Kitchens from the massif of a tree

January 28, 2018

At the moment, the owners of apartments buying kitchen furniture, are repelled from the following parameters: cost, design, practicality, ergonomics. Each type will have its pros and cons, but there is always an ideal option, which is equal to the choice - the kitchen, made of natural wood. Exquisite and practical option that will not only please the eye, but also give the room a calm and harmonious atmosphere.

Kitchens from the massif of a treeKitchens from the massif of a tree

If we compare furniture for a kitchen, wood products have a number of advantages, while at the same time they have practically no drawbacks, which puts such products in the first place. Of course, natural material does not tolerate high humidity, temperature and has a low resistance to damage.

However, modern technologies continue to develop, in connection with which special protective impregnations have been developed, after treating with massive wood, it is possible to forget about its damage. Now she is not afraid of any temperature, no damage, no chemistry.The main thing - to use quality material and from time to time to care for the product. At the moment, the cost of such products is not small, but if you purchase it, you will forget about all the other options. If you wish, you always have the opportunity to change the appearance of the kitchen, replacing the furniture, but not at all for the reason that the furniture made of solid wood will deteriorate.

Now on the market there are many proposals that are becoming increasingly popular. The tree is a classic and habitual version, therefore we will consider the peculiarities of varieties and their relevance.

Solid oak

By the way, products made of this breed of wood installed in your house symbolize stability and reliability. The forms of such furniture are massive and heavy, but this does not prevent it from organically fitting into the kitchen space. The material is processed in factories thanks to modern technologies, as well as to the painstaking work of designers, therefore, in the end, you get reliable and durable furniture.

Oak in furniture production has been used for a long time, and it belongs to prestigious and durable materials. Most buyers pay attention to the performance characteristics, which, by the way, this wood grade can boast.By the way, products made from this material are different color heterogeneity, over time the kitchen will darken, making the room aristocratic.

Solid pine

Choosing a pine array as a material for the kitchen, you will get a stable and noble option. The kitchen room is a place where there are a lot of harmful factors for natural materials, but they will not interfere with solid pine kitchen, because it is protected by high-quality antiseptics and various impregnations. Such kitchens are gaining more and more popularity, since their cost is not overstated, and at the same time, they possess remarkable characteristics and features of their design. Manufacturers are also interested in these materials, because if there is a demand for it, then it makes sense to deal with them.

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