How to make a paper frog?

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How to make a paper frog?

To distract your baby from the computer orTV, invite him to study origami. It is an ancient art of folding paper of various figures. One of them is not at all difficult to manufacture. We will tell you how to make a frog from paper!

Ask the child - what color is the frog? Of course, green. Are there any stains, stripes, even flowers and leaves on it? Of course, she swims in the swamp and everything catches herself! In this case, before you start making a frog, prepare the paint and draw on the green leaf some beautiful frog spots. And everything else that you want. When the leaf is dried, we proceed to design.

  1. Fold the sheet in half to get two rectangles. The edge is ironed very tightly, for example, with a ring of scissors. Just do not spoil your nails!
  2. Now turn the sheet, turn it on your desk by 90 degrees and again in the same way fold it in half. Fold again ironing.
  3. The upper part of your folded sheet in half fold too half-and-half, then unbend. We needed this in order to keep the fold line.
  4. The upper half must be bent to an angle on both sides. Then unbend, we did it again for the lines.
  5. Now we bend the two edges of the upper half into the corner, we get two triangles joined on the sides by folds hidden inside.
  6. Lower half bend twice for the line, ironing, unbend.
  7. Now holding the upper part of the upper triangle (tautology, but this is so), on the bottom base, we bend both edges to the middle line, but not to the back, but with a gap of 3-4 mm.
  8. Pretty smooth your sides! You realized that this is only half the folds, and ironing the seams is more difficult? Therefore, take the paper thinner. The lower half is also bent upward towards the triangle.
  9. Bend down the corners of the folded bottom. Pretty iron it!
  10. Raise the bent only the corners and stretch them to the sides. The bottom part resembling a trapezoid will turn out, its upper side will be wider, the lower one will be smaller.
  11. Fold them down, exactly vertically.
  12. Angles of the upper triangular part bend at an angle of 45 degrees, this will be the front legs.
  13. Lower corners bend outwardly diagonally, these are the lower legs.
  14. Fold the future frog in half, this we have outlined a line. Decline.
  15. Bend the workpiece below the half line, then bend the other side. In a cut, such a workpiece will resemble a zipper.
  16. Put the frog on the feet, turning it over, click on the bottom.

Jumping? It will even move forward under the impact of your clicks! Now you can play with her.

If you do not quite understand how to work on creating a figure, then you can watch the video, make a paper frog will be much easier.

And you can also design a whole family of frogs: mom, dad, little frogs. Then they need to give names and come up with a baby fairy tale for your puppet theater, full of mysterious adventures. Call the audience and arrange a performance! But it all began with our story, how to make a paper frog.

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