Renovation of housing

March 11, 2018
Home improvement

Sooner or later, everyone has a moment when they need to make repairs in their apartment. On the one hand, I want to hold a global improvement in the quality parameters of housing, but on the other hand, due to high prices for building materials, money is often only enough for inexpensive repairs. In such cases, the best solution is to redecorate the apartment. How to start it? Many masters recommend starting with the repair of major engineering networks, including plumbing, after which you can begin to finish work. Many apartment repairmen are actively using the toolbox on wheels, which you can choose very quickly if you click on the link. This device greatly facilitates the work of the master and provides reliable storage of expensive tools.

Renovation of housing

Before performing electrical work, check the condition of all electrical wiring, whether sockets, switches, etc. are in order.If the wiring is old, it must be replaced with a new one, the same applies to all outlets and switches.

Conducting electrical work must be very serious about electrical safety issues. For example, all tools for wiring must be equipped with a dielectric handle. It can be a plastic handle, rubber or even just carefully wrapped with electrical tape.

If a damaged cable was found when inspecting the electrical wiring, it must be completely replaced with a new one. It is impossible to partially repair damaged electrical cables, it may cause a short circuit and fire.

If during redecoration it became necessary to replace electrical switchboards, grounding or circuit breakers or RCDs, this should be done only by professional electricians who, with them, have all the permitting documents for such work.

After electrical work, you can go to the plumbing. All plumbing equipment must be checked for leaks, in addition, the toilet, sink, and all taps are checked for full performance.In case of finding faults, they should be eliminated, up to the replacement of all plumbing, if, of course, finances allow.

As for the finishing work in the implementation of redecoration in the apartment, they usually consist of pasting the walls with wallpaper (you must first remove the existing ones), whitewash, if you do not intend to install a tension or a suspended ceiling or laying a new one, or repair an existing, outdoor cover.

Renovation of housing

In addition, the replacement of old windows with new ones, for example, metal-plastic windows, is often timed to this. And you can also do it yourself with entrance and inside doors.

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