OGE 2019

OGE is the main state exam for graduates of the 9th grade of Russian schools. These tests are an integral part of the procedure for obtaining a high school diploma. Of course, the need to pass the final certification causes great excitement among schoolchildren. Therefore, it is necessary to be familiar with both the procedure for passing this exam, and with the innovations that accompany the OGE over the past years. And for those who study in the 8th grade, it is worth thinking about what the OGE 2019 will be and what subjects should be emphasized now.


Basic information about OGE

The main state exam is the main type of assessment assessment of ninth-graders. In the framework of the OGE, they work with control and measuring materials on compulsory and selective subjects, and the final work is checked by members of specialized commissions.

The examination is carried out centrally and is the subject of special attention from the Rosobrnadzor. Based on the grades of pupils, conclusions are drawn about the quality of education in a particular school and the professional training of subject teachers.

OGE 2019

Subjects on OGE

How many subjects will schoolchildren have to take in grade 9 in 2019? The Ministry of Education has defined a minimum list of subjects that are mandatory throughout the country:

  • Russian language;
  • mathematics.

The results of the main state exam directly affect the grade in the high school diploma, which will be obtained at the end of the 9th grade.

Until now, the decision to supplement this list remains in question - it is planned to include a mandatory history exam. The final decision should be made in 2018, with a positive decision, the number of items will increase to five.

The 2019 Ministry of Education is ready to legitimize three exams of choice. The list of such items:

  • humanities: biology, literature, foreign languages, social studies, history;
  • exact sciences: chemistry, computer science and ICT, physics.

The results of passing these disciplines will help students prepare for the unified state exam in grade 11, but will not affect the performance in the grade 9 certificate.

Obligatory subjects OGE-2019

CIMs for primary school graduates today fully meet the requirements of the Federal Service for Federal Supervision of Education and Social Affairs, so they rarely make any changes.However, it is still too early to talk about the situation in 2019 - it is quite possible that the relevant commissions will still decide to improve the tasks in compulsory subjects:

  1. Math exam
  • The main news is that structurally the work has lost a module on topics from “Real Mathematics”. However, the tasks of this part were redistributed between the remaining parts, algebraic and geometric, so that the number of tasks remained the same.
  • The algebraic component is two parts (14 tasks in the first and 3 in the second). The geometric component is also represented in two parts (6 tasks in the first and 3 in the second). The first parts test basic knowledge and are simple, and the second include complicated tasks.
  1. OGE Russian language

OGE 2019. Changes, evaluation criteria, how many items to pass grade 9

The ticket structure includes tasks covering the testing of all types of language skills:

  1. First, the student will need to write a presentation based on audio text.
  2. Then solve another 13 tasks, giving a brief answer.
  3. In the last part there is only one task - an essay, for which you need to choose one theme from the three proposed in the ticket.

However, ninth-graders have the opportunity to write answers as intelligently as possible - they will be given spelling dictionaries.

OGE in foreign languages

Quite often, students planning to go to grades 10-11 and who are going to enroll in linguistic universities choose to pass the OGE in a foreign language. Assignments are varied and complex:

  • Part one is exercises to understand English, French, German, or Spanish by listening (listening), tasks related to checking reading skills, and also conducting personal correspondence;
  • Part two is a test of the ability to speak a foreign language.

Ninth-graders will need to prepare as well as possible to score the maximum points for all tasks.

Admission to OGE

In 2019, all students will undergo an interview procedure in the Russian language as admission to the main exams. The interview will test students' skills in spontaneous expression of thoughts. During the interview process, you will need to complete four tasks:

Job number Job type
№1 Read the text with the correct placement of stress in words and intonation of punctuation marks
№2 Retell the read fragment close to the text by inserting a quote.
№3 Demonstrate speaking skills in the form of a monologue on one of the suggested topics.
№4 Show skills in a dialogic speech, after talking with a member of the examination committee

As a result, the student receives a "credit" (allowed for the public examination) or "fails" (in this case, the student has the right to re-interview).

To prepare well for the final certification in all subjects, you must clearly know how many points and for what tasks you can get. In this ninth-graders will help the evaluation criteria, which can be found on the FIPI website.

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