Payment of maternity

With the maturity of maternity leavewomen are trying to find answers to a lot of questions that relate to the conditions of their later life, expectations and plans. By the time when 30 weeks have come, they are beginning to worry about the payment of maternity. This payment is made on the basis of the registration of leave, which is granted for the period of pregnancy, from 30 weeks to the postpartum period.

Usually, on the thirtieth week of pregnancy, a womanbrings a sick leave sheet from the women's consultation, after which he writes an application for a vacation, the duration of which is 140 days. Standard prenatal leave is 70 days, if one child is expected, and 84 days in the case of twins.

If you know about how the payment is madematernity, then you can plan your future expenses in advance, which are related to the upcoming replenishment in the family. Any pregnant woman who goes on prenatal leave can count on the payment of benefits. The law states that the payment of maternity leave from the state is carried out by such categories of citizens as workers, students, military personnel, as well as those dismissed from the liquidation of the enterprise with subsequent registration in the employment center. The benefit is not assigned to categories such as unemployed women, as well as those who are not in the employment center on the register.

Since January 2011, the calculation of maternity benefitsis carried out according to the new rules, according to which there are two ways of charging: taking into account the average earnings for the year in the period of 1 or 2 calendar years. When you make an application, you must specify the preferred method of charging for you.

Payment of maternity leave for working women according to schemesand the timing is similar to the process of obtaining wages. If before it was paid through transfers of funds to a bank card, the benefit will be paid in exactly the same way. The difference will be in the maturity of the maternity leave. The state allocates the allowance only 10 days, but the payment itself or its transfer will be realized on the nearest salary day.

If a woman is aware of howpayment of maternity, it will definitely know how much and when it will be transferred. When calculating the allowance, it is customary to take into account the full size of the average earnings. As the only condition, you can say that you have at least six months of work experience. In addition, there is a limit, which refers to the maximum amount of benefits. The payment of the decree 2012 was indexed by 6%. If you have less than the required length of service, the current amount of the subsistence minimum is taken into account.

When calculating the average daily earnings takento take into account a number of payments that were made during the accounting period, its list is listed in the Regulation on the calculation of benefits. In accordance with it, travel, sick leave, vacation cards are not taken into account. Not only the amounts are calculated, but also the periods for which these payments are made. When calculating the maternity, the average daily income is multiplied by the number of days in the decree, that is, by 140.

Do not forget the future mothers, that exceptthey are entitled to other maternity benefits. In 2012, the allowance for the fact that the pregnant woman rose early on the register, that is, up to 12 weeks, was 465.2 rubles. After childbirth it is expedient to hope for payment of the birth grant. This benefit is paid to all women in childbirth, regardless of whether they worked before. In 2012, the amount of this benefit was equal to 12,405.31 rubles. These payments are considered federal, but apart from them there are also regional ones, which are set separately in each constituent entity of the federation.

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