Movie "Galaxy Goalkeeper" 2019

New fiction is preparing to start in the winter: the film "The Goalkeeper of the Galaxy" in 2019 goes to the cinema. In the future, our planet is waiting for involvement in the galactic war. And the fate of the world will be decided by the game of space analogue of football. The film promises to be dynamic and eventful. The exact release date has already been determined.


A country: Russia
Genre: fantasy, sports, adventure
Producer: Janik Fayziev
When released: 24.01.2019

Summary allows you to very accurately understand what the film is about, what to expect from going to the movies. Against the background of the popularity of Russian films about athletes and the active filming of science fiction, it is not surprising that the two genres were combined. Guessing about the events of the upcoming film is simple, but this predictability is not bad - the domestic viewer always lacks some blockbusters to which you can go and relax. The film will certainly come out easy and entertaining, but it will not do without dramatic moments.

Movie "Galaxy Goalkeeper" 2019

The plot of the "Goalkeeper of the Galaxy"

The plot of the movie "The Goalkeeper of the Galaxy" unfolds in the distant future. The world was already shaken by the galactic war, after which the natural satellite of the Earth, the Moon, was destroyed. The poles of the planet have shifted, the existence of earthlings is also threatened by space alien invaders.

Over the capital of Russia, Moscow, an alien ship hangs. A grandiose event of galactic proportions will be held on board - a match on the spaceball will be held. This is a football-like game. Most likely, the filmmakers were inspired by the World Cup in Russia, which is why they decided that the holiday should not end. In any case, in the movie.

The fate of the entire planet depends on the outcome of the match on the spaceball. The electricity is turned off, production stops. The whole planet, with a sinking heart, is watching galactic sporting events. Will the team save the planet? We will find out in 2019, when in the winter we will go to watch this fantastic film, which promises to be exciting. The film’s already published teaser shows that a bet on special effects and the image of aliens has been made.It is not excluded that space fiction awaits us in Russian, which can thus become "our answer to Hollywood" in scale.


In the science fiction film “The Goalkeeper of the Galaxy”, the following cast is engaged:

  • Evgeny Romantsov.
  • Maria Lisova.
  • Victoria Agalakova.
  • Ivan Ivanovich.
  • Yevgeny Mironov.
  • Elizaveta Taychenacheva.
  • Julia Vince.
  • Christina Blokhina.
  • Valery Bukin.
  • Elena Yakovleva.
  • Stanislav Rogachev.
  • Mikhail Efremov.
  • Dmitry Nazarov.
  • Mikhail Stenin.
  • Exiled Fidarov.
  • And others.

The film “The Goalkeeper of the Galaxy” 2019. Actors, release date in Russia, watch a trailer in Russian

Young actors are involved in key roles, but there are also performers familiar to every viewer in Russia. These are Elena Yakovleva, Dmitry Nazarov, and Mikhail Efremov, who have been known for their numerous roles in movies and TV shows for many years. How young performers will show themselves when the film is released.

Worked on the film

The “goalkeeper of the galaxy”, which will soon appear in the movies and online, was handled by the following film crew:

  • Producer: Janik Fayziev.
  • Producers: Janik Fayziev, Sergey Selyanov, Innokenti Malinkin.
  • Screenwriters: Janik Fayziev, Andrei Rubanov, Drew Roe, Twister Murchison.
  • Operator: Maxim Osadchy.
  • Production Designer: Alexander Popov.

Director Janik Fayziev is quite famous for his projects. He made such films as “Turkish Gambit”, “The Legend of the Kolovrat”, “August. Eighth. " He also directed the musical TV project “Old songs about the main thing 2” and the mini-series “Stop on Demand”. Therefore, viewers expect a lot from his work, especially as Fayziev was directly involved in the creation of the “Goalkeeper of the Galaxy” script.

The second screenwriter of the film, Andrei Rubanov, previously worked on short films, the TV series “Murka” and the film “Viking” 2016. You can already look at the first results of the scriptwriters tandem, the first trailer in Russian is already online. The video shows the alien creatures with whom, apparently, and to come together in a cosmopolitan game players selected from Earth.

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