Macho and Botan 3 - 2019 film

  • Original project name: MiB 23 (but this is not the final version) [or just Jump Street 23]
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Premiere: May 17, 2019 (in the world) [with possible postponement of the release to a later date]
  • Genre: thriller, comedy, crime, fantasy (fiction will be in the case of a crossover with "Men in Black", although anything is possible without them)
  • Directors: Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (rumors)
  • Cast: John Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube, etc.

In 2019, the film “Macho and Botan 3” will be released, which, according to rumors, can easily unite on the big screen the lines of the heroes of this franchise that have already become popular with the spectators and no less charming “Men in Black”. The original name of the project is still ambiguous. It will probably be Jump Street 23.

However, there is such information: it will be called in the form of MiB 23. By the way, this is an excellent reason for Russian localizers to “show themselves in all their glory”. For example, they can come up with something like “Macho and both in black”. In a word, MiB.

Macho and nerd: Men in black

In 2012, the premiere of the comedy action movie "Macho and Botan".So translated into Russian the original name of the film company 21 Jump Street.

For Russia, this phrase is an empty sound, but for America, Jump Street, 21 is the cult series with which, in the distant past, the career of the still young, but already undoubtedly talented Johnny Depp began.

Johnny Depp

By the way, the immortal performer of the role of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise still appeared in the original Macho and Botan to the joy of the fans, which was a pleasant surprise not only for fans of the popular TV series of the late 90s, but also for those who until a certain point was not familiar with him.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller shifted the focus from drama to comedy. Their Jump Street, 21 was a uniquely successful project, followed immediately by the production of a sequel.

In the original, the continuation of perky action-comedy from the creators of the series “How I Met Your Mother” and the cartoon “Lego. The film was already called 22 Jump Street. In the Russian hire, the film is still released under the title "Macho and Botan 2".

Like the first part, the second one also showed itself to be a well done at the box office, but the immediate production process of the third, alas, did not follow it.

It is expected that by 2019 the expected film by many will still be released.The reason for such a long delay of 5 years lies in the following: producers would like to present something completely new to the public. And by this “new” they understand the release of the crossover (the concept in the movie, which means the combination of what seemed to be incompatible things) “Macho and Botana” and “Men in Black”.

Macho and nerd: Men in black

Plus, we should not forget that the actors in the person of John Hill and Channing Tatum are now in great demand, so they obviously can easily find something to do before the production process of the new part of one successful franchise starts.

What can I say? In general, the idea is great. If you stayed until the final credits of the second “Macho and Botan”, then you could see a great variety of different options for the development of further events in the franchise.

Therefore, taking into account the prevailing circumstances, the opportunity to unite undercover police officers on a big screen, trying to look younger than their years, and government agents fighting aliens on Earth, will obviously appeal to most viewers.

We also draw your attention to the fact that the development of the “Men in Black” themselves was also mentioned earlier. There, producers want to "update" the series.By “renewal” they understand the introduction of two agents into the company — Jay and Kay — the third — a charming female character.

The authors of the film project

The scenario for “Macho and Botan 3” will be written by Michael Bacall. To a wide circle of viewers, he is known more as an actor who starred in the films "Inglorious Bastards" and "Death Proof", as well as the cult western "Django Unchained."

To date, the director's chair of the project is empty. It is not known for certain whether Phil Lord and Christopher Miller will return to the production of the new “Macho and Botan” part, but everyone would very much like this. After their unsuccessful attempt to transform the fantastic action movie “Solo: Star Wars. Stories "in a perky comedy of cosmic proportions, if I may say so, they can tear themselves off to the fullest extent on the new full meter of Jump Street.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller

Note that after a premature exit from the solo film about Khan Solo (developing the Star Wars film universe), which became a surprise for many, the Lord Miller duet is completely free. But this is for now, because they can easily find a business soon if they want.But even if they ultimately do not become directors of 23 Jump Street, they will still need to perform production functions here, because it’s just impossible to look at someone’s treatment with your own child.

But it’s absolutely certain that any director on the set of Jump Street 23 will want to work with the actors in the face of Hill-Tatum tandem. Other candidates are not even discussed.


Macho and bot

So, taking into account all the information that we shared in the text earlier, we can safely assume all possible scenarios for the future, directly related to the Macho and Botan franchise.

It is expected that in the third film of the series they will return to their roles without fail:

  • Joni Hill ("The Wolf of Wall Street", "The Man Who Changed Everything", "Super Peppers")
  • Channing Tatum (“Step Forward”, “Side Effect”, “Luck Logan”, “Super Mike”, “Disgusting Eight”)
  • Ice Cube (“The Boys from the Street”, “Friday”, “The Three Kings”, “Joint Trip”, “The Hairdresser”, “The Battle of the Teachers”), well, where would it be without his person.

The creators slightly lifted the veil, sayingthat in the third franchise, Peter Stormare will surely appear, renowned for his role as the psychopathic killer in the criminal drama Fargo and the mob in the cult two-season serial Escape.

Will delight the audience and the appearance on the screen and Wyatt Russell, familiar to fans of the TV series "Black Mirror", "Crime and Punishment", "The Walking Dead".

If this is a crossover with "People in Black", then their companies will be:

  • Will Smith (“The Pursuit of Happyness,” “Seven Lives,” “I Am Legend,” “I, Robot,” “Removal Rules: The Hitch Method,” “Suicide Squad”)
  • Tommy Lee Jones ("The Fugitive", "The Old Men Have No Place", "John F. Kennedy: Shots in Dallas")
  • Josh Brolin (“The Old Men Are Not Here”, “Iron Grip”, “Killer”, “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Oldboy”).

By the way, Josh Brolin at one time was also involved in the production of the series “Jam Street 21”, which gave him one of his first film roles.

Story line

In the plot of the new part there will be only one - two completely opposite by nature police officers, who are essentially a burden to each other, must again perform a secret assignment, learning to rely and count on their partner.

If the situation requires it, Schmidt and Jenko will easily visit Moscow. Or go to space. Or become cooks. Or they can enroll in a medical college. Well, if they are met by agents Kay and Jay, then all four of them will have to immediately protect the Earth from a future alien invasion.

As the scriptwriters admit in the third part, the main characters will try on the role of medical college students. Their task is to pretend to be freshmen-razdolbayami seeking thrills in order to reach the suppliers of drugs and solve the crime of transporting prohibited drugs. The role of Greg and Morton is complicated by the fact that in addition to the main task, in parallel, they need to understand the structure of modern education, learn about the charms of the university, and, as always, find out interpersonal relations.

Let's hope that the new adventures of the main characters will be as comical as in the previous scenes.

Movie release date

The release date of the film "Macho and Botan 3" was set for May 17, 2019. The world premiere of the project is scheduled for this day, but it is likely that, in the end, the release will move to a later date.Let's see how things will be with this in the near future.

Will there be shows of this movie in 3D and IMAX formats? Everything is possible.

What do you think, what will be the name of the third “Macho and Bothana” in Russia? In the original, most likely, will be MiB 23.

Well, in the Russian hire a new action-comedy about two police officers working under cover will probably come out in the following manner: “MiB agents: Macho and Botan in black”. Or something like that. Call your own options, we will be very interested to hear your personal opinion.

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