Nail design: french manicure 2019

It is difficult to imagine a more popular type of manicure than a classic jacket. Why did the French manicure deserve such love and universal recognition? Its main merit is versatility: thanks to its natural look and natural shades, this coating suits any style of clothing.

It is interesting that the jacket was created as a neutral manicure applicable to all outfits. He was born in America, in Hollywood, literally - on the set. Stylists did not have time to change the nail color of the actresses for each costume, and the beige-white design was ideal for even the most sophisticated outfits.

The name "French" manicure received a little later, when it was presented at one of the fashion shows in Paris. It is believed that the appropriation of the adjective “French” to the nail design was an advertising move.

At that time, the concept of "French" meant "the best", "high-quality", "fashionable". However, perhaps the creator of the French just decided to name his brainchild in the name of the country where this manicure received the first wide recognition. And it was back in 1976 ...

Today french remains perhaps the most sought-after nail design. Fashionable french-manicure in 2019 already, of course, comes down not only to the classics. In the fashion trends of 2019, and its color options, and creative, resembling a traditional service jacket very remotely.

French stylet

Fashionable this year, the shape of the nail "stiletto" contributed to the appearance of one of the variations of the French. The white outline, which has become the hallmark of the design, is drawn not by a crescent, but repeats the shape of a dagger's edge.

manicure french fashion trends

Thus, a stylized triangle (with a sharp, or rounded tip) appears on the nail, visually extending the nail plate.

This sophisticated design looks good in both classic colors - beige, pale pink and white, and in creative colors - say, a black border with a neutral base.

French with a thin border and painting

manicure french 2019 fashion photos

Art painting, modeling and express painting - stamping - can become full participants in the French manicure. To make a classic design more elegant, decorate several nails with ornate patterns, vignettes, feminine floral designs.

It is better to perform images in a range that does not go beyond the traditional neutral palette. The white edging of the edge of the nail should be very thin, otherwise the jacket will be overloaded. Complement the design with crystals - sparkling elements will also be in the trend for the next 12 months.

Moon classics

manicure 2019 fashion novelty french

If you like a French jacket, but are ready to experiment a bit with tradition, make yourself a double French manicure: classic and moon. The design looks minimalistic - just in the spirit of the latest fashion trends.

Nails look concisely and strictly, but at the same time will be appropriate even with street style clothes. Choose what proportion between the top border and the design of the hole you like best, and also try to combine a white tip with a color hole. Or vice versa!

French with gradient

French nail design 2019

Bold, bright and stylish - this is how you can describe the trendy and extraordinary combination of french technique with ombre technique. In the 2019th, choose this design in dark, “cosmic” colors - from graphite gray to indigo blue and violet.

It is best to otten the gradient with a shiny border of foil, or combine the matte finish of the nail plate with a glossy tip.It is desirable that the transition of color was sufficiently contrast, and the design of the tip coincided in color or saturation of the hue with the dark part of the base.

French manicure with black color

the most fashionable manicure french

The black edging of the tip in this technique has already earned the right to be considered a modern classic. This year, the black jacket can be supplemented and diluted with rhinestones, paintings, acrylic art modeling.

You can not be afraid that it will be too - easy bust now in fashion. Yes, and black color has to kitsch, to non-standard and bold designs.

French polka dot

Manicure for short nails french

“Polka Dot” is the name of the print, more understandable under the name “polka-dot”. A scattering of neat points can form the “smile line”, which is customary for a Frenchman, a canvas along the edge of the nail plate.

"Peas" can be created using a special stick with a ball at the end, or use ready-made round sparkles. Carefully lay out the edge of the nail or hole with them, fix it with a top coat and enjoy a non-trivial stylish manicure.

Shiny french

fancy manicure with a pattern

This is not only a compliment, but also one of the fashionable techniques. Use glitter and various crumbly glitter in your design.This jacket is suitable for holidays, and brighten up the gray days. Do not limit yourself to variations.

Replace the white border with gold, however, leaving a neutral base. Add a variety of sparkles to the hole of the nail, use sparkling rubbing to give the nail plate a pearly or metallic luster.

Double line

manicure french 2019 fashionable long nails

Pay attention to this entertaining trend of 2019 - double French manicure. This time it's not about the tip and hole of the nail, but about double edging. Spend another one under the main line - very close, or after a short period.

The first option will be good for nails of any length, even short ones, whereas the design with a gap looks good on long nails. The double tip allows you to experiment with the color design of the manicure - stylish stripes can be performed in a classic manner, and in a bright palette of actual colors - yellow, purple, orange and blue.

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