New Year and Christmas decorations do it yourself - ideas

New Year and Christmas - a special time. Everything is unique: family meetings, holiday decorations, delicious food and, of course, gifts! This is also a great opportunity to make handmade decor in a simple and inexpensive way that can give a festive atmosphere for your home. We present several ideas.


Unusual Christmas Wreath

In Western countries, Christmas wreaths are the most popular holiday decorations. These decorations not only expressively decorate an apartment and even a balcony or garden, but also create a unique festive atmosphere.

It must be said that Christmas decorations are fabulous magic, and the largest of them is in those that are independently created by the whole family.

Today, stores offer a huge selection of Christmas wreaths. We encourage you to choose materials and make it yourself.A homemade Christmas wreath is not complicated, and it brings a lot of joy and satisfaction, it can also be good fun and even a way to relax.
For the manufacture we need the following materials:

  • Metal suspension

  • Pliers

  • balls of different diameter;
  • glue;
  • wide ribbon.

Stringing holiday balls on the base very close to each other. This is to ensure that the wire is not visible.

If the balls change position and roll down, fix them with glue.

The wreath should be tight and keep in shape.

We connect the hanger with pliers.

Wrap the hook with red tape and glue it.


We form a beautiful, volumetric ribbon bow and attach to the wreath.

And that's it! Christmas wreath is ready!

Cute Christmas tree pendants

Pendants for the Christmas tree made of felt are very fashionable and you can create them yourself.

We will need:

  • Different colors of felt;
  • Bright thread
  • glue,
  • scissors;
  • threads;
  • beads of different colors and sizes;
  • needle;
  • pencil;
  • thin ribbon.

A variety of decorative ornaments

Unusual, beautiful pendants made of felt will look luxurious on a beautiful Christmas tree.

And to make them quite elementary: you need to cut out of the felt two forms of the Christmas tree,

At the edges of the segment, paint with braid, decoupage buttons, beads and sequins. Connect with each other with bright threads and slightly fill with cotton wool and of course sew the trunk.

In the same way you can make bells, they will create a cozy atmosphere in your home and you can enjoy the fabulous magic. This will be a great gift for the New Year.

Christmas tree house toy

For the house we need:
Felt, different colors beads, cords, threads in tone, filler, pattern. Print on our sheet pattern. We transfer it to the felt and cut it. We attach a buttonhole with a ribbon and glue it to the top of the house.

It is possible to decorate these fabulous houses with your soul and fantasy. Make such houses for the New Year holidays, and in your house there will always be peace and comfort.

Also traditional paper snowflakes will look great at home. They will give a wonderful atmosphere of snow-white, winter fairy tale. In addition, you can happily spend time, because it is very interesting, of course, you need to attract your little needlewomen.

Unusual, fabulous and magical decorations for the New Year holidays can be created by yourself. And if you do cooking with children - it will be fun and funny. And you do not need to buy expensive jewelry in stores.

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