Penalty for driving without insurance in 2019

Compulsory motor third party liability insurance (MTPL) was introduced in Russia in 2003. All vehicle owners (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.) are required to have an appropriate policy, and a fine is imposed for driving without insurance. Until recently, most drivers considered such fines insignificant, but the situation may change in 2019.

Insurance policy

Why you need a CTP and how to make a policy

This type of insurance is required to cover possible damage caused by the driver of the vehicle. Compensation is paid by the insurance company both in the case of material damage, and in the case of harm caused to the life and health of other people. If, as a result of the driver’s actions, only someone else’s vehicle has suffered, then the compensation is usually carried out in a non-cash form, i.e. in the form of payment of the corresponding repair.

When making a CTP insurance companies use a number of raising and lowering coefficients,taking into account age, gender, driving experience, region of residence and other characteristics of the insured person and his car. Basic rates for the purchase of this insurance are set by the Central Bank of Russia. Currently, the maximum compensation for CTP in Russia is 500,000 rubles. This amount does not always cover the cost of real damage, which is a serious problem.

From 2015, the policy can be issued in electronic form via the Internet with its subsequent printing on a regular printer. In this case, the driver will also have to submit the documents required by official insurance companies. In particular, it is necessary to provide (in the form of scans):

  • passport;
  • driver's license;
  • certificate of state registration of the vehicle;
  • diagnostic card confirming the health of the vehicle.

For legal persons may be subject to additional requirements for registration of CTP.

MTPL policy

Penalty for driving without insurance

Traffic police officers and other government officials can check that drivers have an OSAGO policy.For driving without a policy or if the insurance has expired in 2019, a fine is imposed. He is 800 rubles. If there is a policy, but it is issued with violations (this or that information is not indicated, etc.), the fine is 500 rubles. All these financial penalties must be paid within 20 days. Otherwise, the amount of the fine will increase significantly. In one day, the driver can be checked and fined for driving without a CTP several times.

When buying a new car, its owner has the right to ride it without insurance for up to 10 days (upon presentation of supporting documents). In this case, fines are not imposed. Similarly, when buying and selling a used car, its former owner can issue a special contract (in simple written form), allowing the buyer to use this car without a CTP for 10 days from the date of the transaction. In such a contract, a corresponding date must be indicated, which limits the legal driving time without insurance.

Many vehicle owners in Russia deliberately refuse to purchase compulsory car insurance. This is due to excessive (in the opinion of drivers) tariffs of insurance companies, small compensation payments, as well as frequent cases of insurance fraud,which leads to a refusal to receive any refunds. In recent years, numerous abuses in the field of MTPL have been identified in the country. They are associated mainly with the activities of intermediary firms that "help" drivers to issue a policy. In addition, there were cases when insurance companies, without sufficient grounds, refused compensation payments or were not at all interested in issuing insurance policies in certain “unprofitable” regions of Russia from their point of view.

Penalty for the absence of a CTP policy

In connection with the foregoing, the authorities decided to “tighten the screws” in the field of OSAGO. Tightening of state regulation occurs in several directions:

  1. The central bank has changed a number of rules for processing electronic policies in order to avoid possible abuses. For example, all policies purchased via the Internet, now come into force only after three days (you can get a MTPL right on the spot for an accident). More information about these changes can be found on the website of the Central Bank of Russia
  2. A draft federal law has been submitted to the State Duma, increasing the fines for driving without insurance in 2019.According to this project, fines for Russian drivers will no longer be “symbolic”. They will be equated to the full cost of CTP for one year, i.e. amount to at least 8,000 rubles. In addition, traffic police officers may be entitled to send cars without insurance at a penalty cost at the expense of their owners.

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