How to pump the pokemon: instructions, tips and secrets

Pokemonomania has already engulfed the whole world. Almost every third person plays "Pokemon Go". This game has gained tremendous popularity not only among teenagers, but also among adults. But the topic of what Pokemon Go is a good game is already beaten, and it's worth talking about a little about the other.

how to poke a pokemon

It's about how to pump the Pokémon. After all, every player knows that there is a pumping in the game, and its principle is generally understandable. But this article will be useful to those who recently came into the game or did not bother with optimizing and benefiting in the hard work of the coach.

Why pump your Pokemon?

How to catch Pokemon - knows, probably, already every player Pokemon Go, but how to pump the Pokemon - not everyone knows. And how best to do this - know the unit. But initially it is worth talking about why this is necessary.

As in all popular MMO sandboxes,Pokemon Go also exists the pumping. This is natural, since such actions add game time and add variety to the gameplay. Moreover, in the game there are fights between different pocket monsters. Therefore, pumping is an integral part of the game.

Pumping the Pokémon, you can increase its strength andlife, which in some situations will help win the battle and prove that you are the best Pokemon coach. Moreover, the game has the evolution of Pokémon. Evolution is an element of pumping. It is that the Pokemon you capture can be transformed into a new, better and better. After all, if this would not have happened, then most Pokémon became simply unnecessary.

How to pump Pokemon?

So, why the pumping is necessary, we talked, now we turn to the question of how to pump the Pokémon and what Pokemon to pump first.

Initially, I would like to go from afar and clarify,that the pokemon requires resources. In the game, they are represented by candy and star dust (Candy and Stardust respectively). Stardust is only needed in one case, to improve the CP, that is, strength. But sweets - a more universal resource. It is able not only to raise the CP of the Pokemon, but also to transfer it to a new stage of evolution. And if the dust is used for each type of Pokémon, then the candy for each one is different. About how to get these resources, we'll talk a little later, and now we'll explain how the pumping proceeds.

7which pokemon to pump

Having collected the necessary amount of resources forpokemon pumping, you can go in two ways. The first implies, first, its improvement, and only then the evolution. The second, on the contrary, is the original evolution. It's up to you to decide.

What is the evolution in Pokemon Go?

Evolution is something that has always been in Pokémon. After the evolution, the Pokemon changes significantly in appearance, and at the same time gets new abilities, thereby becoming stronger. Another pokemon will gain additional skills that affect defense and attack. However, do not rush to rejoice: these skills are given in a random way, so it happens that they are simply useless.

For the evolution of a pocket monster, only sweets are required. However, these sweets must be of a certain type. To fit a certain Pokémon.

To make the evolution, you need to collect enough necessary candy, then go to the menu, open a list of all the monsters and already there, by selecting a goal, click on Evolve.

how to pump pokemon into pokemon

Here, in principle, and everything you need to know forthe evolution of the Pokémon. After this operation, your account will withdraw the required resources, and your Pokemon will be transformed into a new, stronger and hardy monster.

Where to get resources

We have already mentioned how to pump Pokemon Go into Pokemon Go, and what resources are needed for this (that is, stardust and candy). Now it's time to talk about where to get these resources.

Star dust will be extracted only in twooptions: with increasing the level of the player himself or when catching the Pokémon. By the way, these two options are adjacent to each other, as the experience points for the coach are given also for catching Pokémon. Proceeding from this, to get as much stellar dust as possible, you need to constantly catch Pokémon, even those that you have. Moreover, they will be useful in the future. Now tell you why.

Candy is also produced in two cases. If you catch a Pokemon or give it to a professor, so that he conducts his experiments. And, giving the monster for experiments, you get only one candy, and catching the pokemon brings up to 10 (5-10 for a new look and 3-5 for the already available).

This implies: in order to get as much resources as possible, you must constantly catch Pokémon of any kind. After all, you get both gold dust and sweets. And you can give the unnecessary Pokémon to the professor and eventually get another candy.

Secrets of quick pumping pokemon

Now you know how to pump the Pokemon in your favoritegame of the majority, Pokemon Go. However, as you can understand, the occupation is not one of the fastest, but, more precisely, one of the longest. Therefore, the question is often asked: "How quickly to pump the Pokémon"?

how to quickly pump the Pokémon

There are innumerable options, but now only one of them will be described.

  1. First of all, constantly catch the Pokémon. The more Pokémon, the more experience you get, the more resources you can get.

  2. All weak monsters immediately send to the professor and get one candy.

  3. For a quick pumping, the "level egg" will help. Using it, you immediately get 1000 points.

  4. Those monsters that can evolve more than one step, improve, others give to experience or simply pump.

So, following these rules, you can quickly carry out the pumping of their pets.

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