Moscow Marathon 2018

The Moscow International Marathon 2018 is the 6th edition of the popular race in Moscow. Competition is relative new. The first edition was published in 2013. Since then, the Moscow Marathon has been steadily progressing. The number of runners is growing and the level of organization is increasing. If no more than 3,000 people took part in the debut draw of the tournament, in 2017 almost 9,000 came to the start. The upcoming release of the prestigious championship is ready to break the previous record!


Where and when will the Moscow Marathon 2018 be held

Athletics competition will be held September 23, 2018 in Moscow. Cross-country trails will fall through the center of the capital: Tverskaya Street, Garden Ring, Kremlin, Moscow-City. The gathering of participants is scheduled on the territory of the Luzhniki Olympic complex. More information about the route can be found on the official website of the Moscow Marathon 2018 -

Moscow Marathon 2018

Tournament program

At the start there will be jogging fans, as well as wheelchairs and handbikers. The preliminary schedule of the championship looks like this:

  • start of wheelchairs and handbikers - 9:00;
  • 42.2 km race - 9:15;
  • 10 km race - 10:10.

Championship participants

Almost everyone will be able to compete for victory in the tournament. Neither citizenship, nor gender, nor level of vocational training matters. However, those wishing to conquer the marathon route still have to face several limitations.

Age. A participant in the 42.2 km race must be at least 18 years old, and the conqueror of the 10 km track must be at least 16 years old. Wheelchairs and handbikers can go to the start if they are at least 17 years old.

Starting fee. He is only spared wheelchairs and handbikers.

Check in. You can not just go to the start. The future marathon runner is required to register. This can be done either on the website Or at the Sports Exhibition, which is located at ul. Luzhniki, house 24, building 7. The procedure can be issued on September 21 or 22, 2018. Pre-registration on the official resource starts in February 2018.

Anti-doping control. The anti-doping agency will selectively check several tournament participants. Therefore, the new runner must be prepared for the fact that he will have to pass tests.

Moscow Marathon in 2018

The results of the Moscow Marathon 2018

Results of the races are always unpredictable.Sports tops can submit to almost any marathon runner who has good physical fitness and a great desire to win.

In the last edition of 42.2 km, Ufimtsu Artyom Alekseev submitted. His time is 2:14:13. Sardana Timofeyeva, representing Yakutia, became the best among women. Runner overcame the track for 02:30:27.

At a distance of 10 km the triumph was celebrated by the inhabitants of Novosibirsk. The best among men was Igor Maximov, and among women - Elena Sedova.

There is no doubt that the new drawing of the contest will open to the world new names, among which may be yours. So hurry to register for the marathon!

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