Magnetic storms in september 2018

According to scientific data, most people feel any changes in the geomagnetic environment of our planet. Therefore, in order to safely engage in a working rhythm after the summer holidays, they just need to know when there will be magnetic storms in September 2018. This is also due to the fact that unfavorable days may affect people's plans in the autumn period.


Why is the Earth's magnetic field changing

We know from school that there are constantly flashes of energy on the Sun. They cause the release into the surrounding space of a huge mass of charged particles. All of them, overcoming millions of kilometers, reach our planet. Probably, if our planet did not have a protective envelope in the form of the Earth’s magnetic field, we would hardly have to talk about life. Despite the fact that all living organisms are reliably protected from the harmful effects of cosmic radiation, protons, electrons and other charged particles still affect the geomagnetic environment of our planet.The tremendous force of the solar wind causes fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field, which negatively affects all life on our planet, including humans. Changes in the state of our containment are called magnetic storms. Depending on the flow of charged particles, magnetic oscillations have a different character.

Magnetic storms in september 2018

Varieties of magnetic disturbances

Magnetic storms are classified according to their impact on humans. They are:

  1. strong;
  2. average;
  3. the weak

Let's look at how each of these types of storms affects humans.

The first type is the greatest danger to humans. Almost all people on our planet feel these changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. True, this is expressed in different forms. For example, young, healthy people barely notice such magnetic changes. They may have a headache or excessive nervousness.

Older people feel this type of magnetic storm more strongly. Their pulse may increase, blood pressure may rise, mood will deteriorate, insomnia and anxiety may appear.

Middle-aged people in these moments can feel the heartbeat, exacerbation of chronic diseases of the heart and nervous system.

The greatest danger of strong magnetic storms are for the elderly, pregnant women and children. At this time there is a high probability of strokes, heart attacks and other diseases.

Medium magnetic storms cause similar symptoms, but not on such a scale. During this period, deterioration in general health can be observed, as well as anxiety. Health workers have noticed that during middle and strong storms, anxiety increases in people. Mood can change several times a day for no apparent reason. Suicides are also increasing.

Weak magnetic storms are not dangerous for most people. They are noticed mainly by people of a fine nervous organization. In the days of such storms, they may have a blues, an appetite for nothing and they will not find a place for themselves.

Magnetic storms in september 2018

Schedule by day and hour

Magnetic storms in September will be intermittent. At the beginning of the month there will be medium and strong oscillations of the Earth’s magnetic field. Then there will be some lull and meteo-dependent people can breathe easier. However, at the end of the month the geomagnetic situation will again become tense.Literally in the last days of the month, our magnetic shell will again with maximum force restrain the flow of electron particles moving from the Sun.

By day it will look like this:

01.09.18 – 10.09.18 Magnetic oscillations of average magnitude will be observed. People suffering from chronic diseases need to be alert. Necessary medicines should be on hand. These days it is worthwhile to protect oneself from emotional stresses, a great physical exertion. You also need to pay attention to your diet. It is required to eliminate heavy food from your diet and eat only natural food if possible.
 06.09.18 There will be a dangerous moment for hypertensive patients, the cores and all those who are not healthy. On this day you need to spend more time in the fresh air. In case of a sharp deterioration in health, an urgent need to consult a doctor. In an unfavorable period, you need to get enough sleep, maintain a healthy lifestyle and take care of yourself from a stressful situation.
10.09.18 – 26.09.18 The geomagnetic environment will be normal. Everyone will feel satisfactory.
26.09.18 There will be a strong magnetic storm. Elderly people and people suffering from chronic diseases should listen to their health. It is necessary to stock up with the necessary medicines and more rest.Relaxing procedures will not interfere either. You can take a soothing bath or listen to good quiet music. People suffering from nervous diseases need to restrain themselves emotionally.
27.09.18 – 30.09.18 The oscillations of the Earth’s magnetic field will be weak. These days, weather-dependent people can drink soothing teas and take herbal baths. You also need to keep your emotional state under control. If the situation becomes complicated, you can take medications of a sedative effect.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to say about the exact time of magnetic storms. Scientists have learned to make a more accurate prediction a few days before the onset of magnetic storms.

How to protect against changes in the magnetic field

Doctors and specialists in the study of magnetic storms believe that a person can minimize the consequences of changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. Knowing the date and time of magnetic storms, you can adjust your mode so as to give the maximum rest to the body on unfavorable days. On the eve of critical days should go to bed earlier. At the same time, if possible, be charged with optimism by watching a good movie or listening to pleasant music.

Sick people may, before the onset of critical days, carry out a set of preventive measures: drink a course of medications, carry out the procedures recommended by the doctor.

On days of magnetic disturbances, it is necessary to abandon heavy physical exertion. Eat only healthy foods and drink clean water and natural juices.

Also, those who are planning to get behind the wheel, you need to remember that during this period the situation on the roads will be very nervous and tense. You must be extremely careful and cautious. If possible, it is better to refuse to travel at all, including from business trips.

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