New Volkswagen 2019 models

One of the most important aspects of the Volkswagen concern is the observance of the principles of activity when creating new products. The combination of a modern approach to the application of the latest technologies, promising design techniques with an affordable price. And this direction is being mastered very successfully, which can be seen in the photo from the latest car dealerships. The classics of the genre - an exquisite noble sedan, a fast-moving wagon, a maneuverable SUV in all its glory and diversity in the coming season will be seen by fans of the “people's car”, as well as passenger cars from Volkswagen are positioned. Perhaps it will be interesting enough to get acquainted with some facts about the brand.


A little excursion into the past

To date, the leader in the production of European cars not only maintains its position, but in close cooperation with other well-known companies creates more and more interesting models. Volkswagen's parent company unites a mass of enterprises that have joined the association over the years. They are not only numerous, but also represent different price segments.

New Volkswagen 2019 models

  • First of all, the group of enterprises includes Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles - a manufacturer of light-weight commercial cargo car vehicles;
  • 1964 The concern is acquiring a part of Daimler-Benz, the AUDI brand, which previously belonged to Auto Union, which made it possible to improve the technical performance of new cars;
  • 1986 Seat’s entry into the famous German group;
  • 1991 The Czech automaker Škoda joins Volkswagen, after which the logo with the proud profile of an Indian chief has significantly improved the characteristics and product range of budget cars produced;
  • 2009 - the date of acquisition of a controlling stake in Scania AB - Sweden.

The German concern also included the company MAN AG, which produces a significant product line. Thanks to MAN AG, a fairly long period Volkswagen produces trunk trucks, trucks, buses, dump trucks. So, what new cars will present Volkswagen in the future season.

Volkswagen Jetta

New Volkswagen 2019 models

In the next season, the classic of passenger cars is represented in the face of a five-seater sedan, which first appeared in European motor shows back in 1979. Since then, six types have been released, on the “Detroit Motor Show” in 2018, the seventh generation of the legend of the European car industry - the Jetta.In the Russian market, the model will appear no earlier than the first half of next year, the starting price of an estimated 800,000.0 rubles. Only five configuration options - S, SE, SEL, SEL Premium, R-Line. What a buyer gets for a relatively serious investment in a vehicle:

  1. A completely new approach to the design of the body A7, the use of modern modular platform MQB, which allows for increasing the size significantly reduce weight;
  2. The car, judging by the video, received a new shape of the bumper, integrated modules of fog lights, updated LED optics, stylish stamping of the hood and doors;
  3. Due to the improved streamlined body, large wheels, a modified rear bumper, more than 10% improved performance aerodynamics.

Dimensions new Jetta following:

Body length cm 470, 2
Width cm 179, 9
Height cm 145, 9
Base cm 268, 6
Clearance level cm 16, 0

The color scheme in four classic versions, elegant interior design, an innovative multimedia system, a Digital Cockpit dashboard, natural leather trim using the backlight in the 10 available shades. Latest news - 510 l large volume trunk.

Volkswagen Touareg

New Volkswagen 2019 models

Crossover Touareg experts believe the leader of this class on an international scale. Next year’s model has a completely new design, updates both externally and internally, with excellent technical characteristics. With the dimensions retained, the body became more streamlined, all sharp corners and surfaces were smoothed, which made it possible to significantly improve the performance of aerodynamics. Because of this, the car has become better in terms of ergonomics and efficiency.

  • The grille, the air intake of a multisectional format are modified and decorated with chrome edging;
  • Optics in addition to new forms received highly efficient filling and became LED, a set of dipped-beam headlights appeared in the anti-fog concept;

In the salon, as before, it is distinguished by luxurious furniture, comfort, safety, multimedia equipment and other options, as always, at the highest level. Decorative wooden and metal elements will bring pleasure to both the driver and passengers. The trunk has grown to 1,640 liters when removing the last row of seats. In Russia, the Touareg will appear in the price segment of 2,600,000 - 4,000,000 rubles.

About motors and their capabilities

Technical characteristics of new cars:

  1. Jetta in the seventh variation is equipped with a turbo engine 1. 4 TSI with 4 cylinders, power 150 liters. from. The GT version is equipped with a 2. 0 TSI unit in 174 liters. from. ;
  2. The Tuareg is equipped with a diesel unit in 205, 245, 340 l. from. and a petrol engine in 249 and 360 liters. from.

VW also plans to release sports cars and luxury cars Bugatti, Lamborghini, Bentley.

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