How to tie a cap yourself

Knitting is an art with a long history, and to this daywhich is very popular. Craftsmen, especially beginners, learn the basics of knitting crochet and knitting needles and sometimes look for useful tips on making certain garments with clear instructions. This article is intended to help them in this matter, and is devoted to explaining how to tie a hat, how to choose the right thread, and also give other useful tips for needlewomen.

Women's knitted hats, hats, berets are always infashion and amaze with their variety and the number of wonderful models that every craftswoman will be happy to implement and will gladly include in her wardrobe. For crocheting hats on knitting needles or crochets, first of all, it is necessary to pick up threads. They can be contrasting or harmonizing with each other. There is still a wonderful option - the threads of sectional dyeing. When knitting, they allow you to create an unusual pattern and do not require the selection of special patterns. If you do not know how to tie a hat on knitting needles and you have difficulty in calculating the correct number of loops, start with a test set of ten loops to tie the pattern. It will be ten rows. Now you can make the necessary calculations. To begin with, you need to measure the circumference of the head and the height of the intended product.

Traditionally, in instructions, how to tie a hat,it is advised to start it with the frontal and end with the occipital part. A popular kind of knitting of hats is garter stitching. With her, all the rows are tied with facial loops. If the threads are different in thickness and the thicker yarn is used to unearth the edge of the product, relief grooves emerge that create the original decor of the cap. As you knit, the product should be applied to the head to calculate its height.

Crochet is much easier than knitting, andmore suitable for beginner needlewomen. Hook can create absolutely any shape and is suitable for tying openwork fabrics. For example, a light panama for the summer. When we knit a hatcrocheting, suggesting a model for hot days,threads are selected cotton. Bamboo yarn is also suitable. The thickness of the acquired yarn depends on the number of the hook, which can be indicated on the label, otherwise it is worth listening to the recommendations of the seller. For fine yarn, hooks with numbers of 1.5-2 are suitable. At the beginning of knitting, make a chain consisting of twenty air loops. They must be closed in a circle and tied with columns without a crochet. Next comes the knitting of an openwork pattern. Suitable arches of air loops. Cover the bottom of the cap with arches. The number of rows will depend on the depth of the cap. Periodically, the product should be tried on. Let's tie the rim, for which the loops from the previous row are tied with columns without a crochet. "Bare step" tie the last row. Now the hat is ready.

Any mom will be happy not only to associate herselfa new hat, but also to create a headdress for the baby. When we knit hats for children, we give the process not only a lot of attention, but also create amazing things. After all, for the child the product can have an unusual shape: berry, flower. It can be decorated with embroidery, pompons, knitted flowers. If the cap looks like an animal: a bear, a hare, an owl, etc., it can be decorated with stylized ears.

In order to understand how to tie a cap tochild crochet, it is enough to follow the following tips. We begin knitting from the top of the head. To do this, you need to dial three air loops and close them in a circle. Then we tie it with columns without a crochet, with calculation - 2 sticks from 1 loop, adding their number in each row. Thus, each row will increase by six loops. Knitting goes in a spiral. In order for the crown of the cap to come out neatly, it must be mentally divided into six wedges. Adding loops will go at the end of each of them. Next, we continue to knit without adding loops. Now the diameter of the cap will increase so that it will match the size of the child's head. Knitting continues in a circle with a straight sheet until the required depth of the cap is reached. In the end, you can add ears and a visor to the cap.

Knitting is an excellent pastime thathelps to pass the time on winter evenings, gives a lot of pleasure to needlewomen and is able to decorate the wardrobe of any fashionista. Knitting hats for adults and children is one of the essential skills of every self-respecting master. And therefore, the article is able to become a real help for anyone who is just beginning to get acquainted with the art of knitting.

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