New buildings Voronezh 2018-2019 years

In recent years, Voronezh has received the status of an actively developing city, in which the situation with jobs has stabilized and the birth rate is gradually improving. All these factors attract new residents to the city and put the need to buy an apartment or expand housing space. Those who decided to do this in the near future will find it helpful to get acquainted with the proposals that will go to the primary housing market in Voronezh in 2018 - 2019.

In residential complexes, which are planning to take in the coming months, or where sales have already started, all the necessary documents have been signed. In new buildings, which will be commissioned in 2019, the necessary documentation is now in full swing. Turning his attention to a certain option, the buyer needs to know the reputation of the developer, to ask about his other projects, which are already inhabited by tenants. This can in the future save from many unpleasant surprises and unnecessary expenses.

View of Voronezh

The most expected LCD Voronezh 2018-2019 year

Before proceeding to the choice, it is necessary to determine for yourself the most important criteria that must be present in a particular residential complex. These parameters may relate to the location, floor, level of registration of the interior courtyard, pricing policy or infrastructure. This will reduce the time spent on the choice, and make it the most optimal.

Rokossovskogo 45

For 2018 - 2019 scheduled delivery of new buildings located in the Left Bank district of Voronezh on the street. Rostov 59. The project was implemented by the company “House-Building Combine (Voronezh)”, which is one of the most experienced in the construction of large objects in the region. The cost of apartments varies from 2,107,540 to 2,531,650 rubles.

In the residential complex of the “economy” format, a single modern ensemble of 5 new buildings and a landscaped area has been created. Since the project in new buildings will live more than 1,500 people, it became necessary to equip the ground and guest parking. We are pleased with the presence of green spaces in the area and the close proximity of a beautiful natural object - the Voronezh reservoir.

LCD "Rokossovskogo 45" in Voronezh


In the second quarter of 2018, TerraInvest will present its project.The residential complex is located in the Central district of the street. Lomonosov 84 - in one of the most modern and active places of Voronezh. This will not prevent residents to go outdoors: take walks in the Birch Grove and go out in the morning or in the evening to the shore of the reservoir.

The project is a 19-storey new building with an integrated subway and office space on the lower floor. The infrastructure includes a place for children's leisure and beautiful pedestrian areas.

In the new building, you can purchase a studio apartment, which is perfect for one person and will allow you to save on heating the living space. To become the owner of one of the apartments in the residential complex "Universitetsky", you need to pay from 1,100,000 to 2,480,000 rubles.

LCD "University" in Voronezh


The developer "House-Building Factory (Voronezh)" has made quick construction of 11 buildings of new buildings of different heights (from 10 to 17), located in the Soviet district on ul. Ostrogozhskaya. Microdistrict Shilovo, where the LCD "Lastochkino" is located, is considered one of the most successful places in the city in terms of ecology and air purity. The pine forest and the proximity of the river Don make the habitat here very comfortable and enjoyable.

The project is one of the most ambitious at the moment: 350 hectares are allocated for it, which has a decent infrastructure. There are preschool and school institutions, a clinic, playgrounds for children and sports, as well as places for recreation. Here you can buy studios and classic apartments of various sizes for prices ranging from 1,254,540 to 3,625,200 rubles.

  • LCD Swallow Voronezh
  • LCD Swallow Voronezh
  • LCD Swallow Voronezh

"Russia Five Capitals"

Housing complex "Russia Five Capitals" in the Central District on the street. Shishkova is located near the central part of the city. Developer - "VDK" relies on the author's project with an unusual architectural solution. The complex consists of five peak towers, which are interconnected at the level of the lower floors.

Street facades are made in steps for better insolation of apartments. In the courtyard there are playgrounds for children, sports and play areas, tennis tables, workout venues and an area for local events and concerts. The purchase of apartments in the residential complex "Russia Five Capitals" will cost between 1,550,000 and 4,630,000 rubles.

  • LCD "Russia five capitals" Voronezh
  • LCD "Russia five capitals" Voronezh
  • LCD "Russia five capitals"
  • LCD "Russia five capitals" Voronezh
  • LCD "Russia five capitals" Voronezh


The general developer "House-Building Factory (Voronezh)" implemented another successful project in the city - the residential complex "Lazurny" in Zheleznodorozhny District on ul. Artamonov, which will be commissioned during 2018.

A very good point is the excellent transport interchange and the possibility of many options for getting public transport. Practically on the territory of “Azure” there is a city beach where residents of new buildings will be able to spend hot days.

In 10 new buildings, you can purchase one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments on a turnkey basis for the price from 1,472,040 to 3,713,060 rubles.


A group of construction companies "KRAIS" was able to build a complex of new buildings in one of the most developed places of Voronezh - in Kominternovsky district on ul. Kholzunova 38. Here you can buy an economy class apartment, which does not affect the quality of materials and work performed.

The author of the project paid great attention to the aesthetics of the interior courtyard, making an attempt to make it as large as possible. On the territory of the residential complex “Islands” there are playgrounds for the youngest and for older children, and young people will be satisfied with recreation areas with access points to the WI-FI network.

Inside each individual building there is an internal pedestrian area where it is perfectly safe to be. Here you can enjoy peace and quiet, forgetting that you are in the center of a bustling city.The acquisition of one-, two-, three-or four-room apartment In the "Islands" will cost from 1 690 000 to 4 500 000 rubles.

LCD "Islands" Voronezh


The company "VoronezhEvroStroy" in 2018 rents new buildings in the residential complex "Crystal", where sales have already started. Its location is very convenient: Sportivnaya Embankment 19a, located in the Left Bank District and is considered the quiet center of Voronezh, as it opens a picturesque view from the windows to the surface of the reservoir and the opposite bank of the city. On the other hand, there is an ideal road junction, allowing you to quickly get to any necessary place.

Here you can choose both economical and elite options for enhanced comfort. It is possible to plan your apartment so that the plan will be approved by the developer, and at the time of entry all organizational points will be left behind. The territory of the LCD is scheduled controlled entry or entry, which will provide round the clock security. The cost of apartments in the "Crystal" - from 1 720 000 to 4 480 000 rubles.

LCD "Crystal" Voronezh

Other offers

In addition to new buildings, which are presented above, in Voronezh, from 2018 to 2019, the delivery of many residential complexes is scheduled. Among them you can find completely different both in price policy and in the category of comfort.

  • "Lakes", R. Left Bank, st.Stankevich, from 27 000 r. / Sq. m., "Choice (Voronezh)";
  • "Russian avant-garde", R. Central, md Olympic 17, from 49 000 r. / Sq. m., "VDK";
  • "Admiral", R. Leninsky Str. Krivosheina 13c, from 35 200 r. / Sq. m., "JBI2 - Invest";
  • "Moscow quarter", R. Central Street Shishkov, from 44 640 p. / Apt. m., "House-building plant";
  • "230 feet", R. Kominternovsky, st. 60 Army, from 46 581 r. / Sq. m., "SK Quarter";
  • Intourist, R. Left Bank, st. Rostov, from 25 000 r. / Square. m., "GC Development";
  • "Status",R. Kominternovsky, Moskovsky Settlement, from 42,000 r / sq. m., "StroyGrupp";
  • "Green Park", R. Kominternovsky, p-Moscow, from 33 000 r. / Square. m., "Choice";
  • "Leninsky Prospect 96a", R. Left Bank, Leninsky Prospect 96a, from 42,913 p / sq. m., “VAPSK”;
  • "According to the street. Peshe-Streletskaya and st. Road, R. Soviet st. Peshe-Streletskaya, from 48,426 p / sq. m., "House-building plant";
  • "Victoria", R. Kominternovsky Str. General Lizyukov, from 48 231 p / sq. m., "Stel-invest";
  • Borovoye, rn Railway, md Borovoe st. Fedor Tyutchev, from 29 000 p. / Apt. m., "VMU-2";
  • "According to the street. Uryvskiy (Cozy) », rn Railway, st. Uryvskogo, from 35 300 p. / Sq. m., "SMP Elektronzhilsotsstroy."

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