Love horoscope for 2019 for all signs of the zodiac

Our life is full of surprises and surprises, and not always pleasant. It is not surprising that with the approach of the New Year, we all wonder what the next 12 months are preparing for us. We want to know at least a little bit about what to expect in all spheres of life, and especially on the love front.

The Yellow Pig, under the sign of which the year 2019 will pass, favors lovers, therefore it will help in every possible way those who are eager for relationships and want to start a family. In this article, we will introduce you to the love horoscope for all signs of the zodiac, so that you can better prepare for what awaits you in the future.


love horoscope 2019 aries

For Aries, 2019 will be quite successful in terms of relationships with the opposite sex. Representatives of the mark will feel the strength to charm anyone, so they can quickly win the location of the object of sympathy. For lonely Aries, the year 2019 will bring many opportunities to enter into a love affair, and for family ones, to strengthen and refresh feelings for a partner.

The only enemy of Aries will be their uneasy character.The tendency to distrust and jealousy will regularly spoil the mood, lead to quarrels and conflicts. Excessive hot temper and the habit of making decisions in the heat of the moment can destroy even a strong relationship. To avoid such an outcome, the stars advise to pacify their emotions and not to succumb to discontent.


Love horoscope Taurus on 2019

The main problem of Taurus in 2019 will be the uncertainty and excessive suspiciousness, which usually are not very characteristic of them. Due to constant doubts and waiting, representatives of the mark risk losing the opportunity to meet their soul mate, although there will be more than enough chances to do so. Family Taurus fluctuations in making a choice will lead to frequent petty quarrels with a partner.

In the coming year, Tauruses need to take more initiative and trust their intuition. In some cases, you should simply rely on luck and discard all doubts. Risking representatives of the sign will be able to make interesting acquaintances and enter into vivid relationships.


love horoscope 2019 twins

For Gemini, love relationships in 2019 will recede somewhat into the background. In the list of priorities, the first place will be the desire to realize their ambitions and move up the career ladder.Representatives of the sign will devote a lot of time to work, which may miss the opportunity to create a relationship.

Due to over-employment, both family and single Gemini will suffer. The former will spend too little time on households, which can lead to insults and quarrels. And idle simply will not have time to enter into a romantic relationship and even more so turn them into a serious relationship. Stars advise Gemini not to forget about rest and not to ignore their feelings.


love horoscope cancer 2019

As in the case of most signs, the Yellow Pig will send the Cancers more than one opportunity to meet an interesting member of the opposite sex, which may well be the second half. The main obstacle to the relationship will be closure: Cancers will be quite secretive and will not rush to reveal their feelings. Such an approach will not lead to anything good - a partner, tired of waiting for frankness and sincerity, will be angry and may even want to pause in a relationship.

To succeed on the love front, the stars recommend not to withdraw into themselves and often talk about their feelings. Do not be afraid to trust the second half, sincerity and openness in relationships is the best policy.

a lion

love horoscope lion 2019

Stars in 2019 will be very supportive of Lions.Representatives of the sign will be accompanied by good luck in all spheres of life, including love. Lonely Lions will be able to finally find a soul mate, and it will be found among long-familiar people. Well, those who are already in a strong relationship will have the opportunity to refresh their feelings and achieve harmony.

A fly in the ointment in such an optimistic picture can be made by the unwillingness to compromise and strive to prove everything right. To avoid conflicts, you should often give in to your partner and try to reach consensus on important issues.


love horoscope 2019 maiden

On Dev in 2019 a feeling of lightness and ease will descend. Usually quite modest and restrained, they will effortlessly get acquainted with the people they like and take the initiative. It will immediately bring its results: lonely Virgos will quickly be able to “twist” a bright romance, and, well, family - to bring a pleasant variety to established relationships.

However, the stars advise not to open too quickly to strangers and avoid casual relationships. In case of doubt in a new acquaintance, it is better to refuse further contacts with him. Listen to your intuition: it will not fail.


love horoscope scales 2019

The love horoscope for 2019 for Libra indicates that they will be captured by a real whirlpool of events connected with romantic relationships. Many new acquaintances will give the opportunity to find a loved one without much difficulty. Unmarried representatives of the mark will be able to start a family this year, and in the absence of such a desire, simply enter into easy but promising relationships.

Family Scales in 2019 will be engaged in the arrangement of comfortable life and the establishment of harmony with a partner. Year of the Yellow Pig is the best way to eliminate conflicts and forgive grievances that can not be ignored. The main ally of Libra will be the ability to concede and smooth sharp corners. But in this regard it is also important not to overdo it, because in some situations you will have to show strength of character.


horoscope love scorpion on 2019

Scorpions in the year of the Yellow Pig will feel a pleasant surge of strength and energy, which is enough to achieve success both at work and in personal life. Many representatives of the mark will have the opportunity to enter into an office romance with a colleague at work or even with someone from the higher managers. But the stars are not advised to be given to such a relationship, because the probability that they will turn into something more is too small.

For family Scorpions, the main difficulty will be life: they will be bored with monotony and will want to change. In such a situation it is important not to act rashly, but to consider the possibilities of how to diversify family life. Correct the situation will help a joint trip to rest.


love horoscope for 2019 archer

Streltsov in the coming year expects a temporary lull on the love front. All acquaintances will be either business, or nothing foreshadowing, which at some moments may lead lonely Sagittarius to the present despondency. But you should not force things and enter into unpromising relations, because this will only aggravate the situation.

The opportunity to really fall in love and even start a family will appear in the second half of the year. Representatives of the sign will get a chance to meet the other half and feel the whole range of pleasant emotions. Family Streltsy during this period will be able to take a fresh look at their partner and renew their feelings for him.


love horoscope ibex for 2019

To Capricorns, the stars will not be too supportive, at least at the beginning of the year. Because of hot temper and inability to find a compromise, family members of the mark can make many mistakes in relationships with a partner, and lonely ones can destroy only the feelings that have originated.The situation will be aggravated by the desire to correct the situation as soon as possible: haste will lead to new mistakes and unpleasant situations.

But the improvement will be just around the corner: by the summer of fortune, they will turn to face Capricorn and they will be able to adjust their personal lives. During this period, single representatives of the sign will have a chance to renew their previously broken relationships and finally feel harmony. Family Capricorns will also feel such a desired stability and tranquility.


love horoscope 2019 Aquarius

The horoscope for Aquarius indicates that in the coming year, representatives of this sign will feel a strong need for the attention of loved ones, and especially the second half. They will begin to demand proof of love on the part of the partner and his complete disposition. This can lead to quarrels and misunderstandings, because the second half will perceive this attitude as mistrust and jealousy. To correct the situation Aquarius will help romantic surprises and sincerity.

For single representatives of the mark, the year 2019 will not be very successful, because, because of too obvious a desire to enter into a relationship, they will scare the opposite sex. Stars advise to pacify their feelings and not customized events.As soon as you relax, everything will get better right away and you will meet the right person.


Love Horoscope Fish 2019

In 2019, Pisces will be embraced by the desire to achieve perfection in all spheres of life. They will begin to demand a lot from themselves and from the partner, constantly pointing out the shortcomings that need to be corrected. Frequent cavils and grievances will cause serious conflicts, and in some cases even break up.

To maintain harmony and not lose feelings, it is important to forgive the second half of minor errors and shortcomings. The stars recommend not trying to fix a partner, but accept him, and then he will want to change himself.

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