New 2018 in Moscow

The new 2018 in Moscow dreams of spending millions of tourists who appreciate the variety of entertainment and developed urban infrastructure. During the winter holidays, the gray metropolis is transformed beyond recognition: the original illumination is ignited, holiday trees are set in all areas and skating rinks are poured. Shining with millions of lights, the capital of Russia attracts with impetuous fun of folk festivals, hundreds of bright shop windows, and a general atmosphere of magic.

How to bring the New Year in Moscow?

The new 2018 in Moscow, as always, will be rich and colorful. The list of the most popular options for meeting the main winter holiday in the city should include:

  • visiting the main tree of the country;
  • entertainment facilities;
  • visit to one of the fairs;
  • skating rinks.

Of course, this is far from all the ways to relax in Moscow in late December or early January. However, if you plan to stay in the “gold-headed” capital for a few days, be sure to join one of these celebration options.

Christmas tree on Red Square

The main tree of the country - a dream for the tourist

Almost all New Year's tours to Moscow include a tour of Red Square, where they will install an amazing Christmas tree and the backlight of the Spasskaya Tower. In the evening of December 31, several thousand holidaymakers will gather here, who, under the chime of the chimes, will meet the main event of winter. Festive events will start at 22:00, but in order not to crowd at the entrance and take a favorable place, you should come in advance. On the night of January 1, a colorful fireworks will light up the Red Square, well-known singers, artists, showmen, and fairy-tale characters will entertain guests and residents of the capital.

Coming to Moscow with a child, be sure to dig out 3-4 hours to go to the Kremlin tree. In 2018, this spectacular event will be held from December 24 to January 8 in the Main Kremlin Palace. Adults and children who have fallen at this wonderful event are waiting for:

  • games;
  • contests;
  • representation;
  • memorable gifts and prizes;
  • performances of the best artists.

Moscow for New YearThe presentation will be attended by over 2 thousand people who will orient guests in the endless halls of the Palace, tell them exciting stories, and do everything possible for a comfortable stay at the event.

Moscow never sleeps

The nightlife of the capital does not stop for a minute. What to say about New Year's Eve, when the best restaurants, bars, nightclubs openly open their doors to visitors. Each of them has its own theme of celebration, which can be found on the official website, or by contacting the institution. You are free to make a choice in which restaurant is better to meet the New 2018 with a noisy company, relatives or the second half. We just give a list of the most popular institutions of the metropolis:

  • "Chinese diploma";
  • "Near East";
  • White Rabbit;
  • Fahrenheit;
  • "Ember".

We should also mention the restaurant “Sixty”, which is located on the 55th floor of the Moscow-City skyscraper. From here there is a magnificent view of the night city, and a high-speed elevator will take you up to a height of 230 meters in seconds. Order a table in this institution, however, as in any of the above, it is necessary 2-3 months before the New Year's night, otherwise there will simply be no vacant places closer to the holiday. The average bill varies from the prestige of the restaurant and the number of served dishes (alcohol), but it does not exceed 6-8 thousand.rubles per person is quite real.

Moscow for New Year

New Year fairs: create a good mood

The new 2018 in the capital of Russia is not only a memorable holiday, but also the opportunity to buy gifts at a discount. Fairs will open in all districts of the city, where they will sell clothes, sweets, jewelry, sports equipment and much more with significant discounts. For example, the “Snow Fair” will be located in the Hermitage garden from mid-December, where you can buy Christmas accessories, souvenirs, handicrafts at an affordable price. Grand sales will also be held in the following locations:

  • Red Square;
  • Sokolniki;
  • VDNH;
  • TSUM.

Traditionally, the fair come as a bargain, as well as a positive mood. Therefore, at such events we can expect songs, dances, games, contests, round dances, photo shootings with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

Where to go ice skating?

A wonderful way to have fun is a trip to one of the rinks of the capital. In each area of ​​the city there are several dozen ice rinks, many of which are free. The following objects promise to continue to become the most popular skating places:

  • skating rink at ENEA;
  • ice rink next to the gum;
  • Ice skating rink in Gorky Park.

Light illumination, incendiary music, fresh air, the sound of skates cutting through the ice are just a small list of why you should go to one of the mentioned sites. Next to these rinks, mass events are planned in Moscow for the New 2018, and you can drink hot tea or warm up in nearby cafes, snack bars, and fast food restaurants.

Moscow for New Year

What do tour operators offer?

Rounds for New 2018 fly like hot cakes on a market day. Book a trip is recommended in advance, while carefully reading the program of the trip. The price of the permit varies in a wide range, and depends on many factors (distance of the move, saturation of entertainment, etc.). On average, residents of St. Petersburg local tour operators are invited to go for 3 days in the capital of 15 thousand rubles per person. This amount includes transfer to the hotel, accommodation in the room, sometimes city tours. For a holiday banquet or additional service will have to pay extra separately.

If you have not seen Moscow during the winter holidays, then you have lost a lot.Do not refuse to enjoy the amazing spectacle, as the metropolis is preparing for the holiday and meets the main event of the winter of 2018.

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