Jabot is a stylish accessory

"Jabo" is a word of French origin,it is translated literally as a bird's struma (jabot). In this article, we'll look at the kinds of jabos and their role in the wardrobe. Let's talk about the materials from which you can make this accessory.

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A small historical reference

In the modern dictionarythe meaning of the word "jabot"has several similar wordings. Initially, they called fashionable lace frills on the collar of a man's shirt back in the 17th-18th centuries. Snow-white lush folds eloquently testified that their carrier is a person with a high status, leading a public lifestyle and loving luxurious celebrations.

Soon, a spectacular thing was puteyes and ladies. For example, the toad was widely spread among the court maid of honor Catherine II. At the end of the XIX century, the toad took a strong position in the women's wardrobe. It is noteworthy that until this time, women's clothing, as a rule, was fastened at the back, so the toad was worn over it for decorative purposes. Now the accessory has lost its autonomy, turning into a series of frills sewn to the front bar.

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Jabot in high fashion

Designers of the twentieth century could not pay attention tolike accessory. In the middle of the last century, it was believed that the frill is only an output accessory, and even then not for every woman. His ornate decorativeness has already become obsolete, but has not yet turned into a vintage. By the end of the century, the fashion world had changed its attitude towards jabot a little. ZHivanshi, Dior, Galliano, Nina Ricci and many other masters repeatedly brought to the podium of models in magnificent ruffles under the chin. ASOS this fall pampered buyers with a whole series of ironic-gothic jabots, made specifically for Helouin. Most of them, by the way, are completely wearable in everyday life.

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In a romantic style

Today lovers of sophisticated dresses complementmagnificent dresses ruffles and business suits. When making a choice in favor of such a decision, observe moderation in detail: the more magnificent the decoration on the chest, the more restrained should be the remaining elements of the costume. For example, richly trimmed with lace and beads, the strap will perfectly blend in with a laconic blouse in tone and a pencil skirt. Complement the image of seductive shoes on a high slender stiletto.

Steam Punk

Fans of the fucking stim-punk also have where to go for a walk. Jabot - this is not only an element of the decor of a blouse or dress, but also a removable accessory. It can be worn with a variety of outfits.

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Unusually and effectively look fashionable now toad from dense fabrics: tweed, cotton, wool. The model can be symmetrical or have a whimsical irregular shape.

The word about the materials

Speaking of what jabbo is, it is worth mentioningabout ornaments. Designers today offer unusual accessories from beads, soutache, feathers, jewelry wire and stones, leather. In the company with a toad, mittens or bracelets often appear in the same style. But with volumetric earrings is hardly worth experimenting: a large grouping looks like an overload.

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With your own hands

If you have at least a little skill in knitting or sewing, try to take matters into your own hands. Jabot is not such a difficult task.

There are two ways. The first is easier - it is to decorate the finished blouse or dress with lace. Form the tailings of the desired splendor, pin with the pins to the bar. Choose suitable buttons, beads or other decorations, contrasting or in tune. Tune in to clothes.

You can make and a separate accessory, having adjusted the decor on the yoke with the fastener. In this case, you can wear a jabot with any outfit.

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