How to increase profits?

Everyone who is engaged in dreaming of increasing profitstheir own business. And it does not matter what works for the owner - a large factory that produces cars, or a small stockroom in the basement. As a rule, if a person becomes a businessman, then he does it consciously. It is important to understand that it is necessary not only to be an entrepreneur, but also to do something to make the business grow, bring more and more profit. Therefore, very many, in the first days and weeks of work, are interested in how to increase the profit of their enterprise, store, warehouse, shop, cafe, bakery, etc.

Ways to increase profits

What is profit? Now, probably, even schoolchildren know this. Gross profit is all the money that comes to the entrepreneur's account. The net profit, which is the cause of the issue, is calculated very simply. All incomes must be deducted from all income received. Both of these must be limited to one time period, for example, in a month. Therefore, in order to increase profits, it is necessary either to reduce costs, or increase sales, that is, gross profit. For different enterprises there are ways to increase net profit. Consider the main groups of business structures to understand the methods of increasing the income for each of them.

Profit in the enterprise

To understand how to increase the profit of an enterprise,It must be determined that it is easier and cheaper for him to reduce expenses or increase incomes. To begin with, an enterprise, especially a large one, seldom deals with retail sales, it surrenders the goods at a lower price to wholesalers who have contacts with trading networks. To increase the bargain to the enterprise, it is necessary either to build their stores, develop a network, hire sales personnel, train it, pay salaries and much more. As practice shows, doing so is so expensive that no trade margin will justify it, created for the sale of one product that the plant produces. You can also find new wholesalers and increase wholesale sales, which will also bring profit. But for this it is necessary to buy new equipment in order to produce an additional volume of products. And for this equipment it is necessary to expand the area, and for them to buy land ... and as a snowball, costs increase. Therefore, for a large plant, the most profitable occupation is to cut costs. There are a lot of options. It is undesirable to save on employees' wages. If you underwent modernization and now you need fewer people in production, that's the right saving. The remaining employees need to increase the salary of interest by 20, and the extra - to reduce. Reconsider the costs for stationery, payment for utilities, purchase prices for raw materials. And how much do you charge electricity? And do you have taxes on the most favorable system of taxation? And do you take out loans on the most advantageous offers? Maybe you are more profitable for factoring? You are sure to find a place in your cost estimate where you have not yet stepped your thrifty ... hand!

Profit of the trading enterprise

In the store costs can rarely be reduced, becausethere, by finding the goods cheaper, the lower quality is obviously acquired. Therefore, here it is necessary to increase profits only at the expense of goods turnover, increase in passability in the store, that is an increase in the number of buyers and their average check. Drawing on these conclusions, we will consider how to increase the profit of the store. You will need to regularly hold promotions and tastings, defile and campaigns with discounts and gifts. In addition, it is necessary to place competent advertising on those media that your potential buyers are watching, listening to, reading. Carefully follow the assortment. If you trade not only elite furs and diamonds, then divide the assortment line into three groups: social goods and the same prices for them, goods that are used once a week and less often with "midi" prices, and good but mass goods that buy once a month or for holidays. Another good way to attract buyers is issuing discount cards and SMS-notification about the receipt of new products.


If you are engaged in public catering, then youit will be interesting to know how to increase the profit of the restaurant. Competent large cheating on alcohol, coffee and tea will bring you a good financial result. And the unusual dishes from simple ordinary products, national cuisine, courteous and prompt service, the lack of drunken teenagers - everything will make your restaurant very prestigious institution.

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