How to open your sewing shop.

How to open your sewing shop.Almost every person in dreams sees himself as the master of his lucrative business. Even if it is not recognized in this directly, because it considers that such an undertaking as a business of its own is a complicated matter. But nothing complicated here. The main thing is to choose the direction in which you feel more confident. For example, you like to chat and make new acquaintances. Why not trade in imported cosmetics or open your own sewing workshop.

It is always hard to start, the lack of money especially affects at the very beginning. But, not a single millionaire today began with a million, and, moreover, not in one year. But starting to work on one sewing machine, you can open a huge factory for sewing imported clothing from famous designers. First you need to decide what kind of clothing is in demand. Bed linen, tracksuits, cheap jeans - this product is full on the shelves of shops and markets. But very little attention is paid to people with non-standard figures. Full, also want to dress fashionably.

Best of all, while you work for yourself, put your models on your website. Believe me, buyers will immediately be found, especially ladies, with a build that is far from a model with a glossy magazine. While you are repaying the invested capital, you must offer your services to foreign partners. Very quickly there will be someone willing to support your initiative. In order to meet on your territory, it will be necessary to make a business invitation for a foreigner to Russia, which is not entirely simple. After all, a legalized firm does not exist yet, and an invitation can only be made by a representative of a registered organization who has a corresponding legal education.

You can learn how a foreigner can get a Russian visa at the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation. That's just to send documents for a business visa will be problematic due to the lack of documents. If you contact the visa agency working in the field of tourism and migration, it is possible to get more detailed information on how to proceed in this case. Perhaps, vouchers for foreigners would be a good reason for a foreigner to come to our country without any hassle.In any case, we need advice from an experienced lawyer from a consulting company. Such a procedure is, of course, a bit illegal, but when you and your partner decide all the nuances, and the company is legalized, you can get a long-term business visa. Most importantly, the first meeting that will decide the future of your business.

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