Renault Koleos 2019

The appearance of the new Renault Koleos season 2019 was a sensation for fans of the French group. The world market today is experiencing a shortage of inexpensive and high-quality brands of cars. And they are designed to compensate for the lack of cars in the segment of the most popular cars.


Future trends

Renault is known as a manufacturer of affordable and reliable vehicles. The basic principles of creating new models from Renault:

  • Exact compliance with modern requirements and international standards of safety and environmental cleanliness;
  • The level of driving comfort and interior design allows you to get the best models for the middle class of consumers;
  • In any product range, the equipment and prices, as well as the level of equipment, allow you to purchase a car with quite solid characteristics;
  • This year, at the main world auto showrooms, perfectly processed and improved, well-known in the past seasons, models were presented in a new body, corresponding to the promising areas of automobiles;
  • The potential consumer gets inexpensive, but reliable and high-quality passenger vehicles with excellent body design.This is indicated by the first photos of the interior and the assessment of specialists in the field of market analysis.

Renault Koleos 2019

How the new Koleos will be met - time will tell. After all, the previous version of the sample of 2013 was not entirely successful and did not meet the expectations placed on it.

About Koleos New Management

The new version of the future season has undergone a qualitative restyling, so it is entrusted with the task of increasing demand and improving the market situation. Judging by the photos, the manufacturers have succeeded in this. The interest that is already shown by the automotive community to the second generation of SUVs from France, presented at the most popular car dealerships, is quite substantial. The main technical parameters are difficult to assess externally, but the already existing spy photos make it possible to evaluate the work of Renault developers towards the design of a fairly seriously reformed crossover with elements of the corporate style adopted by the concern.

The car is interesting enough for both professional drivers and beginners, who are still not feeling confidently behind the wheel. Experts say that safe driving is provided with modern control options.Of particular interest is the release date in a wide sale. In Europe, it has already taken place, the start of sales in Russia is planned by the manufacturer at the end of September - October of the current year, this is very soon.

External data

Renault Koleos 2019

Aesthetics in the best French traditions and delicate taste appears literally in every detail of the exterior. Despite the trends of the current auto fashion, on the body of the Koleos 2019 model year there are not so much favorite reliefs in the East, protrusions, abundant decor. The presented crossover is notable for its considerable dimensions, stylish front, and chrome as part trim.

  1. In the front, the original solution of the bonnet lid stands out, where small horizontal projections are placed;
  2. The modern concept of the grille, richly decorated with chrome;
  3. Numerous positive feedback from specialists received a set of xenon dipped-beam headlamps and round-shaped fog lamps, creating a powerful stream of light in the most difficult weather conditions.
  4. The air intakes and the lower part of the body are covered with a thick layer of plastic, and metal inserts are also mounted on the bottom.

Large side windows with chrome edging look stylish, a fresh solution for side view mirrors, door handles, and disks. Also impressive is the solid rear bumper, with powerful body kits, a wide visor and a luxurious set of headlights.

About the interior

New Renault Koleos 2019 model year

The updated Koleos has the following dimensions:

Length cm 467, 2
Width (body + side mirrors) cm 206, 3
Height cm 167, 8
Clearance cm 21, 0
Trunk l 550/1690

Thanks to this, the interior has become roomy and spacious. Latest news for aesthetes and comfort fans. The salon and comfortable seats are covered with leather covers, the crossover has got a modern multimedia system and a lot of options that the car is equipped with. A test drive showed that functionaries for assessing the state of the highway and other modern options significantly increase safety and comfort while driving.

Motors, their capabilities

Specifications of Renault Koleos engines are identical to their predecessors:

  • Petrol, the volume of 2.0 liters. , power - 144 liters. from. ;
  • Petrol, 2, 5 liters. , 171 l. from. ;
  • Diesel, 1, 6 liters. on 130 l. from. ;
  • Diesel, 2, 0 l. , power 177 liters. from. ;

Starting prices - 1 750 000,0 rubles. , top set of at least 2,200,000.0 rubles.

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