New Land Cruiser Prado 2019

During the sensational premiere of the all-new Toyota Fortuner, the Land Cruiser Prado 2019 restyled unnoticed. But this model is not inferior in its popularity to the flagship two-hundred. There will be no sensation: both the platform and the equipment remain the same. The changes are minimal and they relate mainly to external retouching. Traditionally for the Japanese manufacturer, the update is not limited to simple reshaping bumpers. Another spy photos Prado 2019 showed that the SUV has become more attractive.

What is under the hood?

The main news for those who like to save on transport tax is the new power unit. Of course, the usual "trinity", familiar from dorestaylu, on the spot:

  • aspirated petrol for economical owners: 2.7 l, 163 hp and 4 cylinders;
  • powerful "six" 4.0 l, with a herd of 282 horses, also on gasoline and without turbocharging;
  • economical turbo diesel 4 cylinder, 2.8 l, 177 hp;
  • and, finally, a gift in the form of savings on the tax base: a deformed “six” 4.0 l, with a record in the TCP - 249 hp

Most likely, by simple manipulations on the service, you can return the required 282 horses.But the record in the TCP will remain!

However, the motor is interesting in itself, without modifications. Having saved the volume and reducing the power, the engine promises high torque on bottoms (by analogy with American multi-lines). If you want the effect of a diesel engine, but do not tolerate the smell of solarium, Land Cruiser Prado 2019 with a new engine is a reasonable compromise.

  • Land Cruiser Prado 2019 restyling
  • Land Cruiser Prado 2019 on the road
  • Land Cruiser Prado 2019 in the mud
  • Land Cruiser Prado 2019 at the back
  • Land Cruiser Prado 2019 side view

There are innovations in the transmission

When installing an adaptive suspension, you can select as many as 5 modes:

  1. ECO - electronics does not think about the crew, the main thing is to minimize consumption.
  2. Comfort - mode for roads in the Russian outback.
  3. Normal - something like this goes dorestayl with a conventional suspension.
  4. Sport S - increases fuel consumption and suspension stiffness, but at the same time there is less risk of leaving the trajectory in a quick turn.
  5. Sport S + - designed for fans of pozazhigat with a traffic light. In addition, it helps if necessary to make a sharp overtaking.

For off-road enthusiasts who do not want to study the theory of all-wheel drive, the “AUTO” mode has appeared in the Multi-Terrain Select system. The traction control and lock settings select the optimal algorithm without driver involvement.

Old new body Prado 2019

Designers eagerly set about modernizing the front end, and that’s it.The result was a youthful image of the Land Cruiser 200, but without obvious plagiarism. The table of ranks is respected.

First things first:

  • The new bonnet got a pronounced stamping. Formally, stiffening. In fact - the front end has become stricter.
  • The grille with traditional vertical cutouts is located above, along with new headlights. Finally, they got rid of the obscure geometric forms: the optics are strict, slightly slanting (still Asian), and of normal, not hypertrophied height.
  • Moving the grille allowed to “press” the front bumper. Now less likely to prop curb or steep climb on the roads. Look good new fog.
  • All lighting is now LED. Both front and rear. In addition to slightly retouched lanterns, nothing has changed at the stern, as well as on the side panels.

Land Cruiser Prado 2019 interior

Salon improved

The new Prado 2019 again made a curtsy in the direction of "dvuhsotki": the photo shows the rethought of the front panel. Chopped faces, the lack of frivolous wells on the dashboard and a huge monitor of the multimedia system. The climate control unit is also updated.He became not only more beautiful, you can use it with his eyes closed.

When will the new Prado 2019 be released?

Of course, in 2018. Everyone is already used to the fact that manufacturers give out the model year during the start of production. You can enjoy the improved Prado model soon. Price range from 2 199 000 rub. up to 3,994,000 for the four-liter six and 7 seats in the cabin.

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