Love horoscope for 2018 by signs of the zodiac, by year of birth and by month for men and women from Vasilisa Volodina and Pavel Globa

on 25.12.2017

New Year comes with its aura. Every year, astrologers work on the horoscope to predict current events and tell people who were born on certain days their future fate. If you in life rely on horoscopes and want to find out what cooked 2018 in terms of love relationships - read our article.

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Love horoscope for 2018 for the sign of the zodiac Aries

This year, thanks to the influence of Venus, Aries will open up new opportunities in terms of transition of relations from the friendly to the love. But do not rush to report this to everyone until some time has passed.Since your zodiac sign tends to be hot-tempered, keep your mood in check. After all, the year of the Dog is the year in which emotions reign. You also need to curb their own, in order not to offend loved ones.

Also this year, do not be surprised if your second half will passively behave towards you. Aries sign is vital new impressions, so this passivity can easily infuriate you. We advise you to make efforts to freshen up relationships and control the emotional state, then soon everything will be fine.

In the Year of the Yellow Dog, relationships that have become meaningless need to be broken. If you are confident in the relationship - enjoy, suddenly something became alarming - discuss such a thing and part on a friendly note. And if difficulties arise in 2018, you will easily overcome them, because this year you will have tremendous support.


Love horoscope for 2018 for zodiac sign Taurus

2018 will charge you with a cheerful mood, you will often be in the spotlight. Taurus will be easy enough to achieve the desired, so do not dive headlong into the pool of love and passion.The main thing - control yourself, so as not to scare luck. Too much pushing on your part can push a loved one away. Listen to your intuition, she is your important assistant in the Year of the Dog.

Taurus can have an affair with a colleague, this relationship will have a pleasant continuation. Make a bet on revelation and honesty with your partner, then during the year you will not have aggravated situations.

Love horoscope for 2018 for the sign of the zodiac Gemini

In 2018, special changes for Gemini is not expected. You will win the heart of anyone in the Year of the Dog, because you will not see any obstacles in front of you. There are many chances to meet your soul mate in 2018, there will be a lot of acquaintances and meetings, but it’s unlikely that this relationship will last long. However, they will also end badly. In relations, Gemini will become responsible, perhaps they will decide on an important step - to register a marriage or to live in civilian life.

Some fans will be very intrusive, so you should prepare for the fact that you have to culturally reject too intrusive. As a conclusion - the year for Gemini will be very rich.

Love horoscope for 2018 for the sign of the zodiac Cancer

For Rakov, the year will begin quite passively. If this sign wants to make a variety in your life, you will have to act yourself. In 2018, nothing will fall from the sky. Determine the scope of contiguous interests with the possible passion, show that you are already ripe for a relationship.

If Cancer meets the chosen one this year, then the relationship will be warm. Many will decide on an official marriage. And those who think about children are on the right path - the children will be born smart and pretty.


Love horoscope for 2018 for the sign of the zodiac Leo

Leos should reduce their ardor in the year of the Dog. At home Lviv will be all stable in terms of relationships. And those who love love adventures and meetings with several passages at the same time may have problems. Loyalty must necessarily observe the entire current year, because his patron is also true. Powerful Lions can suddenly become sentimental. This will be particularly evident in the romantic relationship of those who are recently together. Although the Lions, who have long been in a relationship, can feel the full range of emotions on themselves.

For Lev, the main thing in 2018 is to be yourself, to be honest and reasonable.

Love horoscope for 2018 for Virgo zodiac sign

In 2018, the Virgos will divide into quiet and emotional. In the year of the Yellow Dog, the emotional Virgos radically change the image. This is what they will attract most of their fans. Many will find a half, which in turn will be to the Virgo for a long time and carefully look closely. Emotions will prevail, so be discreet and guided by reason.

Quiet Virgos will become homebody. They will be delicate in communication, rather modest. But it is precisely the modesty and simplicity that will stun the love partner. But do not dwell entirely on silence and peace, sometimes you can cheer up a little.

Be careful with relationships in which you will be hopelessly in love with someone, this person can take advantage of your feelings.

Love horoscope for 2018 for the sign of the zodiac Libra

The new year will bring you many acquaintances and pleasant emotions. But do not hope that every meeting can bring love for life. Weigh the pros and cons, do not build hasty conclusions and decisions, then everything will happen by itself. Love will give Libra improved performance and a huge charge of energy.Even if relations continue to fade away, take the opportunity to raise your spirit and enjoy life.

In the Year of the Yellow Dog expect a lot of confessions of love and attention to your own person. Wizards will be enough, no matter how I had to choose from several passions. Exposure Libra and balanced decisions will help to select the most worthy of the massive crowd of fans.


Love horoscope for 2018 for the zodiac sign Scorpio

Scorpios know love. With a new partner or even with an old one, because in 2018 it is likely that the old passion will want to renew the relationship. Here the choice will be for Scorpio. If you decide to start a new relationship, in no case do not try to build them the same way as the old ones. Let the past be in the past. We also recommend keeping your emotions in check. Jealousy and accusations end in a breakup of relationships and long-term resentment.

Year for Scorpios will be difficult, the struggle of emotions with common sense. But in general, 2018 will be promising, even a change in the life situation is possible.

Love horoscope for 2018 for Sagittarius zodiac sign

All the secrets hidden from a loved one in early 2018, will emerge out.Do not try to conceal anything from your loved one and lie to him - you will fall for the scandal. From the middle of the year, Sagittarius will be the center of attention, you will be noticed by those who have not even looked in your direction before. A period of well-established relations with the opposite sex will begin; attention will not be deprived of Sagittarius precisely. There may be an unforeseen problem - at the same time new admirers and old passions will start striving for you.

In the Year of the Dogs, it’s quite realistic to support unmarried friends and mix them with your boyfriends rejected by you.

Love horoscope for 2018 for Capricorn zodiac sign

To attract love, Capricorn will have to act on its own. No need to sit, you need to declare yourself, show the best side. Such behavior will help not to miss the important person in your life. Take care of yourself: sports, personal development, changes in appearance. If Capricorn falls in love with itself, the rest will like it. Be careful with the opposite sex. Do not play on emotions and do not check feelings.

Capricorns are awaiting a cycle of relationships that will end quickly, but an important person will appear in this circle, you should not lose it.Perhaps it will even be a friendship that will eventually grow into love.

Love horoscope for 2018 for the sign of the zodiac Aquarius

In 2018 a person will appear in the life of Aquarius who will be ready for anything for their sake. Do not be scared, just think carefully about everything. With the chosen one, you will not be mistaken, because the Aquarius perfectly see the inner world of a person and choose no longer according to their clothes, but according to their minds. If Aquarius is in love and can hold this feeling for as long as possible, then in other spheres he will be lucky.

Having met your one and only, you need not to hurry with the wedding, and wait a bit more and check the relationship.


Love horoscope for 2018 for Pisces zodiac sign

From the beginning to the middle of 2018 Pisce expects a lot of bright meetings and tumultuous novels. Just do not wear rose-colored glasses and idealize your partner, take a closer look at him. Some couples do not avoid conflicts and claims to each other. Postpone the clarification of relationships and try to cool down to make decisions with a fresh mind.

Pisces is more likely to get to know their chosen one on the road, so travel more.

Love horoscope 2018 by year of birth

  1. Born in a yearRatsIt takes a lot of effort to improve your personal life. Year of the Dog for them will be quite difficult and poor in terms of romantic relationships. If you manage to have an affair with a person of the opposite sex, the relationship can bring both joy and disappointment. If this sign has formed a permanent partner since last year, then this year everything will be stable with you. In the relationship will zest and new sensations. This year Rats will test for strength, so you need to be charged with a positive attitude and faith in good.
  2. The beginning of 2018 will giveThe bullapathy and loneliness. It is worth taking a wait and see attitude in other areas of life. In the middle of the year, the Bulls are waiting for a romantic meeting. If the Bull in the Year of the Dog enters with a regular partner, then be careful with family friends, as they can provoke an unpleasant situation. Often repeat the second half that you appreciate it and keep your shared secrets with you.
  3. Year of the Yellow Dog will bringTigersunderstanding and appeasement. Enjoy the comfort of home and live life without haste.Old relationships will bring you support and regulate spiritual balance. In lonely Tigers the probability of meeting love for life is negligible. If you manage to build relationships in 2018, do everything without haste and show your best qualities.
  4. Rabbit2018 promises pacified life and harmony in relationships. Rabbits, who are in relationships, in the year of the Dogs will live in harmony with each other, they will practically have no quarrels and showdown. Those who have not yet met their fate, will receive favorable conditions for dating and meetings. Do not bring friends to the fore in 2018, and a romantic getaway for two will be an ideal option to strengthen relationships.
  5. LonelyDragonsin the year of the Dog will not be easy. Many dates will be knocked out of a rut, and relatives and friends will be bothered by attempts to mix with another possible partner. Dragons with a regular partner will have to fight to keep romance in relationships.
  6. Snakeyear foreshadows be stormy. Family Snakes and having a permanent relationship will often make trouble and feel the tense atmosphere between themselves and their partner.For lonely Snakes will show increased interest, but often the relationship this sign will be disappointing. A close interest will also be shown by people already in a relationship, so check your elects well.
  7. Horsewill begin the year 2018 with the motto "everything is in your hands." How exactly the relationship will develop depends only on the representative of this sign. Trust your loved ones, control emotions, do not be afraid of new acquaintances. In the Year of the Dog, your destiny depends on you.
  8. HaveGoatsYear of the Dog will be filled with harmonious relationships and great love. Both single and family awards are expected, fans, a flurry of emotions. Goats will be ready for anything for the sake of a loved one, even for very courageous deeds. Do not stoop to short intrigues, because this year will bring you true love.
  9. FamilyMonkeyyou should think more about your partner than about yourself. Otherwise, you can run into a quarrel. Often be with your family, show increased interest to the partner. A lonely year of 2018 promises only a small affair. They will be bright, but there is almost no chance to meet a decent partner. Do not fill your head with a negative, just be patient and enjoy what you have.
  10. Roosterdo not wait for drastic changes. He will be all stable.Family Rooster will fully plunge into the homely atmosphere of family comfort. Do not flirt and do not give reasons for jealousy, it will break the family idyll. Lonely representatives of the sign Rooster stars recommend to go more often to visit and to events. This is the only way you can meet a life partner. The second half will be well-read and inquisitive.
  11. HaveDogsin private life will be a wonderful period. Family people will want to improve their home or move to a better apartment. Relationship with the family will be warm and gullible. Dogs without a half will get acquainted with extraordinary people. They too will find the person, but relations should be achieved. The partner will be a faithful and pleasant person.
  12. Old romantic relationshipPigswill give a leap in development. It will be possible to build strong relationships, if negative emotions succeed in curbing. In controversial issues it is better to engage in dialogue and calmly discuss everything. Lonely Pigs need to listen to themselves. If you do not want to start a relationship - switch attention to work and a hobby. Do you want romance? Act!


Love horoscope 2018 for months for men and women

  • Januarypromises bright meetings.The chosen one will be not only a great lover, but also a wonderful friend. Those who like to flirt better this month to curb their quality. Be discreet and compliant, trust your partner more. Be bold in words and deeds, this will charm your soul mate. Add to the life of the positive - go with a chosen one on a hike, organize a small holiday.
  • February- the month when there will be reciprocity and love. This is a period of new acquaintances, unforgettable meetings, bright feelings. Women are not recommended to be too intrusive - you will frighten a lover. Men, on the contrary, should be persistent. In February, some of the opposite sex will disappoint you, others will change your point of view in a positive way. Do not renew the faded relationship and avoid love adventures.
  • Marchrich in office romance. Men should not be too serious about such novels, or the boss will quickly find a replacement. Women should take care of their reputation and make sure that your colleague does not embarrass you. Do not go on dates indiscriminately, look for more suitable partners.
  • Aprilagainst frivolous love.In terms of relationships, everything will succeed only for couples who are serious. Women are not recommended to make dating online. Men business trips promise a meeting with the second half. In April, share the concepts of home-work. Do not come home with a bad mood, but to work with thoughts about the house.


  • Maypromises dating in unexpected places. Successful relationships are likely to end the wedding. Men are advised not to be silent about feelings, but to be recognized personally or publicly. Women should stock up on self-control and curb the ardor.
  • June- month straightforward. If you are tired of the old relationship - tear them. Not satisfied with anything in the current - discuss the situation. Women will have a lot of fans, the choice will be difficult, because they will meet smart and beautiful. Men will meet their beloved and unique. This will encourage them to change the life situation. Men will become more determined and assertive.
  • Julywill present office romance and intrigue. Women need to go on dates, receive gifts. Men should take a closer look at the chosen ones, removing gossips and schemers from the entourage. It is not necessary to sort things out in public and become the instigator of disputes.In 2018, you should behave culturally and carefully.
  • Augustwill bring a lot of romantic dates. By the middle of the month both women and men can fall in love with a mercantile and cunning person. Be careful in relationships, because there will be a lot of fans, but there are few really good people among them. At the end of the month, you may be offered to meet someone with whom you have long been familiar. Confirm your feelings before giving an answer.


  • Septemberwill be full of dates, and even if you are not confident in the person, do not refuse to meet. Perhaps, having learned it better, you will understand that this is your future partner in life. In September 2018, men will have to risk for women. And women pay more attention to men and listen to the end.
  • Octoberwill be straightforward. Women need to deal with their fans and delete from the life of the extra. Men in October should devote time to internal personality development. If you meet a dream girl, do not rush to live together. Extend the romance in your relationship and stretch the candy-bouquet period.
  • Novembermake you work hard to remove the minuses in your character.This is the only way to attract a soul mate in November.November 7 should refrain from dating and weddingsThis is not the right day for such events. Both men and women horoscope advises to diversify the sexual life and tell each other your desires.
  • Decemberneed to be filled with romantic walks in the park and going to the movies. A woman can not keep a man in a tight rein. Let him have time for himself and personal space. A man should give a woman more help. Unload your soul mate physically, and she will flourish emotionally. Warmth in relationships and control of emotions is the key to success in relationships in December.


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Love horoscope for 2018 from Paul Globa

  • ForAries2018 will be the year of solving problems and troubles. It will be necessary to make decisions that will determine the fate of a loved one in your life. Thanks to his stubbornness, Aries will achieve a lot in the field of love.
  • Taurusshould not be too deep into the affairs of love, it is better to pay attention to the career. Only by cultivating themselves can they attract the opposite sex.
  • Twinsradically change their habits and image.They expect a lot of dates and dating in 2018.
  • Cancermust analyze past mistakes in a relationship, so that in 2018 we must take a responsible approach to choosing a partner.
  • a lionwill be very lucky in love affairs. New acquaintances will grow into a long relationship.
  • Virgocordial relationships will bring both ups and downs. But the true love of the Virgin in 2018 will be found.
  • Librayou need to be extremely careful when choosing a partner. You should not be guided by the inner voice, it is better to connect the logic. Only through well-considered and well-considered decisions will Libra connect fate with a worthy candidate.
  • Scorpionsexpect difficulty in love, but stepping over them, you can achieve a good result in the love sphere.
  • ForStreltsov2018 - it's time to arrange on a personal front. The year is fruitful enough to start a romantic relationship and strengthen old ties.
  • Capricornsexpecting good prospects in terms of relationships. Everything will depend on the desire and perseverance of Capricorn.
  • Aquariuswill devote 2018 year of love and family. It is in this area that they will feel support. This sign is well able to prioritize, so it will achieve a lot in the family and love field.
  • Fishthey will change their usual attitude, they will make the year reflect on the future and devote 2018 to adjusting personal life. They will find support among loved ones and get to know the right people.


Most representatives of the Zodiac 2018 will bring good luck in love. Remember that the dog is a true friend and does not tolerate deception. Refrain in the Year of the Yellow Dog from lying and cheating and everything will go like clockwork. And if you do not find love, you will most likely get true friends, and in the future, friendships can turn into serious romantic ones.

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