How to take pictures of children?

Children are the flowers of life, and therefore it is not surprising thatwe dream to capture every step they take. Today, high-quality photographic equipment is quite affordable, and therefore, perhaps, every mother can make this dream a reality. Of course, most moms do not understand much in photography, and therefore need at first in tips and advice. In this article, we will tell you how best it is to photograph children.

Behind the game

The most joyful and interesting photos are obtained,When a child plays, however, during games, children are usually very mobile. To click in time to make the whole child on the frame, and not just his flashing heel, it is very difficult. What kind of solution can you think of? Play the role not only of the photographer, but also the director. Choose the right game - not boring, but not very active. For example, playing with the ball. Take in assistants to the daddy, let throws a ball to the kid, and he catches and throws back. In this case, the child will be static at the moment when he catches the ball, and emotions at that moment will be very joyful on his face - he could catch!

When a child is busy with games that require concentration (for example, a designer), it's better not to take pictures, because you have to distract the child asking you to look at you.


Taking pictures of children for a walk is a great idea. Firstly, children like to walk, which means that you are provided with joyful emotions. Secondly, children are very inquisitive, that is the desire to get a very successful and interesting shot on the topic of dating a child with the outside world. It's great if you take a photo on a sunny day - the combination of the sun and the child's smile always gives a truly magical shots.


Staging photo with a child, perhaps the mosta difficult thing, because children can not sit still. Here is your only chance to get an assiduous child - ask him to participate in arranging the composition for the shooting. Ask your child, for example, to bring your favorite toys and arrange them in any order. And at this time you can calmly tackle other parts of the composition. As for the elements of the composition, the plaids of cheerful colors, balloons, huge candy on a stick and other cute and bright things are perfect here. Just do not go too far with the entourage, and then the child in the photo no one will notice.

More creative!

Of course, we shoot our children, mainlyfor yourself, but you want to make it fun for friends to watch the photo. Take a picture interesting to others is not so difficult. Even a simple picture of the child in the crib will already be interesting, if you put a child on a bright blanket, and put on your head a funny cap.

Without flash

The most important thing to observe whenphotographing children, - no flash. This is especially true for young children. The fact is that a sharp outburst can scare a child, and frightening a person at the time of formation is not a good idea.

Little trick

Parents know that sometimes attract attentionchild and make it look into the lens is very difficult. You can poke, croak - and then he will turn to the sound, but for a long time it will not hold attention. Special toys that can be put on the lens can come to the rescue. A master class on creating such a gizmo can be found here.

Well, hopefully these tips will help you make unforgettable photos of your kids, which will be interesting not only to you, but also to your friends.

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