Poems about health for children

health poems for children

The site "Mom can do everything!" Collected for you the best poems about health for children. They will help teach children a healthy lifestyle, as well as from them the baby will know why you need to brush your teeth, wash your hands and much more.

About health
To preserve health,
Strengthen your body,
My whole family knows
There must be a day regimen.

Should guys know

Everyone needs to sleep longer.
Well, in the morning do not be lazy -
On charging to become!

Brush your teeth, wash your face,
And more often smile
Temper and then
You are not afraid of the blues.

Health has enemies
With them, do not drive friendship!
Among them are quiet laziness,
You fight it every day.

So that no microbe
Did not accidentally hit in the mouth,
Wash hands before eating
You need soap and water.

Eat fruits and vegetables,
Fish, dairy products -
Here is a wholesome food,
Vitamins full!

Go for a walk,
Fresh air breathe.
Just remember when leaving:
Dress for the weather!

Well, if it happened:
Get sick,
Know, it is time for a doctor.
He will help us always!

Here are the good advice
In them are hidden secrets
How to save health.
Learn to appreciate it!

Children's Health Verse

The one who rises with the sun
Doing exercises
Brushing teeth in the morning
And playing hide and seek, -
That sports man
And quite funny.
Try to be like that
At school or at home.
Author: Anastasia Bolyubash


In the morning you harden,
Cold water pour over.
You will always be healthy.
It does not need extra words.

If you're going to lose heart,
Cry, whine, miss, suffer,
You can even very quickly
You lose health.

Observe the daily regimen!
The chicken now has a headache:
Yesterday, an owl called her to visit
They skipped all night long,
And in the afternoon, our chicken nibbles.

About teeth

I stop brushing my teeth,
and I'll go for a walk in the garden.
I ask mom and dad
on the rocker shake.

And with a swing-roundabout
I want to go to the pool,
Oh, how little teeth ached ...
I have to go to the doctor ...

My doctor's teeth will look,
bad thing, my friend -
bormashiny drill
root already a tooth ...

Well, if you don't,
brush your teeth in the morning,
you will not forget a toothache,
you will whine in the evenings ...

Guys my advice is
Clean your teeth, my hands !!!
About the doctors then forget
and you will be healthy.
Posted by: Lidia Grzhibovskaya

Do not eat sweet!

Hippo groans loudly:
"Oh oh oh! It hurts the tummy!
In vain I did not listen to my mother -
Ate sweets two kilograms! "

Sun, air and water -
Our best friends.
We will be friends with them
To be healthy for us.

About nails

Who does not clean the nail
And does not cut,
The one of his acquaintances
Great scary.

After all, with dirty nails,
Long and sharp
Can very simply you
Confuse with monsters.
Author: Andrey Usachev

It is necessary to engage in sports!

It is necessary to engage in sports
It is necessary - it is necessary to become tempered!
Must be the first to be in everything
We frost how much!

We dive from the iceberg
We are good swimmers.
We are almost almost big
We are diligent youths.

After water bathing,
We start rambling.
And gymnastics again,
Begin to perform.

Ride in the snow,
We lay on the shore.
And then dive under the water,
To get your own food.

Eskimo icicle having eaten,
Moms listen to the song.
We go to bed together,
Dreams are more likely to see.

In them we are adults, big,
They brought up beautifully.
They are hunters, athletes,
We see changes in them.

We always grow in dreams
We rest at that.
Gaining health
Together we have fun living!
Author: Antonina Bach

Do not watch TV for a long time!

Seal on TV
I watched cartoons all day.
And after until the end of the week
The poor eyes hurt.

Mouse bad paws soap

Mouse bad paws soap:
Only wetted with water,
Soap soap did not try,
And on the paws, the dirt remained.
Towel in black spots!
How unpleasant it is!
Microbes will enter the mouth.
May have a stomach ache.
So, (name baby) try,
Wash your face with soap more often!
Need warm water
Wash hands before eating!

That was?

That was,
That was,
If only
Wouldn't it be soap?
If only
There would be no soap
Tanya would be dirty
I went!
And on it,
Like on a bed,
Dug the ground
Little pigs!
Author: G.Novitskaya

Songs who always sing
And lives with a smile,
Nothing scary
For many years he will live

Be ill on health

The neck hurts at Svetka.
Need to take pills
Very bitter to the taste.
Sveta immediately, like a coward,
Head twisted,
Her mouth closed.
Do not want to drink a pill
No matter how my mother asks Svetka.
Do not wish for anything!
"This is how I will become a doctor,
Only sweet pills
I will have kids to drink.
I forbid stabbing injections,
And free from school.
I will say: "Take it, kids
For cold three candy.
A cough for chocolate
Take two days in a row.
Drink cow's milk
And be ill on health! "
Author: Valentina Chernyaeva

So that there are no germs
In purity must all live.
To avoid diseases
Believe in strength, do not be sad.

Wash your hands before eating!

The monkey sighs: “What fate!
I seem to have become weak eyes.
I take a white loaf from a breadbasket,
And immediately he becomes black! ”

Poems about hardening children.

Baby do you want to be healthy
Do not drink bad pills,
Forget the doctor's shots
And pipette drops.
To not sniff my nose,
And don't cough hard,
Shower every day,
Lei is very abundant.
To succeed in school,
And there was wit,
All kids need
Water hardening.
Author: T. Semisynova

Poor Dr. Aibolit

Poor doctor Aibolit!
The third day does not eat does not sleep,
Distributes tablets
Naughty kids

Those who did not wash their hands for dinner,
Who without an account ate sweets,
Who barefoot walked through the puddles
Those who did not listen to mom,

Those who are now stomach
Sleep well does not give,
Who has the temperature
The doctor gives out the potion,

He's ready to heal all night,
That everyone was healthy.
Author: Eleni Kerra


In order
Line up in a row!
To charge

We are growing
In the sun

Our feet
Our shots,
Our muscles
And eyes
Not dull.

In order
Line up in a row!
To charge

We are growing
In the sun
By: Agnia Barto

Do not read lying!

With a magazine, a badger fell under a pine tree,
Immediately the badger was drawn to sleep.
But the lump fell from a big bitch,
And the bump jumped up on the badger's forehead.

I am healthy and beautiful.
This is the main all power.
Kids do not offend,
Senior listen and respect.

To be healthy in full

To be healthy in full
Everyone needs physical education.
To start in order -
In the morning we will do the exercises!

And without a doubt
There is a good solution -
Running is useful and the game
Engage the kids!

To successfully develop
Need to engage in sports
From physical education
There will be a slim figure

It is useful to us without a doubt
Everything connected with the movement.
That's why guys
We will do exercises.

Let's be together we play
Run, jump and jump
To make it more fun
We will take the ball as soon as possible.

Stand straight, legs wider
Ball raise - three or four
Climbing socks.
All movements are easy.

In the hands we take the rope
Hoop, dice or stick.
We will learn all movements
We will become stronger and better.

To jump learn
We jump rope useful
We will jump high
Like grasshoppers, easy.

Hoop, cubes will help
Flexibility we develop a bit
We will more often lean
Squat and bend over.

Here is a great picture.
We are like a flexible spring
Let not all be given immediately
We will have to work!

To be agile to become an athlete
We will hold the baton.
We will run fast, together
We really need to win!

Hamster hamster

Homka, hamster, hamster,
Striped flank.
Homka gets up early:
He washes his neck, rubs his eyes.
Sweeping homeom hutka
And goes to exercise.
One, two, three, four, five -
Homka wants to become strong.


I love to skate on the rink
In sequined scarf!
Shine a smile on the eyes and lips!
And perform a triple toe loop!
Then go backwards, then sideways!
Spin a mad top!
At the turn, on the turn
I love to jump on the rink!
And landing, again glide
Forward to the zigzag-turn!
And let the rink is not the same
Where is the mirror ice waiting for you?
Asphalt he lays down
And weighs a couple of tons.
But the skating rink is very dear to me,
How fresh air a sip!
And in the summer on hot days
He replaces my skates!
The author: Galina DyadinaPoems about a healthy lifestyle for children

Morning work-out

Morning work-out
One, two, three, four, five -
We begin to get up.
Well, quickly - do not be lazy,
On charging, become!
One two three four -
Hands up! Feet wider!
And tilt to and fro,
Like water on a hill!
I'm not afraid of some water
I'll pour it out of the bucket.
We will be tempered
To engage in sports!
The author: Danilina Anastasia

In the winter we play games
Or roll down the mountain
We strengthen our health,
Rest from the heart!

Sport for life is very important ...

Sport for life is very important.
He gives everyone health.
In gym class
We learn about him.
We play basketball,
And football, and volleyball.
We do exercises,
Squat, run.
Sport is very important for everyone.
He is health and success.
Charging do in the morning -
We will always be healthy.
Posted by: Sabri Nadia

One who believes in his own strength
In kindness and beauty,
Never and health
Will not remain in debt.

About the benefits of sports and physical education

For health, not for laughter
We were raised at five in the morning,
So that we succeed, -
So said the doctor.
Begin training -
Jogging is available to everyone
Without skill and skill
And without experience at all.
Did you run We continue
There is no time to stand,
Standards are performed -
We need to lift weights,
On the asphalt fall wring out
Forty eight times in a row
And while smiling,
Physical education everyone is happy.
After these exercises
Deeper air breathe,
And without fear and doubt
In the river or pond dive.
Those who can not swim,
Do not yell at trifles! -
Will not save and will not warm,
Better to give hands.
After these exercises
We will not be defeated,
And microbes, without a doubt,
Do not make us sick.
Author: Eleni Kerra

Cleanliness - the guarantee of health ...

Cleanliness is a guarantee of health
Cleanliness is needed everywhere:
At home, at school, at work,
And on land and in water.

Hands should be washed with soap,
To be healthy.
To not give life to microbes,
Hands in your mouth do not need to take.

Whenever we eat
We think about health:
I don't need fat cream,
I better eat carrots.

Exercise do
To preserve health,
And from laziness try
Hurry to escape.

From plain water and soap
Microbes are melting away.
To not give life to microbes,
Hands in your mouth do not need to take.

Do you exercise,
If you want to be healthy.
Pour cold water on you–
Forget the doctors.

We like to play sports:
Run, jump, tumble.
And winter will come–
All on the ski stand.

Here I jumped the farthest
Waiting for me now success.
And woke up - I do not understand
Why am I on the floor?

We run for a break,
Have fun by all means.
On the lesson then let's go,
There is a little rest.

If suddenly trouble struck,
Help call then.
01, 02, 03–
Quickly dial the number.

If something happens,
You can call:
Call your exact address
And call for help.

Healthy Lifestyle Verse

Exercise and carrots
Health is preserved
But we want to continue the speech
How else to save it.
To live with us with optimism
To deep gray hair,
Required tourism
We must deal.Child health

At night there is bad!

Fox wanted to eat in the evening.
In the hen house she sneaked in secret
But the dog in the dark attacked the fox,
And in an instant the cheat's appetite was gone.


In the morning you harden,
Cold water pour over.
You will always be healthy.
It does not need extra words.


The cleanest, smartest,
The kindest Moidodyr.
He insists day and night:
"Three to the holes" yes "My to the holes!"
He washes little mice, frogs,
Washes small children -
Even the most naughty
Washes every day.
Author: E.

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