Moscow schools rating 2018

All parents dream that their children get the best. This also applies to education, with which, as a rule, the most problems arise. Today in Moscow there are a huge number of schools, lyceums and gymnasiums, and it is often difficult to choose the best from them. That is why, before sending a child to school, moms and dads carefully consider the option of which school to choose. This will help in this rating of Moscow schools 2018, which can be found on the specialized portals of the city.


Evaluation Criteria

The main criteria for choosing a school are:

The results of the Unified State Exam and the GIA, as well as various Olympiads. For example, if pupils came across for violations at the Unified State Exam, then the scale accordingly loses its points.

  • Qualification of teachers.
  • Reviews of parents and students of the school.
  • Additional points may also be awarded for the transfer of a child from the pre-school department to the first grade of the same school.
  • In 2018, added a new criterion - the effectiveness of working with children with disabilities.

Moscow schools rating 2018

As for the internal rating, that is, the ratings that are accumulated in magazines and notebooks, they are not taken into account, thus creating a more objective opinion.

Grants for the best schools in Moscow

According to statistics, out of 300 schools, the first 170 will receive appropriate and so necessary grants for the educational process.

School's place in the ranking Grant amount
From 1st to 20th place Grant of the 1st degree - 15 million rubles
Next 50 schools 10 million
71-170 places 5 million rubles.

The school has the right to allocate funds to internal needs: the purchase of equipment, additional materials, teaching aids, that is, to dispose of them as they see fit and right.

Where to give a child to study in Moscow?

When determining their child to school, parents are traditionally guided by the principle of the proximity of the educational institution to the place of residence of the future student.

Which of the OU in 2018 are recognized as the best? A complete list of Moscow schools has almost 300 institutions. These lists are regularly published in the metropolitan media and on the website.Department of Educationcities, so any parent can find out which school is the best for today.

Best Moscow schools in 2017

The rating of schools in Moscow for 2017-2018 is a fairly large list, which includes more than 300 schools, each of which is unique and good in its own way, famous for its achievements. Here are the best schools fromtop 300:

  1. Lyceum HSE

This educational institution provides specialized training for students in grades 10-11 in eight areas of training. Lyceum students independently draw up an individual curriculum, choosing the most interesting subjects for themselves.

  1. Lyceum №1535

Profiles of training in high school: socio-economic, medical, natural science, humanitarian, technological. Practical classes are held in specialized classrooms of chemistry, computer science, biology, physics, geography, equipped with modern equipment.

  1. School number 179

The school is a structural unit of the Moscow Open Education Institute (MIOO). This school is known for its specialized classes: mathematical, biological, inventive.

  1. School number 1514

Educational rooms are also intended for children with disabilities. Such students attend exercise therapy instead of physical education classes.

  1. Lyceum №1580

Full name - State budgetary educational institution of the city of Moscow "Lyceum №1580 at MSTU. N.E. Bauman. Under the guidance of teachers "Baumanki" schoolchildren in-depth study of algebra, geometry, mathematical analysis, physics, computer science.

Moscow schools rating 2018. Department of Education, list

  1. College of Technology №21

This institution trains specialists demanded in the industrial sphere of the city; it has a modern training and production and sports base, a swimming pool, a dormitory building, and a driving school.

  1. Lyceum "Second School"

Lyceum is a continuation of the famous Moscow Physics and Mathematics School No. 2, founded in 1956. For a long time in it the physical and mathematical orientation is kept. In addition to mathematics and physics, English is studied in depth at school.

  1. School number 57

Curriculums that are implemented in school are usually advanced programs. Thanks to the success of its students and graduates, the school is well known in scientific circles not only in our country, but also in many countries of the world.

  1. School number 1566

There are many different circles and sections of interest in the school: art studio, interior design, photo circle, ecological and mathematical circles, a guide circle, a computer club.

  1. School number 1329

In addition to standard lessons, there are special mathematics classes in which children solve research problems. Profile of secondary school education: humanitarian, mathematical, socio-economic, technological, chemical and biological.

Profile of education in high school: medical, engineering, technological, socio-economic, humanitarian, physical and mathematical.

Full listThe best caps of the capital are published on the Internet on educational sites in Moscow.

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