How to make kitchen shelves

January 26, 2010
DIY furniture

kitchen shelvesOld Russian traditional pieces of furniture: shelves, benches, benches. And now the rare dwelling does without kitchen shelves, books, etc. Their forms, configurations are various and diverse. It is not difficult to make shelves with your own hands for the interior of the room and for a specific purpose. We make kitchen open shelves with an angular arrangement.

Manufacturing of parts

The whole set of shelves consists of two identical shelves and corner liners connected to the shelves. Corner liners are not difficult to manufacture - this is the usual lining boards, connected with a rail. At the base of the shelves are figured sidewalls, which are fastened by means of screeds into a rigid frame. Actually the shelves are made in the form of liners and set them inside the frame on the slats-holders. We fasten the frame of the shelves with rear fasteners located on the side of the wall and decorative on the front side. We make carved items on the shelves with a usual woodworking hacksaw and a first drill for wood.Screeds from the side of the wall are almost invisible, so we make them rectangular slats. Cut out the spikes on the end parts, which should be mated with the corresponding grooves on the sides. These connections provide rigidity of the shelf frame. Install overlap on the side of the lower front screed.


  • 17mm thick, grooved boards; 90mm wide. If there are non-grooved boards with a thickness of 17-25mm, they will also fit.
  • slats for connecting side panels and shelves.
  • 8 eye-hinges, nails, screws.
  • 45 meters of lining.

kitchen shelves


First, we collect the frameworks of the shelves, fixing the joints with screws. We hang shelves on the walls in the pre-marked places. We insert in its place the shelf-liners. We also insert the corner shelf shelves by installing shelf supports on the sides of the main shelves.


All the details of the shelves of skins and cover the oil furniture varnish on linen natural linseed. Shelves after such processing are matte, beautiful amber color.
It should be noted that the size, shape and appearance can be very different, to your taste and imagination.

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