Magazine stand with their own hands

August 9, 2011
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Magazine stand with their own handsIn order to keep your periodicals in order, you can make a magazine holder with your own hands. In such stands, magazines can be sorted by year, by type of magazine or by their name, and besides, they will not rumple and tear, that is, they will last a long time. Also, these homemade magazines for magazines can serve as a separate element of the interior, because they can be decorated as you please and put in a prominent place so that magazines are always at hand. Well, once we have taken up the equipment of the workplace, the stand for the laptop will be more than ever.

This article presents two examples of the manufacture of decorative stands for a magazine, where ready-made cardboard or plywood coasters are used as the basis. You can either buy them in the store or make them yourself.

Magazine stand with leaf pattern

This beautiful stand in blue colors will decorate the student's desk and the shelf in the living room.A plywood stand for magazines was used as its basis (you can take one or fasten two or three pieces together), and the contours of leaves drawn in golden paint were used for decorating.

For the manufacture of this stand for magazines you will need: a plywood stand, acrylic paints of several shades of blue, foam sponge, brushes, golden paint in a can, beautiful leaves of plants and branches.

How to make a stand for magazines with a pattern of leaves

stand for newspapers and magazines

  1. We clean the surface of the plywood from roughness or irregularities, if any, and apply with a foam sponge (you can take a regular washcloth) dark blue acrylic paint. The surface in this painting technique goes shaded uneven, which is what we need.
  2. After the first layer has dried, apply a darker black-blue acrylic paint on the stand, trying to apply it not very tightly, leaving gaps of the previous color.
  3. Then we take a turquoise paint and pick it up on an almost dry foam sponge. We shade the edges and edges of the magazine stand with this color, and also add a few strokes with this color on the surface of the stand.
  4. Using a brush, apply golden paint on the wrong side of the selected leaves, trying to highlight streaks. Paint should be applied moderately, without surplus.
  5. We spread the composition of leaves and branches on the wide side surface of the stand and press the elements painted with golden paint, swiping fingers along the veins to transfer their contours. Leaves and branches should be partially imprinted on the surface of the stand.
  6. For greater expressiveness of the pattern, spray the surface of the stand with an aerosol golden stand, applying more paint around the outline of the leaves. We remove stencils-leaves and our stand is ready.

Magazine stand with vases

stand for newspapers and magazinesThis magazine stand is made quite simple, but, nevertheless, it looks very impressive, especially against the background of bright walls. In this example, the walls are painted bright scarlet. This color can not highlight the entire wall in the room, but only the working area.

To make a stand and decorate a working corner, you need: plywood stands for magazines (5 pieces in this example), acrylic lacquer, white aerosol and ordinary red acrylic paint, images of vases, cups, candelabra, etc.

How to make a stand with vases

  1. Select the working area one meter wide and paint it with red acrylic paint, this color will be well shaded by white magazines.
  2. We fasten plywood coasters to each other with special clips or clothespins so that the facades of the coasters fit snugly together during work.
  3. We paint magazines with white spray paint, trying to apply it evenly. If desired, you can paint in several layers.
  4. Cut out the selected patterns of the VAZ along the contour, trying to capture a little white background.
  5. The combined surface of the facades of coffee coasters is covered with a layer of varnish for a beautiful gloss effect. We glue on the vaz patterns on top and cover with another layer of lacquer to fix the pattern and gloss.
  6. After the varnish has dried, carefully place the pictures along the edges of the coasters and place them against the background of a bright red wall.

stand for newspapers and magazines

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