New Year in Belarus 2018

To meet the New Year and spend a few days in a hospitable Belarus may not be a blue, but quite an affordable dream that not everyone appreciated for its true worth. Wonderful winter landscapes, amazing picturesque places, architectural monuments, fabulous estates, cottages and health resorts will open Belarus for many new tourists and will delight guests with its originality for a long time. The country will meet with joy and will pleasantly surprise both those who are spoiled by traveling people with wealth, and those who want to rest inexpensively. New Year's offers are full of various options, and each traveler can pre-select a tour, where everything is “all inclusive”, or create an individual route to the tastes of the assembled company. Tourist complexes, hotels, motels, recreation centers and authentic estates in the outback are preparing to receive numerous guests who have decided to celebrate the New Year in Belarus in 2018.


Overview of New Year Tours

When choosing tours for the New Year holidays in Belarus, it is worthwhile to focus on the tourist offers and opportunities of the country in the winter season:

Places to visit Program
Minsk New Year holidays Minsk, Vitebsk, Brest, Dudutki, Father Frost Manor, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Berezinsky Reserve, Grodno New Year's Eve in Minsk, excursions
Night at the castle Nesvizh Castle or Mir Castle Walk through the old quarters of Minsk, overnight in one of the castles to choose from, excursions
Vacation in Brest Brest, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Minsk, Dudutki, Father Frost’s estate, ostrich farm, Kobrin, Nesvizh Accommodation in Brest, inspection of museums, castles, palaces
New Year's Eve in Grodno Grodno, Minsk, Lida, Korobchitsy, Dudutki Medieval performances, knightly fights, organ concert, tours
Permits in the sanatorium Alesia, Nadzeya, Forest Lakes, Silver Keys, Krinitsa, Belorusochka, Radon Medical procedures, excursions, New Year's banquet

New Year in Belarus 2018

Top 5 places in Belarus to visit

Tourists who are planning a holiday in Belarus for the New Year for the first time, experienced travelers are advised to visit the main winter sights and outstanding places to experience the true spirit of the country:

  1. Bialowieza Forest- the leader among Belarusian sights. People come here to look at the legendary White Tower that was powdered with snow, amazing landscapes, the highest fir tree in Europe and plunge for a few hours in the era of great historical events.
  2. Fairy residence of Santa Clausopen not only for little guests. She has something to surprise and adults who have not believed in a miracle for a long time. A good Belarusian magician placed his possessions in the town of Kamenyuki, where on the New Year's Eve visitors will experience real miracles, a fabulous theater, a festive train for a sightseeing tour of the residence, the Winter workshop and many, many gifts.
  3. Minsk. The festive Belarusian capital in the New Year holidays attracts tourists to tell their tale and show their magnificent architecture and outstanding monuments. The holiday here will be remembered by fairs, rides, skating rinks, a water park and pleasant prices for all entertainment.
  4. Ethnomuseum of material cultureunder the open Belarusian sky “Dudutki” will acquaint the guests of the country with national peculiarities, crafts, ethnography and colors of the people of Belarus.And, of course, it will not do without tasting national alcohol property - moonshine, brewed in this museum exhibit - moonshine apparatus.
  5. Its center of Europethere are Belarusians. It is designated in Polotsk. Tourists who have been to the central point of the European territory are given a certificate testifying to this significant event and a photo for a long memory.

New Year in Belarus 2018. Early booking, hotels with a program

Belarus "at home"

In Belarus, there is a rest absolutely for every taste, but many tourists come here for sincerity, sincerity and authenticity. In this country, you can rent a house from a family of Belarusians and live for several days, absorbing the culture, traditions and identity of the Belarusian people. Due to this feature, New Year offers appeared that will allow you to plunge into festive folk festivals and national ceremonies, taste famous Belarusian pancakes and proclaim New Year's toast with a glass of local moonshine. And after the noisy celebrations, you can continue to explore Belarus and go to:

  • Fairy-tale castles (Nesvizh, Mirsky and others).
  • Brest Fortress.
  • Museum of medieval chivalry.
  • The Braslav Lakes National Park and many, many other Belarusian sights that charge with incredible strength and energy.

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