New Year 2019 in the hotel

The official preparation for the celebration of the next year, begins in January. Those who are attentive to their own pastime, are preparing at least since September. If there is no desire to rest tired after difficult preparation, it is worth trying to celebrate the new year 2019 in a hotel. Many have not thought, but most upscale hotels offer holidays with the program. The option of such a pastime - the choice of excursions in Moscow or St. Petersburg, which will allow you to touch the heart of the holiday.


How to choose a city?

The New Year of the Pig is only one, and there are at least two Russian cities in which it would definitely be worth visiting. To understand what to choose, it is important to know in advance what to expect from each of them.

New Year 2019 in the hotel

The features are as follows:

  1. Moscow- closes the ten largest cities in the world, having almost thirteen million people, it is also the largest center of Slavic culture in the world. The city has a huge historical value and is saturated with the atmosphere of patriotism.A feature of the center of the Russian nation is the contrast, because more than 60 billionaires live here, and you can have fun with taste on any budget, even if the city is headed by the tops of the most expensive places to live.
  2. St. Petersburg- the romantic heart of Russia. The meeting of the new year in Petersburg is comparable to the gift of a star from the sky, because in this fabulous time the city is transformed by illumination and omnipresent New Year's events that will not let anyone get bored. The 5 million population of the city has long been accustomed to the crowds of tourists, therefore they are met with a cordiality, in a peculiar, peculiar only to St. Petersburg and Odessa residents.

No matter where the New Year's meeting is scheduled: in St. Petersburg or in Moscow, we have prepared for you the most interesting options for spending your time on this holiday.

Winter St. Petersburg

The cultural capital will provide many options for recreation, not for nothing that the organizing committee regularly works throughout the year. If you have a minimum of time to prepare for the celebration, but you want to make the holiday unforgettable - St. Petersburg is your choice. After reading reviews about the rest, you can make sure that it suits any mood and wallet.Prices for such tours range from 5 to 25 thousand rubles per person, which means that every working Russian can afford to relax with his family in St. Petersburg.

IMPORTANT! Regardless of the chosen city, timely booking of the tour is a detail of success, because the places for the New Year's party in top hotels are bought up in September.

The hotels conducting the most ambitious festivities are:

  • Indigo on Tchaikovsky;
  • Boutique Hotel 1852;
  • Lotte;
  • Pestel Inn.

New Year 2019 in a hotel with a program

Once in St. Petersburg it is easy to get confused in the colors of the cultural capital. We have developed for you a list of attractions that you simply must not forget to include in your New Year’s check list:

  • Palace Square;
  • Gostiny Dvor;
  • Square of the Kazan Cathedral;
  • Hay Square;
  • Konyushennaya Square;
  • Pioneer Square;
  • Ostrovsky Square;
  • Moscow Square;
  • Passage;
  • Elagin and Vasilyevsky Islands;
  • Palace and Trinity bridges;
  • Nevsky Prospect.

New Year's capital

For decades now, the leader in providing an unforgettable vacation in Moscow for the New Year is the Cosmos Hotel. This is a perfect time-tested place.Tickets for celebrating the new year 2018 were distributed at the price of 5-6 thousand rubles for a children's ticket and 15-25 thousand rubles for an adult.

If the long-term experience of an institution is not an important criterion, we recommend to pay attention to the programs of the following hotels:

  • Empire City;
  • Panorama City;
  • Crowne Plaza;
  • Novotel Moscow City;
  • Sky Apartments;
  • Eye;
  • Radisson Royal.

In Moscow, there will be entertainment for all ages. The main attractions that would be worth visiting are:

  • Red Square - will prepare for you an action worthy of real patriots;
  • The Kremlin is the main attraction of Russia, its national symbol, practically the main actor of any film production, which deals with Russia;
  • The observation deck of the Sparrow Hills is a significant place that allows you to feel like a free bird, at any time of the year. Having climbed here in the New Year, you will be able to feel yourself as Grandfather Frost, flying up in a sleigh to the New Year's capital;
  • Moscow-City is a huge business and shopping center, which is a truly grandiose creation of national architecture, and the tower of the Federation will not leave anyone indifferent.

Other attractive options

New year in the hotel is a wonderful choice, but you should not limit your imagination exclusively to Russia:

  • Minsk - in the capital of Belarus, you can stay in the following places: Kukhmistr, Westfalia, Rebus. The city will delight guests with the archaic beauty and elaborate bearing of all participants in the action;
  • Kiev - the hotel "Ukraine" will be the best choice. National colors and Ukrainian Christmas time will not be able to leave a single person;

IMPORTANT! The New Year in Catholic countries is celebrated in the same way as in our country - in two installments, but unlike the Orthodox post-Soviet space, the celebration begins on 24.12.

  • Berlin and Munich - visit the world-famous beerhouses “Augustiner” and “Hofbräuhaus”, as well as take part in the Tollwood festival. Germany as a whole and the New Year’s culture of drinking will remain in everyone’s heart.
  • New York - New Year in Manhattan is a New Year's fairy tale, depicted in hundreds of childhood films loved by children.

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