How to identify the manufacturer?

We all want to buy some goods,such as coffee or sweets, to be completely sure that during production all the rules of manufacturing and quality standards were observed, and the product itself came to us on the counter only of high quality. Many people want to know in which country the product was manufactured and packed. Today, by barcode, you can learn a lot, including the country of origin.

If you want to know how to determineproducer, then first you need to understand what the encrypted code printed on each product packaging means. A barcode is a set of geometric symbols that are distributed according to a certain standard. This identifier is one of a kind. Take, for example, the bar code of a food product. The first two digits of the code are the country code, the third, fourth and fifth are the digits denoting the product (its properties, mass, size, color). As for the last digit, then it checks the correctness of the barcode itself.

Any bar code is applied in the production of packages (typographical method) or with the help of self-adhesive tape, which is printed using, respectively, special printers.

We have information

To learn how to identify a countryproducer, it is enough to have information, which means the first digits of the barcode. It is important to remember that prefixes are affixed to the Russian Federation from 460 to 469, but today only 460 are used. The barcode is very useful, given the fact that with today's abundance of information everything is memorable, neither the seller nor the buyer is able. Compact barcodes have greatly simplified the work of the seller. The seller now is quite enough to carry the goods over a special cash register, and the necessary information appears on the screen.

For today, we know severalways of encoding information: linear symbols and two-dimensional symbols. Linear symbols are able to encode only a small amount of information, while using a set of simple barcodes that are read by simple scanners. Two-dimensional symbols were designed to encode a large amount of information (contain several pages of text). Such a code can only be read using a special scanner. With the help of two-dimensional symbols, you can enter a fairly large amount of information, and the same decoding is carried out in the following dimensions: vertically and horizontally.

How to identify the manufacturer by barcode

Each digit carries information about the most importantparameters of production. There is a 128-bit system, according to which, each product is assigned its own serial number. In most cases, special devices (scanners) are used to read the shaded code. At first the scanner lights up the barcode, after which it reads the received image. Take, for example, the goods with the code 4600024700011. The first figures (460) indicate the country of origin of the product, in this case it is the Russian Federation. The following figures (4 or 5), depending on the length of the code, mean the manufacturing organization, in this case it is 0024. And five more figures (70001) denote the name of the product and, accordingly, its consumer properties. The sixth and the last digit is used to determine the correctness of reading these strokes with the scanner.

Sometimes users may encounter suchthe problem is that the bar code digit does not coincide with the information on the package of the goods. Many are beginning to doubt the quality of this product. Most often this does not mean that you have purchased a defective product. In this case both the shaded code and the goods can be genuine.

Buyers should note that the presence of a barcodeor its absence does not affect the quality of the goods. Most likely, it was created not for the consumer, but for the manufacturer. In some cases it will be difficult to determine the country of the producer when the country indicated on the label does not match the barcode data. But in most cases, still it is possible to get reliable information how to identify the manufacturer.

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