OGE in biology in 2018

OGE is a mechanism to determine the degree of material learned, as well as the ability to use it. This certification is held after grade 9.

OGE in biology is not mandatory, therefore, it is mainly chosen by students who aim to study in specialized classes in grades 10-11. It is also a subject of choice for those who are going to enroll in humanitarian universities of the appropriate focus, namely: future biologists, psychologists, chemists, geographers, physicians, athletes and rehabilitologists. In addition, the result affects the total score of the certificate, which students receive, which partly predetermines their fate upon admission.

The success of passing the OGE in biology is important not only for schoolchildren: it is also an indicator of the capabilities of teachers in a particular educational institution and allows you to collect statistics on the degree of assimilation of a program in this discipline in a particular school, city, district or region.

Features and dates

The Federal Institute of Pedagogical Measurements (FIPI), as the body responsible for preparing and organizing the OGE in all subjects, including biology, officially announced that fundamental changes in the structure and form of the OGE passing in 2018 will not occur.

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The exam will continue for 3 hours, during which the examinee must have time to cope with the maximum number of tasks.

Unlike other items, during the allotted time it is forbidden to use any auxiliary materials. The use of smartphones or smart hours by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation also imposed strict taboos, as on information carriers.

The dates during which the OGE will be held in biology in 2018 are:

  • Early testing - 23.04. Reserve day for preliminary delivery - 3.05.
  • A common day for the OGE in biology is 31.05. The reserve period is 18.06.
  • Additional testing is scheduled for 10.09. The additional reserve will take place on 18.09. - The last date for those wishing to pass the general state exam in biology.

OGE surrender

KIM structure

The basis of the OGE is a CIM - test material, divided into such blocks:

  1. Concerning directly the fundamentals of biology as a science.It includes tasks on the role of biology for understanding natural processes, on the practical application of this knowledge and its uses. In addition, this block contains questions on the knowledge of the technique of the experiment and methods of studying wildlife.
  2. Alive organisms. These questions concern the structure and functions of organisms, types of tissues and cells, organs and organelles. This also includes assignments for genetic laws, methods of reproduction and distribution of all the kingdoms of nature.
  3. Evolutionary processes and variety of life forms. This section contains questions that allow you to test knowledge on the classification and diversity of representatives of wildlife, on evolutionary issues and the variability of species diversity.
  4. Human biology. This section of questions includes the anatomical and physiological bases, the origin, hygiene and basics of human health.
  5. Basics of interaction between living organisms and their associations, as well as with external conditions, the relationship between different species and types of food chain formation.

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The profile commission engaged in the preparation of tickets for the OGE on biology in 2018, reportedthat KIM meets all requirements, fully reflects all areas of knowledge and is able to fully reflect the level of training of the student. For this reason, there will be no change in the ticket or job structure.

As before, the tickets will feature questions from the 5th to 9th grade biology courses.

In total, the ticket will contain 32 tasks. Structurally, they are divided into two parts, designed for different types of answers.

  • Part 1. It contains 28 tasks that resemble the test principle. The 22 basic questions imply an answer, in the form of a number or phrase, standing next to the right answer. The following 6 tasks require a deeper knowledge of the subject.
  • Part 2. 4 tasks that require a longer study. In the first question, the answer should include a textual reflection of the necessary information. One task includes testing the ability of the analytical grouping of material presented in a table format. The last two tasks are aimed at the practical application of theoretical knowledge.

Despite the fact that in the second part of the tasks it is much less, but in time both parts require approximately the same time for thorough study.

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After a full check, a certain score is assigned to the work, which means a specific grade.

To understand what grade the scored points correspond to, you can use this scale:

  • 0-12 – «2»;
  • 13-25 – «3»;
  • 26-36 – «4»;
  • 37-46 – «5».

To understand the system for evaluating the OGE, you need to know the principle of scoring:

  • the correct answer of tasks No. 1-22 brings the student 1 point;
  • starting with number 23 and ending with number 27, the correct answer brings 2 points each. 1 point is lost if the answer contains more than one answer, and one of them is wrong;
  • the full answer to question 28 adds 3 points, and in the case of partial implementation, 2 or 1 point is proportional to the implementation;
  • the maximum number of points for the second part of the ticket (No. 29-32) corresponds to 11.

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Preparing for the OGE

Schoolchildren intending to connect their lives with biology, or simply taking care of improving the performance indicators in the certificate, strive to start preparing for the OGE in advance.

Preparation may include the following steps:

  • Self-preparation. This allows you to work out the program of all years of study at home and completely free. When self-training, it is advisable to go from simpler to more complex.
  • Online training.Many sites offer this feature. Some of them are free, while others provide paid services. Such lessons contain a lot of visual information, video lessons, charts and tabular materials. In the online program is included and a preliminary test of knowledge, which helps to identify problem topics and types of questions.
  • Work with a tutor or on specialized courses preparing to pass the OGE.

Classes with a teacher

The tasks during the past years serve as a basis during the preparation, since fundamental changes have not been observed recently.

Challenging results

If you disagree with the assessment obtained by the OGE biology results, you can appeal to the municipal education authority, where conflict commissions are created specifically for such cases.

An appeal can be filed by the student or his parents. This should occur within 2 business days after the announcement of the results. 4 working days are allotted for consideration of the complaint (excluding only Sunday). Work is reviewed and evaluated by the conflict commission.

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