New Year 2017 in Lapland

It is hardly possible to find a more fabulous location to celebrate the New Year 2017 than Lapland. This place is considered the birthplace of Santa Claus and is invariably associated with snow, gifts and magic.

If you want to celebrate the main winter celebration in an unusual setting and give yourself and your loved ones an unforgettable experience, then a trip to this region of Finland is what you need.

Why Lapland

Lapland is known not only for its legend and tales shrouded in it, but also because of its incredible nature. Endless snowy forests, pristine lakes and rivers, a fascinating spectacle of the northern lights - just for the sake of contemplating these beauties should start a trip. Well, on the New Year, an indescribable holiday spirit is added to everything listed.

lapland beauty for the new year

With the onset of winter celebrations, all local towns and villages are already colorful and colorful becoming even brighter. Streets, buildings and trees are lavishly decorated with colorful garlands, figures of Santa Claus and his reindeer sleigh, ice sculptures and a variety of New Year's toys.

In the towns held fairs and various theatrical performances.But the main thing is that the workshop of elves, Santa Park and the Arctic Park begin their work in full force.

Another feature of Lapland for the New Year is the influx of tourists. During this period, Finland is visited especially by many travelers who want to plunge into a real fairy tale, to visit Santa Claus and feel again in childhood.

Traditionally, prices for hotel accommodation, souvenirs and entertainment are rising at this time. In addition, with the arrival of winter, the number of vacant rooms in hotels and boarding houses is rapidly "melting", therefore, booking must be taken care of in advance.

How to celebrate New Year 2017 in Lapland

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With the scale and color to celebrate the New Year 2017, you can in the provincial capital Rovaniemi. Here, large-scale trade fairs are held on the streets, where tourists are offered to try different sweets, warm themselves with hot wine and buy original handmade souvenirs, and the squares are turned into skating rinks where real ice discos are held.

In such an environment, even the usual festivities in the central square will be unusual and colorful.

You can spend New Year's Eve in one of the local restaurants that serve national dishes.In such places, they usually arrange for guests an incendiary show program, an elegant banquet, fireworks and entertainment in the form of dances, chants, competitions and skating on the rink.

If you plan to rent a separate cottage, then you can arrange a celebration right in it. As a rule, the houses in Lapland are very beautiful, cozy, decorated with natural wood and always with a fireplace inside, so you will feel as comfortable as possible in such a home. You can also find options for cottages with a private sauna and arrange a truly unforgettable celebration.

Exotic celebrations are also organized for tourists in Lapland. So, you can order a trip to the forest, where real shamans sit near a bright fire and spend fortune telling on tin and even predict the future. With the advent of the new year, all the participants in the ritual dance around the fire, sing songs and enjoy national dishes.

How to have fun during the New Year holidays

Lapland meeting new year 2017

Arriving in Lapland, it is impossible not to visit the village of Santa Claus. Here you will meet with a good wizard and make a New Year's wish, you will see many fairy-tale heroes, hear mysterious legends.You should definitely go to the post office of Santa Claus to send greeting cards to friends and family.

You will also see many interesting things in the workshop of elves, where Santa's helpers create toys for obedient children. A good mood will be maintained by visiting the Deer Park, where you can feed real reindeer with moss, ride in a harness and take bright photos.

Another mandatory item of the New Year program is a trip to the Santa Park theme park. Here you will find dizzying and fascinating attractions that will turn any adult into a child. Be sure to cross the Arctic Circle through a magical dungeon, ride on an underground train and take a photo on the throne of the Snow Queen.

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A trip to the Rauna Zoo, a unique place where polar bears, lynxes, owls, reindeer and other animals and birds live in their natural environment, will leave a sea of ​​positive impressions. Visitors are offered to look at the inhabitants of the zoo with special bridges. It is impossible to ignore the husky farm - the abode of the most charming, charismatic and cute dogs in the world.Here you will get acquainted with dogs and try yourself in the management of the team.

Fans of more "adult" entertainment can go skiing and snowboarding in Rovaniemi. Here tourists are offered 9 well-groomed trails of different levels of difficulty with jumps and lifts. Here you can rent all the necessary equipment.

A trip to Lapland for the new year 2017 is a great way to forget about all your worries and plunge into the world of fairy tales. Here everyone will like it, because adults and children will be delighted with local entertainment and natural beauty. Do not doubt, you will never forget such a trip and you will definitely want to come back here again.

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