How to properly and how much time you need to cook porridge: the most complete table of cooking delicious viscous and crumbly porridge from all cereals in milk and water

on 23.09.2017

For a complete nutrition, a person simply needs slow (complex) carbohydrates, namely, porridge. A variety of cereals allows you to cook each time a different mess, besides the prices for them are quite budget. Having learned the beneficial properties of each cereal and the peculiarities of their preparation, you will be able to find out how long it takes to cook this or that porridge.


The main thing in the article

How to cook cereals: general information

In order for any porridge in your performance turned out delicious, use the following tips:

  • Water for cooking is better to take purifiedand not tough from the tap.
  • Choose the right dishes for cooking, porridge should boil evenly.It is better to choose thick-bottomed pansotherwise the bottom of the porridge will burn, and the top will be underdone
  • Grits must be poured into salted water after boiling.
  • Sift and wash the cerealfrom excess dust and debris. Only need to take into account that some cereals can not be washed - manna, for example.
  • Earlysoak the cereal in cold waterso it will take less time to boil.

The less thermally processed porridge, the more useful it will be.

  • Spoil the porridge with butter is impossibleso please him its taste.
  • Even the simplestporridge can be varied nuts, fruits, dried fruits and many others.

How to cook buckwheat porridge?

  • Selectbuckwheatpebbles and excess trash.
  • In the process of cooking buckwheatdo not interfere.
  • It is better to cook porridge in a pot or in a saucepan with a thick bottom.
  • Ready porridge, just taken from the stove,wrap for half an hour.
  • From the required amount of buckwheat, ready porridge will turn out, weighing twice as much as taken.
  • When foam appears when boiling buckwheat, remove it with a slotted spoon.
  • The croup can be poured with both cold and hot water., there is not much difference.
  • Salt porridge need at the very beginning.

How to cook wheat porridge in milk and water?

Wheat porridge can be cooked in water, broth, milk.It takes place as a separate dish, and as a side dish for meat, fish, liver, mushrooms.

Wheat cerealrich in B vitamins, has regenerating properties, due to its carbohydrate composition has a beneficial effect on the work of the stomach. It is indispensable for the full growth and development of children. The price of wheat cereal is low, so you can cook porridge from it very often.


Wheat cereal on water

  1. Wheat groats, herneed to be cleaned from dust and litter. Or immediately after boiling, remove the foam with small particles that have surfaced.
  2. Fill the cereal with water at a ratio of 1: 2, in the process of cooking you will be guided, enough liquid is taken, or it is necessary to add more.
  3. The amount of water will depend on your preferences. Someone likes sticky porridge, someone more dense. From this and will proceedcooking time porridge - 30-50 minutes.
  4. Salt, then reduce the heat to low, so that the cereal is only languishing in a saucepan.
  5. Stir porridge very often., it tends to stick and stick to the bottom of the pan.

Wheat cereal with milk

Wheat cereal with milk - an excellent and nutritious breakfast.

  1. Brewed on the same principle as on watertorment her 40 minutes at least.
  2. To avoid burningthe bottom of the pot in which porridge should be cooked should be thick.
  3. To make more sweetadd sugar, honey, dried fruits, butter.

pshenichnaya_1000x700How to cook barley porridge?

Barley grain resembles wheat in appearance, only has a more gray tint.

Ready porridgehas antimicrobial propertiesno harm to the body.

Milk porridge can be prepared as follows:

  • Pass the onion in vegetable oiluntil golden brown, salt the resulting roast.
  • Pour barley gritsby waterand bring to a boilthen add the toasted onions. Boil this way, the porridge will be saturated with oil and get the necessary juiciness.
  • Boil the cereal for 20-30 minutes, take twice the volume of water, the volume of cereal, you can always correct it, you only watch that the porridge does not burn.

If you want to taste barley porridge with milkthen boil it in water and then boil it in milk for a couple of minutes.Add sugar and butter to it.


How to cook rice porridge of different viscosity?

"Fast" food in our time has superseded simple organic foods. In particular, rice. There are quite a few varieties of rice, from one delicious pilau is obtained, from the other - sushi and rolls.For rice porridge is better to use round rice.It can be prepared with different viscosities.

  • For milk rice porridgeTake the required amount of round rice, rinse it thoroughly.
  • Fill the rice with water in a volume that exceeds the rump three times.
  • Cook the porridge almost until cooked, drain and rinse under running water.. This will save the rice from being too sticky.
  • Boil the milk, add sugar, a little salt, and send the washed porridge to boil it a few minutes after boiling.
  • The total cooking time of rice porridge medium viscosity - 30 minutes.

Rice porridge must be stirred all the time so as not to burn.

The more water you add to rice, the more viscous the porridge will turn out.

  • For more crumbly rice porridge, take the cereal and water in a 1: 2 ratio.
  • Cook the rice until half cooked, extinguish the fire and cover with a lid.
  • Due to its hygroscopicity, rice absorbs the remaining moisture and does not boil over once.Depending on the variety of rice, the amount of water may be a little more, it should not remain raw.

Glass of juice on tablecloth background

  • For rice porridge, take some four times more water and boil rice for 40-50 minutes.
  • Such a dish can be recommended for stomach problems, or just for an amateur.
  • Water can always be replaced with milk or broth.

How to cook corn porridge in milk and water?

For cooking corn porridge you need to know some of the properties of this cereal:

  1. Corn porridge should not stew, but gradually "reach" on a quiet fireso take a tank with a thick bottom.
  2. For one glass of cereal, take four glasses of liquid.For thicker porridge - take a glass less.
  3. Corn porridge has the feature to harden, regardless of whether it turned out thick or thin.
  4. Mainly ground corn grits are mainly packed,for its preparation you need 30-40 minutes after boiling.
  5. For cookingmilk corn porridgeBoil the cereal first in water, and then add to it a portion of the milk, butter and sugar. Season porridge with dried fruit, vanilla, jam, yogurt, pumpkin.
  6. As a side dishBoil thicker porridge, and instead of sugar, add salt.
  7. Do not forget to stir porridge from time to time, it tends to quickly stick to the bottom of the pot. After cooking, wrap the pan and allow the porridge to stand for a while.


How to cook oatmeal porridge?

Hercules porridge - a type of oatmeal. It helps to organize the work of the digestive organs and gives energy for the whole day. Therefore, be sure to include it in your diet.

How to cook oatmeal?

Oat flakes- an indispensable storehouse of natural fiber and a variety of useful components. Another advantage of this variety of oats isquick cooking time.It can be studied on any oatmeal packaging and it will fluctuate.from 5 to 15 minutes.

The thing is that by its structureoat flakes are divided into: large and medium grinding, and also fast cooking.And you can cook them in water, milk, or simply pour boiling water, kefir, juice, etc. It all depends on the size.

  • Large oatmealTake in proportion with water or milk 1: 3.
  • In the boiling milk, pour in flakes and lie, stirring for 15 minutes.
  • Add sugar, a little salt, butter.
  • Extinguish the fire and let the flakes soak in excess liquid.
  • Enrich the taste of the dish with pieces of fruit, dried fruit, honey or jam.
  • It is large oatmeal that retains all the usefulness of the cereal.


  • For the preparation of oatmeal averageuse them in relation to liquid 1: 2.5.
  • Cooking time shorten.Stir porridge for about five minutes, then stew it under the lid for the same amount of time.

Oatmeal can be served not only as a sweet dish, but also as a side dish or as an independent dish. Then, instead of sugar, put salt.


Instant cereal cooked in the same way, just one minute.. You can simply pour boiling water into oatmeal and leave it to swell.

Oatmeal of any sizecan be poured into a thermos and pour boiling water or boiled milk. After standing for some time, the dish will be ready to eat.


How to cook pea porridge?

  • Before cookingpeas need to pre-soak. Better to do it at night. Just do not overdo it, the peas can ferment during a long stay in the water.
  • Next, drain the water,fill upfresh runningin the ratio 1: 3and stew.
  • Cook the pea porridge over medium heat, removing the foam after boiling.
  • Pre-soaked peas boil for 30 to 50 minutes.

But the fact is that the pea varieties are different. Razvarisy grade is perfect for cooking porridge. Stiffer try as much as possible to boil, and then perebite blender.

  • Also a significant role is played by the shape of the pea itself,if the peas are whole, the porridge will cook longer,rather than if the peas are crushed in half.
  • When the peas are well cooked, go for a tolkushkoy, salt, season with oil.

The pea porridge seasoned with refried onions with carrots or cracklings is unusually tasty.

If you salt the peas at the beginning of cooking, then it will not melt, but will remain the same hard.


How to cook barley porridge?

How long to cook bulgur?

Bulgur is crushed wheat, treated with steam and dried by special technologies. Bulgur porridge is very healthy and tastes a bit like rice and barley.

It is very simple to prepare a simple bulgur porridge:

  • In a thick potpour a couple of spoons of sunflower oiland heat it up.
  • Stirring occasionallyfryOn himBulgur a few minutes.
  • Then add two times more water to the pan than the cereal.
  • Simmer on low heatporridge for15-20 minutes.
  • If the bulgur was stored for quite a long time, then increase the amount of water and the cooking time.

How to cook porridge on the water?

Semolina is very nutritious, it is indispensable in the process of recuperation after an illness.

In many respects, milk for consumption may be prohibited, or a rigid diet does not provide for dairy products, therefore water is used.

  • When water boils - pour a semolina into it in a thin stream, while stirring at the same time.
  • Socook semolina from 4 to 7 minutes. After you turn off the heat, the semolina will continue to prepare and swell for a while.
  • Next, add sugar and butter.

Smooth semolina porridge served with terracotta dish with fresh fruit

How to cook semolina in milk for a child?

For children, semolina is generally one of the first courses for a diet that they will crush over both cheeks. Moreover, semolina can be entered into the diet of baby food from infancy, replacing the purchased milk formulas.

Here is an indicative guide to the ratio of semolina, milk, and the time of cooking milk semolina, depending on the age category of the child.

Anonymous-1Boiled semolina in milk is also from 4 to 7 minutes.Depending on how thick the porridge you want to get, the water-grits ratio will fluctuate.

You can pour semolina into milk in a thin stream before it boils. So the probability of formation of lumps decrease significantly. Just do not forget to constantly stir.

Perhaps you will be interested in our article: Semolina in milk: how to cook and how long it is boiled? Simple step-by-step recipes for semolina on milk with exact proportions of milk and semolina, photo and video recipes

How many lentils are cooked?

Lentils - a huge storehouse of vitamins and nutrients. But because of its specific taste is not very much in demand, although it has its own audience of fans.

Like peas, salt lentils need at the end, a few minutes until cooked.

  • Take a glass of lentils andrinse with cold water.
  • Pour the lentils with two glasses of water and boil.
  • Reduce the heat and pour a tablespoon of any vegetable oil into the pan, so the lentils soften better.
  • Boil the dish with the lid ajar for 30-50 minutes, before turning off the fire - salt.
  • Serve and cook lentils with greens, meat, poultry, onions and carrots.
  • To give a delicious flavor cook it with bay leaf, thyme, rosemary.


How and how much to cook porridge in bags?

Cereals in cooking bags - a fairly recent "invention" of mankind. There are different opinions about the good-harm of the cereals thus packaged. Here are their main characteristics that will help you to conclude whether it is worth buying cereals in packages:

  • Before packing, the cereals undergo thermal and various technical processing.
  • The cooking time for croup decreases significantly.
  • The bags, where the cereals are packed, have a very high heat resistance, therefore they are not harmful to health.
  • The price of such a product is more expensive than unpacked cereal.

How much time to cook porridge in a slow cooker?

The slow cooker has greatly simplified the life of modern housewives. With it you can cook and porridge. Each model has a specially designed mode for them. This may be milk porridge / cereals, buckwheat porridge, pilaf / desserts, etc.

  • The advantage of cooking porridge in a slow cooker is that in a special mode and with a non-stick coating capacityporridge does not stick to the bowl, it literally languishes.
  • In addition, after completion of the cooking processYou can leave the multicooker on in heating modewhen, in turn, the pot would have to be wrapped in a towel for a better evaporation of the porridge.
  • No need to be distracted by stirring cereal, for cooking porridge in a slow cooker, there is no need to do this.
  • Averagecooking time porridge on the desired mode is 20-25 minutesbut it can always be adjusted up or down.

Ratio of water and cereals when cooking cereals: table

What is the time cooked porridge: table

In the overwhelming majority of the cereals cooking tables, it is indicated how much one or another cereal should be boiled with an approximate volume of liquid. But the varieties of the same cereal may differ in their taste and culinary characteristics. Therefore, the numbers in the croup preparation tables are relative.


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