How to punch a lock into a metal door

Quite often, when installing new doors, the question arises, how to insert a lock into the door with your own hands? In today's article we will help to consider in more detail the installation process of the lock and according to the requirements for the installation process.

If you approach this process unprepared, then you risk to ruin your door, and then you have to spend more money to buy a new door. With a detailed study of this process, you can easily bypass the mistakes that beginners make when carrying out this work.

In fact, this process is not very difficult, the masters extend such work for half an hour, of course, it will take more time for the beginner, but this will take until the experience has been gained. First we look at the most common type of castle, which consists of several parts:

  1. Of the two pens, which can be both round and L-shaped.
  2. The mechanism of the cylinder form, taxing the return mechanism, which will change the special spring.
  3. Screws that secure to the door structure and serve as a connection for the cylinder mechanism.
  4. The latch that closes the lock, preventing it from opening.
  5. Of the two sockets that fix the cylinder mechanism to the door body and hold it securely, not letting it jump out.

Preparation of tools

Before starting the lock installation procedure, you need to prepare all the necessary tools. Most of the list of tools you can have at home, because these tools are very common types. But if you have to buy them, then do not be afraid, they do not cost a lot of money, and in addition they can be useful to you in the future:

Let's see what tools we need:

- a tape measure and any writing tool is best suited for an ordinary pencil;

- to prepare a screwdriver, or you can use a drill;

- A knife for the office or other sharp knife for working on wood;

- special chisels with dimensions one by ten, the other by twenty millimeters;

- drill bit, measuring twenty-three millimeters;

- two-millimeter sprained;

- working crown for woodwork, the size of fifty or fifty four millimeters, depending on the thickness of the tree;

- Scotch tape for painting work.

These are the most necessary tools that you need to install the lock. You can even find a special set of tools so that you can slam the door into the door with your own hands using these tools.

But keep in mind that when you buy tools separately, you can save a little. In most cases, in such sets there is a twenty-two millimeter feather drill, in such a case you will have to expand the hole made by it with a chisel, because the latch may not fit into it.

Marking for handle holes

The first step is marking, but before you start marking, you need to take measures that will help protect the door from damage. To do this, we need masking tape, glue it on the plane of the door and on its end, in the places where the lock will be installed.

To determine the location, it is usually assumed that the distance from the floor is from ninety to one hundred and ten centimeters along the height of the door, and there they begin to glue tape. The surface of the adhesive tape not only serves as a protection against damage to the door, but also serves as a basis for marking, it is easy to write on it and after installation it can be easily torn off from the surface of the door.

The first is a mark of the height of the location of the handle place for the lock.Usually the handle is placed at a height of one meter from the floor. A tape measure measure the distance from the floor level on the surface of the door and put a markup with a pencil.

Usually with a mortise lock there is a special template that allows you to accurately mark the holes on the surface of the door. The mechanism in the form of a cylinder can differ in its diameter, it is different for each manufacturer. Therefore, it is better to buy a crown after you have purchased the lock itself, so that it fits in diameter.

The template must be bent along the ledge of the door butt and with the help of a sharp object it is necessary to mark the center of the holes located on the template. Then you can start drilling holes in the plane of the door. This can be done with a screwdriver or drill.

When deciding how to embed the lock on your own, you need to take actions consistently. After you have achieved the desired result, we proceed to drilling a hole for the latch of the lock. You need to drill with a pen drill, on the mark applied on the center mark on the template.

It is necessary to use a drill with a diameter of 23 millimeters and when working to keep it perpendicular to the end of the door.Then you need to insert the latch and mark it along the contour with a pencil, then pull it out and make a recess at the end of the door with a knife. It is important that the frame of the latch fit completely into this recess. Then fasten the latch with screws in the door itself.

Handle installation

To properly assemble the handle, follow the manufacturer's instructions. When installing, you need to correctly install the closing tongue, if it is installed incorrectly, then it will not perform its function. Installation must be carried out in such a way that it remains inside the room. One cylindrical mechanism has a swivel pin, you need to remove the decorative part from the mechanism and, using a special key, put it in place and fasten the second mechanism on the reverse side:

It must be remembered that when tightening the screws, you should not strongly apply force, you can damage the mechanism, and it will not perform its function. Then you need to install all the handles in place, and on this the installation of the lock on the door is over.

Now you need to install the mate lock. First, they cover the door and mark the place where the latch of the lock falls, guided by its width. Then the distance from the corner of the door to the beginning of the latch is measured.This distance is necessary to retreat from the doorway. We attach it to the place of installation and mark the places for delineating the internal contour, if the design requires that the response be in the recess, then the external contour must also be outlined.

With the help of a drill of a suitable diameter, we drill a recess under the tongue of the lock and drill two holes for screws with the required diameter. Then we put an otvetku and attach it with screws to the door frame. After that, we can assume that the installation is complete and it remains only to remove the tools and debris.

Sometimes it is better to entrust such a procedure to professionals. More information about this can be found on the Internet.

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