How to make the ceiling smooth

June 19, 2011
Renovation of apartments

How to make the ceiling smoothThose who are going to make the ceiling smooth, you need to know that there are two ways of leveling: "dry" and "raw." Smooth ceilings without cracks and stains make any room more spacious and bright. Often, the quality of repair is mastered exactly as the ceiling, so it should be perfectly smooth, unless of course we are not talking about multi-level ceilings with bends and projections.

As already mentioned, the ceilings are leveled using the “raw” or “dry” method. The essence of the first method is to apply special mixtures to the prepared surface of the ceiling, and with the “dry” method such finishing materials as lining, panels, plates, battens, etc.

The method of applying raw mixtures is advisable with differences of no more than 5 centimeters. With drops of up to 0.5 cm, it is enough to apply only a layer of leveling putty. After application, it is allowed to dry and polished with fine-grained sandpaper. With a height difference of 2-3 cm before applying a layer of putty on the surface of the ceiling impose a reinforcing metal or paint mesh.It resembles gauze and is attached to the ceiling with white glue or special adhesive, there are also self-adhesive options.

how to make a perfectly flat ceilingThe metal mesh is attached with hooks, staples or nails with a wide hat. It is used for differences of 3-5 cm and when applying a sufficient layer of plaster. After applying the plaster composition is applied leveling layer. If it is planned to paint the ceiling, then they also apply a layer of primer and several layers of paint.

It is better to use all the materials from the same manufacturer: putty, primer and paint, this guarantees the compatibility of materials and a good result of the alignment of the ceilings.

From the foregoing it follows that the “raw” method is rather laborious and dirty, has its own difficulties and features, and also, if the apartment is flooded, everything will have to be done anew. This method is suitable for removing only small irregularities. But with the proper implementation of all stages of work, the result is good - the ceilings are perfectly smooth and smooth.

how to make a perfectly flat ceilingA common "dry" methods include the installation of a false ceiling. Despite the fact that by this method, many understand the gluing of square plates of expanded polystyrene, false ceilings are divided into three groups: stretch ceilings, suspended and sheathing ceiling.These decorative designs completely cover the ceiling and make it possible to level the surface with large differences in height. Also, all the “dry” methods do not create as much dirt as the “raw” method. The method of installation of false ceilings can be different: lightweight foam polystyrene plates are glued with special compositions, and suspended ceilings and wall paneling are mounted on a pre-assembled crate.

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