Redmond Robot Vacuum Cleaners (Redmond): a review of the best models, their pros and cons + reviews

Redmond robotic vacuum cleaners are designed to replace the hard manual labor in the performance of daily cleaning. That is, cleaning a variety of surfaces from crumbs, wool of various animals, dust - this is their concern.

About how well this technology turns out to cope with pollution, taking into account the opinions of users, it is described further. For greater objectivity, the method of comparison with analogues was used.

Robots vacuum cleaners brand Redmond

The Russian company Redmond is known for its rather popular multicookers. Which it has been producing since its foundation, since 2006. Later, a number of small kitchen appliances were launched, which today make up the lion's share of the company's products. The production of robotic vacuum cleaners has been relatively recent, so only a few models were made available to users.

Reliable and active robot from Redmond
Model RV-R100 is quite reliable, functional, has a decent design, unpretentious and easy to manage. It is capable of performing dry cleaning and is also used as a floor polisher, i.e. it moistens the surface

Although Redmond is a good manufacturer by the standards of the post-Soviet space, at the same time it is an unfair competitor. During its short history, not once fell into the scandals associated with copying someone else's products. This concerns the appearance, characteristics, design solutions.

Affordable robot vacuum cleaners
Automatic floor cleaners with the Redmond logo attract an affordable price and a rather extensive functional set. True, the line is still represented by only three models.

And also the company has repeatedly been convicted of patent trolling, that is, in unscrupulous ousting of competitors from the market. For which she was fined by the Russian FAS, was a party to legal proceedings in other countries.

Trajectory selection
Redmond automatic cleaners have a functional navigation system and a timer that allows you to perform complex programming. All of the above allows the robot to turn on independently, plan the trajectory of movement, return to the charging base.

For several years, during which Redmond was engaged in the release of vacuum cleaning robots, only 3 models were put on the market. They belong to the budget class and have all its advantages and disadvantages.

Overcoming obstacles
All robot Redmond vacuum cleaners are able to overcome obstacles in the 1-1.5 centimeters. As well as clean hard and fleecy surfaces, which are all kinds of carpets

Place number 1: the best in the line Model RV-R100

Produced models belong to different generations, so they have different capabilities. In view of this, correct comparisons will fail. Although, if a person has a desire to purchase a model of this particular brand, then it should be an RV-R100.

Since only it has the best combination of important characteristics for users, among which is reliability. This is evidenced by numerous reviews of the robot vacuum cleaners collected by Redmond. Which are always the exact indicator for the right choice.

RV-R100 is designed for cleaning all kinds of hard surfaces, as well as various carpet, but with a pile thickness up to 2 cm. Moreover, cleaning is carried out both dry and in the polisher mode, that is, wet.On the lower part of the RV-R100 case, the possibility of fixing the microfibre nozzle is provided, allowing wet cleaning, which increases the functionality and attractiveness of the robot.

The model has quite tolerable design and will be appropriate in any interior. In the manufacture of the case was used modern, fairly durable plastic, but only in one color - black with silver accents.

Functional capabilities enable this robot vacuum cleaner to perform daily thorough cleaning of small and medium-sized apartments, houses, office and other premises.

For what the manufacturer provides 4 modes:

  1. Auto- in this case, the RV-R100 will clean up until the batteries are completely discharged or the mission is completed. Moreover, the trajectory is chosen independently, taking into account the characteristics of the rooms. The movement is performed sequentially, that is, the entire floor area will be cleaned, and repeated passages in one place will be excluded.
  2. Quick cleaningsuggests a higher movement speed during operation. The user can install it himself.
  3. Limited area cleaning- if there are areas in the room where dirt regularly accumulates, for example, feeding places for pets, then the vacuum cleaner can be programmed to clean them. At the same time, the model ignores the rest of the floor space.
  4. Cleaning corners- if the owner decides to use this program, then the trajectory of movement will be laid along the walls. What will help to remove the most inaccessible places.

The model is equipped with an effective navigation system, the main element of which is a laser rangefinder. It is used to scan and then draw up a plan. What helps with better and more economical to perform cleaning.

RV-R100 is adequately equipped with sensors - drop, height difference, other necessary. All of the above allows you to avoid obstacles, makes cleaning more meaningful, and therefore effective. Thanks to the advanced navigation system and charging station, the RV-R100 is able to function completely autonomously. And without disturbing the comfort of the owners. This is facilitated by relatively quiet operation.

The presented robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a timer, and this allows the owner to make a complex schedule of cleaning.And for the week ahead and with the possibility of repeating the desired operation up to 3 times.

After completing any room cleaning program or discharging batteries, the RV-R100 is able to return to the stationary charging base, which is included in the package.

If necessary, the control can be carried out using the remote control. After the vacuum cleaner is removed from the surface, it is automatically turned off, for which the control system is responsible.

The video will help potential buyers to get closer to the possibilities of the RV-R100:

The stated characteristics:

  • power consumption - 15 W;
  • working time - 100 minutes;
  • charging takes 4 hours;
  • dust collector volume - 300 milliliters;
  • dust collector - cyclonic;
  • filter - additionally, a highly efficient EPA filter belonging to class 11 is used;
  • noise - no more than 65 dB.

The listed information shows that the possibilities of this unit are not the best, but they are quite acceptable. In addition, its navigation system and processor can provide effective cleaning without failures, which is important. Even good performance did not allow the RV-R100 model to become popular with users.The reason for this is one critical nuance - the prohibitive cost.

So, the price for this Russian vacuum cleaner in 2017 was in the region of 15 thousand rubles. But now the financial requirements of even the world's top manufacturers, to which the Russian Redmond has never belonged, are significantly more modest.

For example, quite fresh, but already in demand, iRobot Roomba 616, effectively performing cleaning for an impressive 2.5 hours, will cost only 8.5 thousand rubles.

In addition, even with a higher power level, modern models are more quiet. And the quality of work can be considered not the best, since the EPA-filter performs additional cleaning of the outgoing stream.

It is highly efficient, but on most models today HEPA filters are installed, which are an order of magnitude better. That is, their ability to a higher level, and this is significant.

Place number 2: ideally equipped RV-R400

Redmond's specifications indicate that their newest model is capable of much. Namely, it is effective to eliminate pollution on a large area, which can reach an impressive 120 square meters. Moreover, wet cleaning is also performed, since it is possible to use the RV-R400 as a floor polisher.

The RV-R400 model is equipped with a large number of sensors designed to provide efficient navigation. In addition, it has a rich bundle - it even includes a rather expensive virtual wall, which is rare.

Few people will be indifferent and spectacular modern design, although the manufacturer provides only one body color - copper. On the front of which is placed a liquid crystal display.

The information they provide is easy to read. Nearby are mechanical buttons that allow programming.

To increase the functionality, 4 cleaning modes are used:

  1. Auto- in this case, the vacuum control system does everything itself. That is, it selects the trajectory, the direction of movement, and the participation of the owner is not required.
  2. Turbo- allows you to perform cleaning faster, while the person sets only the speed, and the rest will perform the vacuum cleaner on their own.
  3. Manual- if there is a desire, the user will be able to control the actions of the RV-R400 using the remote control or buttons located on the case for this purpose.
  4. Local- it is possible to program cleaning only part of the room, for example, the most polluted.

To simplify the procedure of local cleaning, the delivery includes magnetic tapes that limit the zone of movement, as well as a virtual wall — an infrared sensor, the signal of which prevents the vacuum cleaner from moving further. For successful navigation, a large number of sensors are used: orientation, definition of obstacles, preventing falls, collisions.

Both of the robot manufacturer of the Russian manufacturer are easy to maintain. Therefore, there will be no difficulty in removing the garbage container, filter, and brushes for washing, which makes the operation more pleasant.

The presence of the timer allows you to make a deferred cleaning, as well as create a complex schedule of inclusion.


  • suction power - up to 38 W;
  • cleaning time - 45 minutes;
  • the volume of the dust collector - 800 milliliters;
  • noise - up to 72 dB.

The robot is equipped with a powerful battery that allows you to cope with the cleaning area declared by the manufacturer. A significant advantage is a fairly rich equipment, which includes everything you need, including an expensive virtual wall, which is not all manufacturers do.

The height of the robotic vacuum cleaner of this model slightly exceeds 7 cm, which allows it to freely pass under the furniture on fairly low legs.

Video presentation of the useful novelty RV-R400:

At first glance, the dimensions of the RV-R400 are compact, but the round shape somewhat limits its functionality. Since in many cases, instruments with a clear circular configuration it is difficult to perfectly remove dust in the corners and near the baseboard. In addition, this vacuum cleaner may get stuck and the owner will have to respond to his beep from time to time.

Although the RV-R400 vacuum cleaner is equipped with a large number of sensors, a modern processor and firmware, but all sorts of failures often occur. Therefore, he can ride backwards, freeze for a while, and not respond to commands from the console.

This feature was taken into account by the majority of manufacturers and their products do not exceed 6–9 cm in height, which is enough to penetrate most places. For example, even the outdated RV-R100 fits into these parameters. Another disadvantage is sufficient noise. It does not go beyond the limits of common sense, but the indicators of popular analogs are 10-20 dB lower, which significantly increases the comfort of people.

But the weakest point was suddenly software - it is imperfect. Therefore, the RV-R400 often fails. Not all specimens suffer from this deficiency, but the figure is much higher than the average.

Buyers should pay attention to the fact that the weight of the model is over 6 kg, which will be a significant load during transportation. In addition, you need to know that almost all competitors are 2-3 kg lighter.

The main thing is that in the presence of these shortcomings, the buyer will have to significantly overpay. Since the average cost of this model in 2017 in Russia was about 14.5 thousand rubles. An order of magnitude more sophisticated counterpart, possessing the same capabilities, will turn out to buy by paying a third of the specified amount. For example, this concerns the Kitfort KT-511 robot, the price of which in a number of retail chains does not exceed 5 thousand rubles.

The most critical shortcoming of both Redmond models is their, without exaggeration, indecent cost. As for the same means, a person will be able to purchase a more efficient and reliable robot from a top manufacturer.

For 10 thousand rubles it will turn out to become the owner of one of the best models among the inexpensive ones, which is Xrobot Helper.It is able to perform cleaning on one battery charge 3 times longer than the RV-R400, this indicates a significantly greater efficiency, with noise being 12 dB lower.

And the quality of cleaning is better, because for greater efficiency, an ultraviolet lamp is used that can destroy many types of bacteria. What is a useful bonus.

Place number 3: "good old" RV-R300

This vacuum cleaner closes the rating of Redmond products, although it is characterized by sufficient reliability, performance, decent design and is able to cope with the cleaning of medium-sized housing. The reason is that it is a bit old and simply cannot compete with the newer RV-R100 / 400.

So, the navigation system does not allow to create a map of the premises, so the movements of the robot when performing cleaning are chaotic. As a result, it can pass through one place many times, which does not add efficiency and economy.

With the technical capabilities of the cleaning mini-unit will help to understand the video:

RV-R300 differs in durability, simplicity in leaving, attractive design and will quite cope with cleaning. But this procedure cannot be called economical or efficient, as the robot itself is called functional.He is just old for that.

The situation is aggravated by frankly low-power batteries. Although they allow the robot to function for an hour, and sometimes more, during this time only 40-70 square meters will be cleaned. For example, in 45 minutes a more modern RV-R400 will clean up to 120 square meters.

In addition, this model is relatively noisy. With the same power with the RV-R100, the sounds emitted are 5 dB louder and reach 70 dB. Although you need to understand that this noise is not critical.

For example, the RV-R300 does not violate the comfort of the owners when watching TV, but it will frankly interfere during the rest. Especially given the fact that the outdated navigation system does not allow to avoid getting stuck, after which a loud signal for help will be heard.

At first glance it may seem that an important advantage of the three hundredth model is the cost, since it is almost two times lower than the rest of the Redmond representatives.

Owner's reviews about the manufacturer

All Redmond models correspond to the declared characteristics. This confirms the vast majority of users. In addition, they are reliable, first of all it concerns the RV-R100 / 300.

Therefore, most people are satisfied with the quality of cleaning, functionality. That is, Redmond robots are fully capable of maintaining cleanliness in the apartment and do it without disturbing comfort. This applies even to the outdated RV-R300.

To the RV-R300 model, users are supportive
To the RV-R300 model users are most favorably, since it is the most affordable. It is noted and ease of maintenance, simplicity

But you can also find feedback from users who understand that their models are good for everyone only if they are not compared with their counterparts.

Many of which they lose in price, as well as in a number of other characteristics, for example, in power, which provides greater cleaning efficiency. In a number of cases, the quality of filtering is worse, and the economy is much lower.

There are problems with the newest RV-R400, but, as mentioned, they are the result of software failures, not design flaws. But there are quite a few complaints about this feature. Therefore, the purchase of such a model is like a lottery, however, with a high proportion of what the buyer will be lucky.

Moreover, the malfunction may occur at any time and also unexpectedly withdraw. But in many cases, users had to change vacuum cleaners.

Comparing Redmond robots with competitors

You can familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the Russian manufacturer’s models against the background of competitors by studying the information in the table below.

Name RV-R100 RV-R400 Panda X500 Pet Series Xrobot XR-510G
Suction power 15 W 38 W 50 W 55 W
Cleaning time 100 minutes 45 minutes 110 minutes 150 minutes
Independent return to base Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dust collector capacity 300 ml 800 ml 300 ml 350 ml
Noise 65 dB 72 dB 50 dB 60 dB
Reviews Positive Ambiguous. The reason for a number of negative reviews is imperfect software. Great Great
Price (average) 15 thousand rubles 14.5 thousand rubles 11 thousand rubles 10 thousand rubles

As you can see, the Redmond robot vacuum cleaners have the lowest suction power, which degrades the quality of cleaning surfaces from contamination.

At the same time they have a shorter battery life. And the average cost is significantly higher, which does not make the brand products in demand.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Viewing the test drive of five models of robotic vacuum cleaners, including the “representative” Redmond, will help in choosing the best appliance for cleaning the house:

All Redmond models have sufficient reliability and functionality, especially for the RV-R100. At the height and appearance.At the same time, a number of significant shortcomings, a limited number of offers and high cost indicate that today the products of domestic producers are significantly inferior to many competitors.

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