Ice Town Perm 2019

Before the New Year holidays, localities begin to prepare for mass celebrations of residents and guests. As a rule, it is decoration of streets, parks and squares. Particular attention is paid to the installation of installations of ice. Among the most famous objects of ice sculpture is the Ice Town in Perm. The year 2019 will also delight with the traditional colorful spectacle.


Feature of the ice complex

Perm has extensive experience in organizing such events. Ice compositions are created every year and not only in the central part of the city. True, the main ice complex is of the greatest interest. It is considered one of the most significant in all of Russia. Its area is over three and a half hectares. Its organization takes up to two thousand cubic meters of ice annually. The ice town of Perm is currently ranked third among similar facilities in Russia after Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.

Ice Town Perm 2019

Each year the ice facility is dedicated to the most important event of the coming year, for example, last year it was dedicated to the World Cup.Ice compositions were dedicated to the countries where this sporting event was ever held.

2019 is dedicated to culture and theater and the fastest ice camp in 2019 is the year of the theater in the Russian Federation. While the idea of ​​the ice structure is kept secret. Although there is no doubt that the organizers in 2019 will create something large-scale and colorful. Moreover, the theme of the year gives room for imagination.

Usually in the organization of the ice facilities are busy people of different professions. Make a contribution:

  • architects;
  • sculptors;
  • designers;
  • engineers;
  • builders.

The project concept is usually handled by L. Kamensky, who is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Let's hope that in 2019 there will be no less than last year’s ice objects and slides. Recent facilities especially like kids. Also liked ice sculptures:

  • "Whale";
  • "Snail";
  • "The Tree of Life";
  • "Penguins" and others.

It seems that in 2019 new interesting creations will be added to these ice objects. It would not hurt to repeat last year’s experience with ice traps: “Lotos” and “Turtles” and the maze “Edelweiss”.It will be appropriate and the observation deck, which is so loved by visitors in 2018.

It is hoped that masters from other countries will take part in the construction of ice art objects. Recall that last year artists from fourteen countries showed their skills.

The town is scheduled to open on December 30, 188, so that residents and guests of Perm can spend New Year's Eve here.

You can get to the territory of the town from Petropavlovskaya Street, as well as Popov and Lenin.

In front of the city theater will open a huge ice rink, whose area will reach 2500 square meters. Here they organize a playground for children and adults. Entry for those who have their own skates will be free. The skating rink will decorate a real fir-tree, which will be decorated with all sorts of toys and garlands. Near the rink will also place a number of ice figures. They are well suited for the New Year selfie.

Next to the rink will build a huge hill. With it can slip anyone. Equipment rental is organized here.

Also nearby will open the New Year's Fair, where you can buy various goodies and souvenirs.

Ice Town Perm 2019

What will be interesting ice town 2019

During the New Year's Eve a large festive program will take place on the territory of the ice town. Folklore groups of Perm and the region will take part in it.At midnight and at the end of the celebration, exciting fireworks are planned.

During the Christmas holidays, Santa Claus Reception will open here. Not one event will not take place without him. Children will be especially pleased. After all, every child wants to see with his own eyes a fairytale hero and his granddaughter, the Snow Maiden. Guests of the town will be able to dance and take a picture with him. Kids will receive a gift from grandfather, and he will try to fulfill any desires for them.

On the third of January the “Cup of Fire” festival will open. Representatives of different cities of Russia will show their fiery performances.

Similar shows will also take place in:

02.01.19 garden them. Sverdlov
03.01.19 park them. Chekhov
05.01.19 garden them. Mindovsky
07.01.19 near the club "Jubilee"

All sorts of master classes will be held on the territory of the rink. All who wish:

  • learn how to play hockey;
  • learn short track;
  • will be devoted to the subtleties of figure skating;
  • try your hand at curling;
  • learn elements of speed skating.

On the territory of the town will hold various sports competitions. An exciting game of hockey in boots. Also, everyone will be able to participate in competitions in throws in the snowballs. The winner is waiting for a unique prize.Guests of the town will play huge chess right on the ice.

In addition, every day until 01/08/1919 there will be a light show on the theme of P. Bazhov's fairy tales. The venue of the event will be the city embankment. During the New Year holidays, the show will be at seven, eight and nine in the evening. After the holidays, the light show will not stop. It can be seen from Friday to Sunday the entire winter season.

Where else in Perm you can see ice compositions

It should be noted that ice figures in 2019 can be viewed not only in the center of Perm. They will also be located in three parks of the city:

Sad them. Mindovsky: ice compositions will be created according to the fairy tale by S. Aksakov - “The Scarlet Flower”. In the evening, all the figures will shine due to the special lighting.
Park them. Chekhov: here you can see the snow mazes and slides, as well as the characters of the cartoon “Umka is looking for a friend”. Children will certainly want to take a selfie near the Umka Bear cub and play near the cup-trap.
Park "Happiness is": You can see the heroes of the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland” in this favorite vacation spot of Perm. No doubt the kids will love:
  • The throne of the White and Black queens;
  • Mad Hatter;
  • Cheshire Cat;
  • Hills and labyrinths of the White Rabbit.

Parks will open on 27.12. 2018 and they will function all winter holidays.

In general, during the winter holidays, guests and residents of Perm will not be bored. At their disposal will be a large number of activities, interesting, both adults and children.

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