How to make flowers from the skin

August 29, 2012

Flowers from the skin with their own handsLeather is an excellent material for needlework. She can make cases and covers, bags and belts, jewelry and even flowers. Such artificial flowers can be worn in the form of a brooch or a hairpin, decorate bags and clothes with them, or make a panel of them. Unlike paper or fabric products, leather flowers will last a long time, because the skin is quite strong and dense. In the processing of leather materials are also easy - they do not need to sweep over or tuck the edges, as with fabrics. You can not be afraid to break the skin in the process of creating a flower, as is the case with paper. And in terms of colors and textures, leather is also not inferior to other materials for needlework.

Skilled craftsmen make flowers of amazing beauty and art with leather, but creating such things requires not only skill and imagination, but also special tools and tools. Beginner needlewomen can try to create more simple versions of colors, manufacturing techniques which we give below.

For the manufacture of leather colors you can use old things from leather - bags, jackets, jackets, belts, etc. To create a small flower is enough skin flap dimensions of about 20x20 cm.

Leather flower brooch

For the manufacture of such a flower made of leather, in addition to the main material, you will also need: Moment and PVA glue, white or silver gel pen, tweezers, a candle, scissors, accessories.

  1. From dense cardboard cut templates of petals of elongated shape for the outer elements, more rounded for the inner petals and a circle for the base. Patterns are applied to the seamy side of the skin, outline the contour and cut out the required number of petals.
  2. The elongated petals are folded in half and a narrow strip of “Moment” glue or any other skin glue is applied on the middle of the seamy side. The petals are folded in half, they press the middle part, and on the front side they make a nip and thus form a vein.
  3. The seamy side of the petals is coated with one-to-one diluted with water with PVA glue and the elements are left to dry. Then the petals are clamped in tweezers and carried them over the flame of a candle, holding the skin inside out. The edges should be raised and bent down. So get a petal with rounded edges.
  4. Thus, form all the petals to simulate the veins of living plants.

    flower leather do it yourself

  5. On a circle of skin with a diameter of about 3 centimeters, they begin to glue the petals in a circle. To do this, the base is smeared with “Moment” glue and the same is done with the tips of the petals. Begin to glue the largest petals, and the subsequent elements are glued between the petals of the first row.
  6. Of the three semicircular petals, the core is collected in the form of a rose. It is made this way: the smallest detail is folded into a tube, bent up its top and wrapped in two other blanks, also bent over their edges. At the bottom these elements are glued with glue for the skin. Attach the middle to the rest of the flower.
  7. A metal clasp or pin for a brooch with a base is pasted over with leather.

    flower leather do it yourself

  8. A leather flower is fastened to the clasp and the brooch is ready.

Flower with leaves

You can make a leather flower and a different method. It lies in the fact that a flower is formed not from individual petals, but from elements in the idea of ​​tiers. This way you can make flowers of different shapes and sizes.

  1. First, a pattern in the form of a flower with several petals is cut out on thick paper or cardboard.Their shape can be different - with rounded tips, sharp, etc. In this example, a template of a five-sheet is cut out. Also cut out a pattern of leaves for the flower. Five-leafed flowers for a flower made of leather need three pieces of different sizes, from larger to smaller.
  2. A cardboard template is applied to the seamy side of the skin, circled with a light marker or pen and cut out along the contour with sharp scissors. This tool must be well cut the skin, otherwise it will remain notches. Petals in the middle part from the seamy side are pulled out with a scissors blade in order to give them a convex look, and the tips of the petals are snapped, held in tweezers, above the flame of a candle, so that the edges of the skin are bent inward. The cloves of the leaves are cut with scissors and draw streaks on the front side of each leaf.
  3. From the skin cut out a circle-base. Begin to fold the flower, first take the biggest five-leafed. An average flower is attached to it with skin glue and the smallest is on top. Two leaves are glued to the base, and in the middle between them there is a flower.

    flower leather do it yourself

  4. In the middle of the flower stick twisted strip of leather, which will mark the core.

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