Portuguese Football Championship 2017-2018

Portuguese Football Championship 2017-2018 starts in early August. The tournament will be interesting, first of all, to those fans who dream of plunging into the atmosphere of carefree matches with an abundance of scoring chances. Unlike where much depends on tactical constructions, in Portugal they play reckless football without a center of the field. You can see 5-6 goals in one single meeting here almost every weekend. In addition, this tournament is a kind of launching pad for budding players who in a couple of years will become real stars of world football.

Competition rules

Portugal Football Championship 2017-2018 - 84 in a row season, which started back in 1936. As for the rules of the competition, it remained unchanged and will be held according to the classical scheme. The tournament will be attended by 18 clubs that will play two matches each other (in their own field and away). For the victory, the winning team receives 3 points, the loser - 0, with a draw each squad puts in its piggy bank 1 point.


In connection with the unsuccessful performance of the Portuguese clubs in the international competitions of the Old World (the Champions League and the Europa League), the number of European Cup places for this country was reduced. Now only the championship winner can directly participate in the Champions League, and the second team will receive the right to qualify for the Champions League group stage through qualifications. Three more teams, ranked from 3 to 5, automatically fall into the second most important European club tournament - the League of Europe.

Schedule of matches of the 1st round of the championship of Portugal see here:

Date / Moscow time of the start of the match



9. 08. 2017


"Avesh" - "Sporting"

Vila Daz Avish, Avish Stadium

9. 08. 2017


“Benfica” - “Braga”

Lisbon, Estadio da Luz Stadium

9. 08. 2017


Guimaraes - Shavish

Guimaraes, Afonso Henriques Stadium

9. 08. 2017


"Maritimo" - "Passo de Ferreira"

Funchal Stadium "Shower Barreiros"

9. 08. 2017


“Portimonensee” - “Boavista”

Portimão, Municipal de Portimão Stadium

9. 08. 2017


Porto - Estoril

Porto, Estadio Dragau

9. 08. 2017


“Riu Ave” - “Belenense”

Vila do Conde, Dos Arcos Stadium

9. 08. 2017


"Setubal" - "Moreirency"

Setubal, Estadio De Bonfin

9. 08. 2017


"Feyrensi" - "Tondela"

Moreira de Konegush, Commander Joaquim Stadium

Who joined the top division?

The Portuguese Championship 2017-2018 will be supplemented by two new clubs. Portimonense and Avesh will replace the retired “Arok” and “National” retired in the country's second-best football division.

It should be noted that both newcomers have a rich history along with their own army of fans. For example, FC Portimonense was founded in 1914, and its highest achievements are dated 1985, when the team moved up to 5th place in the standings. This gave her the right to play in the UEFA Cup. Nevertheless, the Portuguese squad failed to advance far, and since the beginning of the 90s Portimonense became a permanent resident of the second division. After 20 years of wandering in the lower leagues, the “black and white” are returning to the elite again, and hope to gain a foothold here for a long time.


The football team "Avesh", created in 1930, was until recently a typical middle peasant of the second-most powerful Portuguese division. Three times in its history, the club rose to the elite, but flew back during the year. In the upcoming season, Avesh will most likely fight for survival, and it's not so much a matter of composition as in psychology.A modest squad from the north of the country cannot get a permanent residence permit in the first division of the country, but perhaps this time the unpleasant tradition will be interrupted.

Title Applicants

Portugal Football Championship is one of the most predictable competitions. For 83 years of its existence, only three teams became the owners of the main trophy here (the success of Beleneshes in the 1945/46 season and Boavista in 2001/02 will be taken out of the brackets). It is these teams that will again compete for the title of champion:

  • Porto;
  • Benfica;
  • "Sporting".

The first contender for the next title of champion of Portugal will be Benfica. The Eagles have taken the title for the last four years, and in the upcoming draw they can be prevented from repeating the success only with a tight European Cup schedule. In the last draw, the wards of RuiVitoria missed the least (18 goals), losing 34 games only two times. The club managed to keep the backbone of the attack: Jonas and Kostas Mitroglu scored 29 goals for two. The balance of the lines, the well-established backbone of the players, a talented coach, as well as loyal fans - these are the main advantages of Benfica in the struggle for the first line in the standings.

FC Benfica

Over the past few years, Porto has seriously surrendered its leading position in the Portuguese Championship. Unfortunately, the leadership does not draw conclusions from the failed seasons, and from the latest iconic acquisitions in the transfer market, we note only Iker Cosillas, who transferred from Real. The main problem of "dragons" is the illiterate sale of young and extremely talented players in the top clubs. Wanting to cash in on the greed of many European giants, the Porto bosses forget that it is much more difficult to raise world football stars than to buy them. So it turns out that while the ceiling of the wards Nunu Espírito Santo is only second or third place. “Porto” still misses little (only 19 goals in the 2016-2017 season), but regularly loses points in matches with far from the strongest opponents - 10 draws and 2 losses in the last draw.

Iker Casillas

Lisbon's “Sporting” has established itself as an unpredictable team that scores a lot and is indecent for the Portuguese grandee. The only bright spot in the last draw was the game of the best striker in the league - Basa Dosta. The Dutchman fully paid back 12 million paid to him to the German "Wolfsburg"euro, “pinning up” 31 balls per season. For comparison: the nearest pursuer in the bombing race of Kostas Mitroglu has only 16 goals. The key condition for the fight for the trophy for the "Sporting" will be to build a competent defense, because having conceded 36 goals from not the strongest rivals, as it was in 2016-2017, one can hardly count on the title.

Bass dost

Thus, if you are tired of the boring defensive game, start to follow the Portuguese Championship 2017-2018. You will find a huge number of unique heads, spectacular moments, bright feints and a lot of positive emotions. Do not miss the start of the competition in August 2017.

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