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The world of cinema is many-sided and diverse. Why not just ponapridumyvali in the history of cinema. There are many genres of modern films from which any person can choose for themselves the perfect story and enjoy it. One of the leading positions in the list of the most popular films is occupied by melodramas. These life stories rivet a multimillion audience of viewers to the screen, most often female.

Every year dozens of worthwhile melodramas appear in the world. We don’t even suspect some of them. Let's take a look at whatRussian melodramas of 2017Be sure to view in order to replenish your cinematic card file.

New stories in modern melodrama

The theme of love was relevant at all times. No wonder that they try to display this wonderful feeling in many Russian films. Moreover, romance can be found even in those places where she has never been born.From this picture becomes more pleasant, vital and interesting. In the end, you get completely unique scenes, for which you want to watch all the time:

  • fantastic stories about couples who believe in various kinds of predictions and perform certain tasks of fate for the common good;
  • stories about families in which everything is very bad and they need to urgently raise the level of their welfare, both moral and spiritual;
  • topics about girls from provincial towns who decided to conquer the capital, and it is here that they find their true love.

At its core, melodramas are a good genre - they attract any viewer. Each of us wants to throw off his load of problems for a while and watch the life's vicissitudes of others. Believing in something good, one can hope that a real miracle will happen someday in real life.

Choose for yourself the perfect melodrama of 2017 and enjoy watching it, you can with the help of this article. We have collected the most interesting and enjoyable plots of Russian films that will amaze even the most sophisticated viewer.


good film melodrama

  • Producer:Vladimir Yanoschuk
  • Starring:Leonid Gromov, Anna Shepeleva, Margarita Shubina, Anna Mikhailovskaya

The story tells about the fate of a girl, Alexandra, who lived in herself and did not know grief until the moment when her parents got into a car accident. The girl was entrusted to her closest relatives - Uncle Kolya and Aunt Kate. But relatives do not burn at all with the desire to unnecessarily protect the girl, because they are aimed to seize her inheritance.

The girls constantly feels negative, directed at her and decides to leave her relatives. She goes to sea to surf his endless waters. During such a trip, Alexander is awaited by both sorrow and joy. Well, where without a wonderful feeling - love.


new russian melodramas

  • Producer:Vyacheslav Nikiforov
  • Starring:Lyubov Tolkalina, Daria Konyzheva, Maxim Vazhov, Christina Kurchenko, Anatoly Bely

The Morozov couple is rich and successful. They have an adorable daughter, Julia, in whom they don’t care for their time and money. During the passage of a planned medical examination, a happy family is faced with rather unpleasant and unexpected news - their daughter is not theirs at all! As it turned out, she is in no way genetically connected with them, which means that the girl has been replaced.

During the investigation it turns out that this situation occurred in the hospital due to the fault of the medical staff. Of course, the Morozovs decide to find their real daughter and go on the trail of the Mikhailovs. These simple people live poorly and cannot afford the excesses that the Morozs are used to. The latter are trying to establish close contact with their new daughter and at the same time develop a plan for her adoption.

In the area

list of Russian melodramas for 2017

  • Producer:Olga Zueva
  • Starring:Ilya Malanin, Elena Obolenskaya, Danila Kozlovsky, Andrey Amshinsky

Vladivostok is home to two bosom buddies - Vovan and Kisa. The guys are trying to find a good paying job, but fate does not want to be supportive of them. She throws up a small part-time job, which can not bring high incomes. From despair, the guys went to the local criminal boss and began to earn some money from him, completing various tasks.

And their first business was spying on the girl of the leader of a criminal gang. In the evenings, the guys beat off debts from those who once owed them to their boss. Soon, this kind of existence annoys Vovan, but he can do nothing, because he will substitute Kiu, whom he is satisfied with.

Love story

Russian film melodrama

  • Producer:Peter Todorovsky
  • Starring:Vilma Kutaviciute, Alexander Petrov

Seva Goryunov works as an ordinary taxi driver. He came to such a life not by vocation, but from despair and unfulfilled desires. Then one day his former classmate got into his car, in which he was in love with his youth. Masha Sokolova became even more beautiful and decided to build a path to well-being, using her beauty. She became a kept woman.

And she soon has a wedding in the picturesque city of Crimea. It was there that the girl decided to send by car Seva. Along the way, young people erupt long faded feelings and grow with even greater force.


Russian melodramas of 2017

  • Producer:Fedor Bodarchuk
  • Starring:Alexander Petrov, Irina Starshenbaum, Lyudmila Maksakova, Rinal Mukhametov

For the first time in the history of the cinematograph, Armageddon is advancing not to New York, but to Moscow. By accident, an unidentified flying object was shot down at Chertanovo. He fell in the very center and interested not only scientific researchers and the security service, but also ordinary residents.

True, they do not know what to expect from aliens: war or peaceful greeting. What expects Muscovites and how this story will end, you will find out after viewing the picture "Attraction".

About love-2

Russian melodramas

  • Producer:Pavel Ruminov, Natalia Merkulova, Evgeny Shelyakin
  • Starring:Anna Mikhalkova, Yury Kolokolnikov, Fedor Bondarchuk, Gosha Kutsenko

In the continuation of this fascinating film, the characters will again try to find out what are the main aspects of love. This phenomenon has remained unsolved for several centuries in a row is considered an incredibly strong and delightful feeling. The picture shows five married couples with whom absurd life situations occur, but only one thing unites them - love.


best russian melodramas

  • Producer:Alexander Kasatkin
  • Starring:Evgeny Sidikhin, Yakov Shamshin, Kirill Pletnev, Natalya Volkova, Yuri Itskov

The picture tells us the sad story of the lives of people during the terrible and tragic blockade of Leningrad. There is a dangerous laboratory in the city, where the most “predatory” viruses are stored that can carry many human lives. It is here that the enemy shell gets and destroys the premises with a poisonous container.

Save from the deadly virus can only frost, hit in Leningrad. During this time, the chief technician, together with his assistants, must eliminate the effects of the destruction and prevent an epidemic from developing.

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