Pain in the liver

Many people ask themselves - why does the liver hurt? In order to answer it, first you need to understand that the liver itself can not be ill, because this organ is devoid of painful nerve endings, but these endings are quite numerous in the surrounding capsule. Therefore, it is more correct to raise the question this way - why does it hurt in the liver?

Pain in the liver region occurs due tostretching the body due to some internal factors, for example, physiological pain can be called in the liver after a long cross-in this case the blood flows to the organ, it grows in size and presses all of its mass onto the capsule, which causes pain . But these are physiological causes that can not give long-term pathological changes that will certainly manifest themselves in the event of any disease.

Diseases that can cause pain in the liver:

  • Cirrhosis

Liver disease, which is characterized byreplacement of the parenchyma with a connective tissue. Substitution occurs irreversibly, so over time the body completely loses its functionality. The causes of cirrhosis of the liver - a long alcoholization of the body and viral hepatitis.

  • Hepatitis

A group of diseases that cause acute andchronic inflammatory processes in the liver. In total, more than 7 types of hepatitis are known, which differ because of the onset and severity of the disease. Hepatitis can be caused by both an infectious agent, a virus or a bacterium, and other external factors, such as prolonged use of alcohol, potent drugs or prolonged radiation exposure.

  • Steatosis

Disease characterized by accumulationfatty inclusions in the hepatic cells. There are a lot of reasons for the occurrence of steatosis, they include metabolic disorders (diabetes, obesity), toxic factors (alcohol, toxins, drugs), malnutrition (starvation or overeating), and others.

  • Abscess

Abscess - an inflammation of the tissues, accompanied bypurulent exudate. The cause of the abscess of the liver can be a pyogenic agent, that is, a bacterium located inside the body, which is today a rather rare phenomenon, or an amoeba that invades the liver from the colon.

  • Tumor

A tumor can be either benign, ormalignant. In any case, the tumor will increase the size of the liver, which in turn will press on the capsule, thereby causing pain in the liver. The reasons for the appearance of tumors are quite a lot - from the above diseases to infectious agents.

Pathological cavity in the liver tissue. The causes of the cyst in the liver - congenital pathology of the bile ducts, which develop incorrectly and turn into cavities.

Apparently, there are a lot of diseases,which can cause pain in the liver. The diagnosis and treatment of these diseases should, of course, be dealt with by a doctor, but if no chronic diseases have been identified and the pain does not stop, then it may be necessary to adhere to a special diet that will help restore normal liver function.

Tips for proper nutrition for normal liver function:

  • First of all, be sure to adhere to a five-time meal.
  • Secondly, completely eliminate from the diet fried foods and there is only boiled or baked.
  • Minimize the consumption of salt (no more than 12 grams per day).

Recommended products:

  • vegetable, dairy and fruit soups;
  • buckwheat and porridge;
  • pasta;
  • chicken or lean meat;
  • coarse bread;
  • lean fish.

Prohibited products:

  • alcohol;
  • mushrooms;
  • spinach;
  • liver;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • chocolate;
  • ice cream;
  • cocoa.

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