bike, motorcycle, roller skates, skates).

It is worth going to trips only on urgent matters. On the way, you need to be vigilant when communicating with little-known people because of the risk of being deceived. Rest and travel is better to postpone for another period. To move to a new place of residence is also better to choose another time.

Do not lend anyone money.

Writers, musicians, and people whose profession is connected with creative information and the production of ideas can be in for a creative crisis. Do not be upset, but rather allow yourself a little rest, and devote time to complete all old affairs and projects.

What can be done in the Mercury retrograde period:

Renewal of old connections will bring only positive emotions.

Meditations, reflections on the meaning of life, rethinking of the past - everything will give a new impetus to development.

All old affairs are easily completed during the period of Mercury’s retrograde. Creative projects completed at this time will bring good fruit to their author.

Venus retrograde period 2018

Venus affects the love and other relationships of people. Kindness, beauty, sensuality, love, prosperity - this is the influence of a normally moving planet. The retrograde period will be marked by opposite qualities: the risk of parting, the damage of new beautiful things, the danger of venereal diseases, as well as possible problems with money.

Venus’s “inhibition” in 2018 will fall on the fall season of the year from October 5 to November 16. At this time, it is better not to start the following cases:

  • Do not set the date of the wedding and do not celebrate the celebration. There is a high risk of divorce for such marriages.
  • Do not do plastic surgery because of the risk of complications.
  • To postpone the purchase of jewelry, jewelry and other beautiful things. There is a risk of breakage, loss. From the same position, it is not worth investing in new “attractive” projects. Also, do not lend money.

Mars retrograde period 2018

Mars is retrograde only once every two years.2018 is just marked by this period, so for the time from June 27 to August 27, you need to consider the influence of one of the closest planets to us.

Mars retrograde warns of caution literally in everything:

Athletes should be more careful in training and performance due to the risk of injury.

The lovers need to be more restrained, since the influence of the red planet can excite not the highest feelings, therefore the risk of parting due to a trifling quarrel is high.

It should be more cautious and in relationships with other people. Any aggression can cause an even greater response, which can lead to physical assault and other negative consequences.

Any large purchase (household appliances, furniture, car) may be defective. Therefore, it is better not to make acquisitions during this period.

No need to renew old relationships, even if you are tempted to start anew. Mars retrograde will bring nothing but quarrels and misunderstandings. But just for the final break in relations this time is best suited.

What can be done:

Finishing the hanging projects and business is just the best at this time, as the retrograde Mars affects the speed of reaction. Any work at this time will be quick and short.At the same time, the new relationship will turn out to be an express novel, but the repair that has been going on for years just when trying to finish it can really be completed. At the same time, no obstacles are foreseen, everything will go on and on, of course. At the time of Mars retrograde, you can safely make a list of unfinished business.


Jupiter's retrograde period 2018

The period of retrograde Jupiter is celebrated in people with a heightened adventurous mood, and striving to get what they want by all means. This is the period from March 9 to July 10, 2018. Do not listen to anyone, go your own way, take risks - these desires overcome a person during the "drag" of Jupiter. However, knowing about these features, it is better not to start new projects, not to open a business and not to conclude transactions. Risk or turn life "upside down" is also not worth it. Fortune rests at this time, so the beginnings will not end with anything good.

It is better to look inside yourself during this period, know your fears, review mistakes. To allow the creative and active soil of their aspirations to ripen, after which they sow new beginnings in it.

Saturn's retrograde period 2018

Saturn be noted in the retro position from April 18 to September 6, 2018.

What you should not do at this time:

It is better not to start a business, and not to engage in the reorganization of the enterprise. Also unhappy is the risk of marriage concluded at this time. You should not start playing sports, switch to a special type of food, go on a diet, and in general, force yourself to change your lifestyle.

What matters will be useful:

It is best to relax at this time, to accept life, and yourself in it, with all the disadvantages and merits. Be tolerant to people. It is also good to start reading books that you have long wanted to read. You can attend a training seminar or sign up for courses. It is not bad to devote this time to your ancestors: call on your parents, visit grandparents, visit relatives. It may turn out that they will give very important advice for further development, for Saturn is closely connected with the older generation and family ties.


The retrograde period of Uranus 2018

The period of retrograde in Uranus, as in all planets remote from the Sun, lasts longer than others - from 4 to 5 months. In 2018, Uranus will begin to slow down on August 7, and will end retrograde motion only on January 6, 2019.

In the retro period of Uranus you should not do the following:

Do not start to practice extreme sports (diving, climbing, parachuting, trampolines). And in general, it is better not to risk once again.

It is advisable not to plan flights, since it is at this time that air traffic failures occur most often. Of course, the period of 5 months should not undermine important trips, however, choosing a method of transportation, it is best to use land transport.

What actions will be effective:

During this period, insights often appear and new ideas arise. They can bring good results in the future, so it’s better to write down everything that comes to mind.

Any initiatives to change your own destiny and lifestyle will be fruitful.

Neptune's retrograde period 2018

When Neptune reigns in the horoscope, it is very easy to get confused, because this planet is a satellite of doubts. On the other hand, Neptune strengthens faith, but it is still easier to get confused with it than to thoroughly understand the problem. Intuition during the retrograde of Neptune suggests how to act, but the vibrations are strong, and doubts do not allow to listen to the inner voice.

The eighth planet of the solar system will slow its course in 2018 from the beginning of summer and almost until the end of autumn - June 19 - November 25. The most appropriate occupation in the period of Neptune's retrograde is a rethinking of life and the definition of new horizons. In this period of time one can often notice the appearance of psychic abilities, glimpses of clairvoyance and prophetic dreams. It is worth listening to these prompts of the subconscious to use them for introspection, and even, perhaps, to find your own meaning in life. Divination in this period will be effective and truthful.

Pluto's retrograde period 2018

Because of its remoteness from all planets and its small volume, Pluto affects human behavior less than other bodies flying around the Sun. And although this remote quasi-planet practically does not interfere in the daily life of a person, its influence is always noticeable on a voluntary basis. Retrograde influences changes in the state system and the private political beliefs of each person.

The long retrograde period of all distant planets allows the maximum use of this time for certain purposes.Pluto will slow its course towards Earth from April 22 to October 1, 2018. And this period is best used for reflection and meditation. For the purification of the mind from prejudices, unnecessary views, attitudes and principles, the time is most appropriate. At the same time, not only spiritual, but also a more earthly plan will be beneficial: to clean the house of old and broken things, get rid of hateful relationships, change the occupation to the one to which the soul lies. In the period of Pluto's retrograde, any changes will not be perceived as a victim, deliverance will be a rebirth into something better, pure.

Below is a table with dates, the exact time of the beginning and end of the retrograde period of each of the planets of the Solar System. The table also indicates in which sign of the zodiac the planet will be at this moment. These signs need to pay more attention when planning cases, and be sure to take into account the periods of the impact of retrograde planets in their daily lives, as their influence will be stronger than on other signs.

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