Make the lighting bright

For the global functional imposed on the joint space, you should carefully consider all sorts of light scenarios. The complexity will pay off during the operation, and the latest innovations will help to save in the future: motion sensors, LEDs. If the quality of lighting is important for the working area, then the aesthetic component is also important for the dining room.

A beautiful chandelier or row of ceiling lights is positioned clearly above the dining table, regardless of the center of the ceiling. But additional lamps, when space permits, and especially height, for example, in a private house, may be present in the zone of the island, the bar counter. It is worthwhile to look at the owners of miniature spaces: chandeliers with transparent shades; perforated lampshades; fashionable shape of small balls.

LED contour lighting cabinet showcase, open shelves will help to present the dishes in a favorable light and create a pleasant evening atmosphere. The lack of natural lighting is easily compensated by artificial, but with the number of windows more difficult.

If only one window is obtained as a result of redevelopment, the following ideas will seem interesting, creative: A false window with a beautiful layout, with an opaque illuminated glass or a matte film. The wall of the kitchen zone: below is the lower tier of the kitchen unit, and on top imitation is a window frame with photo printing.

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