Interior in indian style

May 22, 2018
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To create an eco-friendly interior in Indian style, it is enough to use natural materials, including wood, stone, ivory. The color palette is distinguished by saturation, nobility of shades, variety of textures, selected within reasonable limits. The main thing is not to clutter the room with furniture, which should be compact.

Interior in indian style

For decorating chest of drawers in Indian style suitable lattice made of wood. Walls and furniture can be decorated with various objects with embroidery of beads, ivory figurines, lacquered caskets, candelabra. Here you can find various patterns for artistic beadwork on various motifs. The decoration is ideal to use figurines of Indian elephants, plates and vases with paintings, as well as bottles and paintings of small sizes.

Интерьер в индийском стиле

Choice of shades and furniture

Cream color that is present in the interior, it is easy to combine with brown and white. The Indian style is characterized by orange and red colors, in harmony with beige, sand or gray. Too luxurious and rich elements of decor in Indian style is better not to use.

Handmade furniture will make the design cozy. You can make it out of bamboo, cane, teak. The following techniques and methods are suitable for interior decoration of rooms:

• painting;

• thread;

• inlaid with mother of pearl;

• stained glass windows.

Small pieces of coffee, low stools with thick legs, wide sofas with low backs, and high, but not wide dressers are suitable as furniture items. Furniture decoration elements can be made in the form of animal heads. Indian-style décor often includes elements borrowed from the ancient Greeks, but the religious practices of India take the lead. Moments from the life of the Buddha in the pictures - this is the main story in the design of the walls.

Colorful design in Indian style can be done with the help of textiles with rich colors. To do this, it is enough to choose natural materials that have a rich color. Textile suitable for zaveshivaniya doorways and windows, furniture cover. The massive bed should be low, it can be covered with a canopy.

For decorating rooms in Indian style, fabrics with a soft texture of summer shades are most suited:

• velvet;

• silk;

• atlas;

• brocade;

• cotton.

Интерьер в индийском стиле

Decor items must be handmade, which involves many nuances and subtleties. The decorative elements include statues of deities, ceramics, including vases, jugs, bowls, bowls, with ethnic design. Candle holders with forging elements, hookahs, mirrors with carved frames allow decorating the interior.

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