How to take jeans

Do your jeans give you discomfort and constantly slip? If so, our article is for you. From this master class you will learn how to properly sew jeans in the waist at home. We have prepared for you a simple step-by-step instruction with which you can easily master this “art”.

eyelet in the waist

The lesson is useful to you, if the new jeans fit well on the figure, but at the same time too big in a belt. Of course, instructions for sewing jeans in the waist will be needed for those who have lost weight, but they are not planning to seriously update their wardrobe. Another common problem is the slip of jeans when tilting and sitting (when they open their underwear). Lining will help to avoid these uncomfortable situations.

However, almost all modern models of jeans tend to stretch around the waist, so the ability to properly hem them with their own hands just will not exactly be over.

We will need:

  • raskarivatel;
  • pin;
  • gum (at least 1 cm wide).

The wider the jeans belt, the wider you need the elastic; too narrow will not hold well.The length of the elastic depends on how much you need to take in jeans in a belt. The more you want to remove, the longer it is worth choosing a gum.

Cut off a small piece of gum. We take the seam ripper and make two cuts at a distance that slightly exceeds the parameters of the rubber band.

jeans stitching

Attach a pin to one of the ends of the gum. We put it in the hole and skip inside.

jeans stitching

Sticking from the two sides of the ends of the gum, we fix the pins that they are well kept during the further sewing.

jeans stitching

It remains to secure the ends of the gum on each of the holes. It's easier to do it on a sewing machine. However, you can sew jeans in this way without a machine, if you do not mind a little tinkering with thread and a needle.

jeans belt

Done! This method should solve your problem. However, if it seems to you that it would be worthwhile to take away your jeans in the waist even more, repeat the procedure on another side. You can make the seams on both sides of the jeans. The best choice is from behind. You can estimate the size of the stitch directly on yourself - mark the holes for ripping using a piece of soap or chalk.

In the same way you can take in not only jeans, but also stretch pants, skirts or shorts.

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