Ideas for the garden: photos, flower beds and flower beds

Ideas for the garden: photos of original flower beds and flower beds. For residents of country houses, spring is a special time when you can embody the mostbold ideasby turning the world around you intomagic gardenexuberantflower bedor an unusual park. By investing your love and work, you will certainly enjoy further rest in your garden. It will be pleasant to please the eye andflower beds in the yardprivate house: photo picturesque options promptideasfor the upcoming season.


Designmetal flower bedmade in the shape of a bicycle

Ideas for flower beds in the yard of a private house

It is difficult to imagine a modern beautiful country house on which flowers do not grow.Flower bedsand front gardens bring residents joy with their appearance and flavor.

Flower beds, created by professional gardeners and landscape designers, sometimes simply amaze the imagination. Intricate compositions and bright combinations of unusual colors captivate at first sight. If you are new to gardening and independentarrangement of flower beds- occupation for you new, refuse excessively difficult compositions.


Bright flower bedin the courtyard of a country house

Split flower bedIt is a troublesome business that takes time and certain knowledge. Therefore, for the first time it will be better to set ourselves an achievable task and gradually go towards its implementation. Over time, gaining experience, you can create your own uniqueflower bedwhich will be the subject of your joy and pride.


Flower bedsdecorate the facade and entrance group of the cottage

Types of flower beds and flower beds: photos of interesting ideas

By way of arrangement andflower beddivided into several main types:

  • mixborders -mixed beds, free form and width. This is usually a flower-lined strip along a hedge, wall of a house or garden path;
  • modular flower beds- A more complex type of flower garden design, which includes not only plants, but also decorative paving and small architectural forms;


Clay jugs can be the basis of an unusual flower arrangement.

  • soliter - flowerbed, on which all plants have some common feature: color, height, foliage shape. Usually suchflower bedplaced separately - in a place where it will be clearly visible;
  • border - flowerbed-band width not more than 50 cm. Planted in suchflower bedssmall dense growing flowers. It is good to use curbs to separate some of the elementsflower bedsfrom others;
  • Rockaria is a harmonious combination of stones and plants in a flower garden. You can find a simpler name suchflower beds- stone garden;


Mixborder of flowers of different heights, decorating the fence

  • Rabatka - low long bed with flowers. It is rarely used by itself, more often as a component of a large flower bed;
  • rock garden -flower bedThe basis of which are plants of alpine and subalpine flora.

Creating a flower bed in the garden: photo ideas and tips

The subtleties of gardening weight. Internet resources are full of user advice on how to properly prepare the soil, select and plant flowers, originalmake a flower bed. Step by step we consider all the necessary steps to prepare the future flower garden.


Climbing plants and flowers in the flowerpots are elements of the canopy decoration attached to the house

1. Choose a place for a bed in the garden

Almost all (with rare exceptions) flowers, which are usually grown in flower beds, sun-loving. From this it is obvious that the place is better to choose the sun and preferably without drafts.

If lawn grass grows on the plot of your choice, it must first be removed. If in this place is open ground - it is enough to clean it, removing all weeds with a root.


Various location optionsround flower bed

Helpful advice!It is very easy to get rid of turf with a shovel. Just cut it into small pieces and remove it with a shovel.

2. Determine the type of soil for the flower bed

With effort and imagination, you canbreak floweron virtually any site with any soil. Excessively heavy clay soil can be improved with sand. You can add stone flour or clay soil to too light soil. Also an excellent fertilizer for any type of soil is compost. It significantly improves fertility, structure, air exchange and moisture return. Peat can be used for the same purpose.


Proper selection of plants will allow you to createbeautiful flower gardenregardless of the type of soil

3. Loosening the soil in the flower garden

In order to evenly distribute the added additives and at the same time fill the soil with oxygen, it is necessary to dig up the soil using garden forks to a depth of about 25 cm. Thus, the most favorable conditions for the development of the root color system are created.


Important stageflower beds- soil preparation for planting

The best time to complete all stages is spring. It is always better to start work with simple actions, such as preparing the soil. As you complete these simple steps, you will have time to think about how yourflower bedin future. It will also help to take into account all the nuances of the soil and terrain, which is necessary for the correct selection of plants.

Fill the flower garden in the garden: photos of common types of flowers

To begin, consider the differences between them.plants for flower beds. First, they can be annual or perennial, that is, the period of their growth can be one or several seasons. Secondly, plants can be flowering or non-flowering.


Flowerbed schemefrom perennials blooming in the first year: 1 - Pleniflora stock-rose of different colors; 2 - ten-sunflower sunflower; 3 - Mack Icelandic; 4 - St. John's wort "Hidcote"; 5 - cardinal lobelia; 6 - cattery "Nepeta faassenii"; 7 - Pozharsky bell; 8 - katananhe "Blue Cupid"; 9 - long-term gravilat; 10 - Sedum prominent; 11 - geyhera hybrid "Miracle"

The best option is consideredmixed beds. The combination of different colors among themselves gives a more diverse palette.The disadvantage of using only annual plants can be called the need to start all over again every year. With perennial flowers, on the contrary, an established viewflower bedsmay eventually get bored. Better if the outlinesflower bedswill be saved, but you will be able to change its content over and over again depending on your own desire.


ATflower beddifferent types of flowers are combined

Perennial flowers are divided into three types:

  • labor intensive;
  • moderately labor intensive;
  • unpretentious.

It is obvious that absolutely all flowers from the category of unpretentious are suitable for beginners or not-so-experienced summer residents. Consider what flowers belong to each type.

Unpretentious flowers are not capricious and does not require special conditions for growth. They are able to survive with a significant lack of lighting, moisture and nutritional value of the soil. Various diseases and pests will not cause them any special harm. Moreover, such plants can grow for many years in one place without transplanting and endure cold cold.

Flower bed, created by hand with the use of such flowers, requires minimal attention - to water the plants in drought and process in spring.There are a lot of such unpretentious and beautiful flowers: geranium, musky mallow, gentian, poppies, goldenrod, aconite, brunner and many more.

Moderately labor-intensive flowers - those that do not require special care, but whimsical to the environment. This group includes plants that require periodic transplantation (once every 2-3 years). These include: carnation, iris, sage, cornflower, bell, echinacea, arabis, etc.


Echinacea is resistant to adverse conditions and has a spectacular appearance.

A group of labor-intensive flowers is subject only to experienced gardeners, who can practice their garden daily. Such plants are very vulnerable and are afraid of pests, diseases and cold. Moreover, complex agrotechnology is necessary for their care. Practically all bulbous flowers belong to such troubles: lilies, hyacinths, chrysanthemums, roses, begonias, an enotera.

Helpful advice!To make aflower bedvariety, you can add pots to it or flowerpots with ornamental plants. It will add a special charm toyour flower garden.


The rose garden will be a real decoration of the garden

Will helpto diversify the flower bedadditional decorative objects.For example, from a natural stone, wood, glass and even plastic you can lay out a small fence. Garden decorations, sculptures made of concrete and home-made elements also do not become redundant inflower garden.

Planted plants in the garden: flower beds

For most of the plants, especially perennials, planting seedlings is preferable. Observing a number of simple rules of planting such flowers, you can not worry whether they will take root in yourflower garden.


1. Water the seedlings with water so that the soil is saturated with moisture. After 15 minutes, remove the plant from the pot, taking care not to damage the root system.

Before transplanting seedlings into the ground, pour water on it and leave it for a short time so that the soil is saturated with moisture. Sufficient moisture earthen coma - a very important point for a successful planting.

With great care we remove the seedlings from the pots. In this case, it is always necessary to give preference to the integrity of the root system of the plant, and in case of any difficulty in removing the earthy coma, without any regrets, cut the plastic pots.


2. Prepare wells for each plant. The flower should be placed in the hole so that the edges of the earthy coma are flush with the soil surface.

Then we dig holes - separate for each plant. We try to loosen the soil at the bottom of the hole. Put the earthen room in the recess so that its edges are flush with the surface of the earth. All the free space around the root system is covered with earth and lightly tamped down.

Helpful advice!Before you plant a plant in the ground, it is worth a little to straighten the densely intertwining roots of flowers. You can do it by hand.


3. Empty the space around the root system with earth and lightly tamp. Remember that the first time after planting the plants need more frequent watering.

After planting seedlingsflower bedmust be watered every day so that the plants take root Then you can switch to a free schedule, which depends on the weather conditions and the needs of your chosen colors.

Making your own flowerbeds: photos of interesting decisions

In order toyour flower bedbecame a real decoration of the site, you need to think about how the flowers will be arranged. The most winning option is to create a background and color spots on it. Perennial plants with not very bright flowers, but with beautiful leaves are great as a background.Including it is possible to use grassy, ​​coniferous plants and small bushes. For color accents better suited bright annual flowers.

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